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Poems, songs, and legends are written about Armenian women. What are their strengths and why do they conquer men’s hearts so often? Find out what makes an Armenian bride so attractive.

3 Interesting Facts about Armenian Girls

Armenian girls have absorbed the wisdom of the ages, which is why they are incredibly colorful and attractive. Have you heard these facts about them?

The Armenian genetic line is 8 centuries old

Genetic studies on Armenians were published in the British scientific journal Current Biology. Genes are able to determine character traits. Armenian women have a pronounced style and character that dates back centuries. They’ve been known the world over for a long time.

Temperamental but also shy

Armenian girls are passionate and emotional, but tradition does not allow them to fully express their temperament. They come off as somewhat shy, especially with unfamiliar people.

Easily adaptable

This feature is perfectly illustrated by the many representatives of these people who live outside Armenia and adapt to other cultures.

Why are Armenian Mail-Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Both the beauty and character of Armenian brides make them desirable women all over the world. How do Armenian hotties attract men?

Passion and sexuality

One way to visualize the beauty of Armenian women is to picture Kim Kardashian. She’s a sex symbol of several generations but she’s not the only beauty among Armenian women. Armenian brides are adored for their luxurious hair, charisma, charming eyes, and attractive bodies. But the main thing is the passion and sexuality they radiate, which few men can resist.

Sincere, open, friendly nature

Armenian girls’ character has a southern European flair, characterized by friendliness, openness, cheerfulness, and optimism. They willingly get to know each other, maintain contact, stay relaxed in society, and maintain conversations. Usually, Armenian girls have a lot of friends and form the soul of the company.

Brave and active

In any social circle, an Armenian woman is noticeable not only because of her bright appearance but also because of her active involvement in whatever’s happening around her. Armenian girls become class leaders, activists, and organizers of any event. They always have their opinion and actively defend their positions.

Armenian girl

What are Armenian Wives Like?

What can be said about Armenian wives? Do they live up to men’s expectations? Here are some common characteristics of Armenian women in marriage.

Family comes first

Family comes first for an Armenian woman. Family first, then work, friends, and personal desires. Armenian wives are faithful and devoted to their husbands. They rarely dare to destroy the family, seeking instead to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Talented housewives and cooks

Men who are married to Armenian women never tire of the delicious dinner fare. It’s almost in Armenian women’s genes to be masters of the culinary arts. Armenian women always cook deliciously. This applies equally to daily dinner for family members and big holiday spreads. At the same time, the house of the Armenian wife always shines with cleanliness and luxury.

Motherhood stands above all

An Armenian mother is a particular phenomenon. It is very difficult to find a person who will care for children more carefully than an Armenian woman. When children grow up, they can still count on the support and care of their mother.

Why do Armenian Brides Look for Foreign Husbands?

Armenian women are quite labile and often live outside the culture of their native country. It’s very common for men of other nationalities to marry Armenian women. Why do Armenian brides not sit still?

  • Love. Armenian women fall in love with personality. Race and nationality are not a priority for them.
  • The desire to give children the best. Everyone knows that children in mixed marriages are born more beautiful, healthier, and smarter. As a mother, on a subconscious level, an Armenian woman wants her child to be more successful, so she chooses a father she thinks will provide that. She wants to be sure he’ll have the resources to give her children happy childhoods. 
Armenian women

Where Do You Meet Armenian Brides?

If you desire an Armenian bride, you can contact a mail-order bride service. This service is convenient in that you can meet girls of the nationality you like, or choose by reading the relevant description written by specialists – psychologists, travelers, and men who already have a wife from another country.

To participate in the mail-order bride service, you need to register yourself, enter true data and upload a photo. This creates more trust among potential brides. In addition, men pay a certain amount to use the service. That gives you  the chance to search for an Armenian bride from among the many online profiles of girls there. 

What are The Benefits of Using Armenian Mail-Order Bride Services?

Nowadays, more and more men prefer to find a bride through a mail-order system. Why is this service so popular and will it really help you find your personal happiness?

The interface is convenient for any user

Often there are a lot of puzzles on dating sites, so some people just don’t bother learning how to use them. Mail-order bride services are different. You get into a comfortable environment where everything is clear from the very beginning: where to click, how to upload photos, etc. Even a first-grader can find his way around such an interface. This is convenient because you don’t have to spend time puzzling through an esoteric system. 

You only see serious girls who want to get married

In life, it often happens that a couple does not understand each other. They have fun, but later it becomes clear that one member wants a serious relationship while the other is just in it for the fun. Such a misunderstanding won’t happen if you use the mail-order service. The girl you choose is there to find a partner for a long-term relationship. You don’t even have to ask awkward questions at the beginning of the conversation — the service itself features only people with serious intentions about marriage.

How Do You Avoid Armenian Mail-Order Bride Scams?

Unfortunately, fraudsters are also found on such sites. The service, of course, does everything possible to minimize these risks, but extra vigilance will not hurt. So, how do you avoid being deceived?

Carefully monitor the site

Look at the service itself. Is there enough for you? Is there, for example, a video call function? How thoroughly are profiles vetted? Any aspect, even if it seems trivial, can become a discriminating factor. Compare each site with others. You always have the right to choose the service where you will be most comfortable and which won’t leave you with questions.

Study the girl’s profile before starting a conversation

Try to form an impression about the girl with whom you intend to start a dialogue. That will weed out some poor matches right away. See how many photos she has uploaded, in which poses and surroundings. Look at her information and social networks. In this way, you will not only become an interesting conversationalist, but you’ll also understand more-or-less who is in front of you. You just need to put on your Sherlock Holmes hat.

Use the video communication service

Such a function is available in every self-respecting site. This will show you very directly who’s on the other side of the monitor. If the mail-order bride refuses, find out why. Maybe she really is uncomfortable — she may live with multiple siblings and grandparents, for example. Hesitance here is not in itself a reason to distrust her. At the same time, say how important it is to you, and together, maybe you can figure out how to do it.

How Do You Choose a Reliable Armenian Mail-Order Bride Service?

When choosing a mail-order bride service, let your intuition guide you. If everything suits you and nothing confuses you, then most likely, everything is fine. In general, you should see that the interface of the service is conveniently located, you can easily use it and find all the tools you need. Pay attention to whether the site has a video communication service. All reliable services have that option to guard their users against fraudsters. Also, check whether there are ways to protect profile data, verify identities via social media, or something similar.

Success Stories 

John (48) and Mariam (29)

Mariam is an Armenian girl whose relatives have long pushed her to get married. But the girl was not lucky in her personal life. She spent her young years studying, and later started working in a hospital, a job which took all her attention. Eventually, she realized that all the handsome men were already married. A friend advised that she make a profile on mail-order bride service and look for happiness abroad. 

Mariam was skeptical about it but created a profile. On the same evening, she received several letters from handsome men. She says that she is not intimidated by the age difference. After all, John looks younger than his years, and most importantly, he is caring and ready to take care of a woman. They are currently engaged and planning a wedding. Both want to raise at least two children.

Andrew (37) and Milena (25)

Programmer Andrew says that he is attracted to exotic women. Armenian women, in his opinion, combine the best of Eastern and Western cultures. That is why he purposefully looked for a bride from this country. 

He immediately liked Milena’s photo. She’s often told she has a flair like Kim Kardashian. The girl has a great body and long black hair. From their first words, Andrew felt that this Armenian beauty was not only attractive on the outside but also had a gentle, friendly character. 

After a few weeks of online communication, he arranged for her visa to visit. There he confessed his love to her. The wedding was luxurious, and the couple spent their honeymoon in New Zealand. 

Armenian Mail-Order Brides Cost 

Men wonder how much an Armenian mail-order bride can cost. We managed to calculate how much a man would pay for the time spent on the online platform as well as trips to each of their respective homelands. Accordingly, a man should be prepared for the following expenses:

  • Online dating services: $1,200
  • K-1 visa (not including the cost of a Green Card): $1,000
  • Round-trip tickets: $800
  • Hotel: $1000
  • Meals: $150
  • Entertainment: $100
  • Other travel expenses: $200

All told, you can expect to spend somewhere in the ballpark of $4,500. But note that all this is very conditional and depends on your preferences, as well as unforeseen circumstances.

Armenian woman

The Guide on Marrying an Armenian Women

So, you have firmly decided that you want to marry an Armenian woman. How do you effectively start getting to know a representative of this country and strengthen your relationship every day?

Tips on Dating Armenian Girl

First dates are an exciting time — they’re sweet and romantic — but they can also be intimidating. How do you behave when meeting an Armenian girl?

Don’t be too serious

Of course, your relationship should be serious, but this is no reason to add too much pathos to your conversation. Relax and flirt as if it’s non-binding. Armenian women love the lightness and humorous mood of dating.

Tell her what you like about her

Compliment your girlfriend! It could be her dress, hairstyle, or general appearance. Emphasize her charms, even if you think it’s too much. You can never give too many compliments, especially for the one you want to love for many years.

Make plans for the future

Armenian girls want to know that everything is serious in their relationship. If you start talking about the future prospects of spending time together, she will know that you want to stay with her for a long time. Plan vacations, weekend getaways, housewarmings, and whatever else you can to show your Armenian bride that she is special to you.

Be attentive to her needs

Don’t merely follow patterns, instead, it is better to pay attention to your girlfriend and understand what she wants at the moment. Maybe she is waiting for your kiss? Or maybe she wants to be silent together, walking through the city at night. Try to guess her mood, and don’t be afraid to ask – such communication will only be beneficial.

Meeting Armenian Bride Parents: 3 Tips

Getting to know the parents is a very important moment for the couple. How do you make a positive impression on the parents of an Armenian bride?

Don’t come empty-handed

A bouquet of flowers for mom, sweets, and wine is a common gift arrangement for parent visits. You can also come up with an original gift, but it is better to consult with the Armenian bride beforehand.

Find out more information about your family from the bride

Don’t forget that your bride may have siblings. It is worth considering this when choosing a welcome gift for the family. Ask about customs in the family, the character of family members, what is considered culturally acceptable, and so on. The more information you have, the less likely you are to make unfortunate mistakes due to cultural barriers.

Be friendly but not overly emotional

Armenians are sincere, friendly and hospitable people. They will appreciate it if you greet them with warmth and a smile. But remember that these people are conservative. Therefore, don’t buddy up too quickly or let violent emotions surface during the visit. At best, they’ll think you strange; at worst, they’ll find you boorish and unworthy of their daughter. 

Armenian Wedding Customs

Armenian weddings are unique events accompanied by colorful traditions. In the modern world, they can be changed, but there are some that nearly every Armenian family still follow.

Special dances of the bride

Dances are adored in Armenia. Dances are also an integral part of a traditional Armenian wedding. First, the bride dances, holding money in her hands — this is called a “sabbath.” During the dance, the guests put money in her hands. The bride dances the traditional dance accompanied by girls in traditional costumes. 

There is even a dance with barbecue, which is considered a key dish on the Armenian table. Girls in national costumes bring trays of barbecued food to the dance and perform movements.


These are small souvenirs for guests — boxes with candies or pearls. Tarosiks are a mandatory attribute of an Armenian wedding and symbolize love. The newlyweds personally distribute them to unmarried guests as a way to share their happiness and send the guests on their way with love. According to legend, after that, unmarried girls are supposed to see their future groom in a dream.


Armenia is famous for its long, wise toasts. At the wedding, each guest, especially from the older generation, gives a long speech, which includes an instruction for the young. The longer the toast, the better. People joke that anyone who gives an excessively long toast must have Armenian roots.


Can You Really Buy or Mail-Order an Armenian Bride?

“Buying” an Armenian mail-order bride means paying to meet her online and spend time with her on the service. For example, you will text, arrange video calls, and potentially even send gifts to the bride. Buying means an investment that you are willing to make in the development of your relationship.

Armenian Mail-Order Brides Divorce Statistics

Marriages with Armenian women are usually quite strong, as Armenian wives will do everything in their power to avoid divorce. For Armenian society, family values ​​are very important. The divorce rate is no more than 25%.

Do Armenian girls speak English well?

According to statistics, 70% of Armenian women speak English at a level sufficient to communicate in everyday life. Armenian girls learn English in schools and sometimes also in higher education institutions. 

In the country, it is customary to know more than one language, and more and more generations choose English. For most Armenian women, English is important for work and travel.

What religion do Armenians follow?

About 97% of citizens belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church, an Eastern Christian denomination that has common roots with the other Oriental Orthodox churches. Muslims amount to no more than 0.3% of the Armenian population.

How do Armenian women feel about moving to another country?

Armenian women belong to the category of people who travel a lot and migrate around the world. Sometimes whole families move. Therefore, it will generally not be a problem for an Armenian bride to leave her country and go to her husband’s homeland. Often, Armenian women adapt well to their new home and enrich the local culture with Armenian customs.