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💍 Average Age of Marriage 26 Y/O
👼🏻 Average Fertility Rate 1,5

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Costa Rica, a republic with sunny Caribbean shores, is picturesque. Its life flows unhurriedly, demonstrating constant progress in tourism and business spheres. Thus, its care-free people have become increasingly happy. 

Costa Rican brides, spectacular and eye-catching, are amazingly alluring for foreign grooms. And there’s no shortage of visiting men here, seeking their second half. 

Are you still hesitating? Costa Rican women are the perfect mix of striking looks and easy-going nature. Check these remarks on Costa Rican brides to boost your confidence.

3 Interesting Facts about Costa Rican Girls 

Languages in Costa Rica 

The local language is homogenous, although the population is diverse. Costa Rican women and men officially speak Spanish. Besides that, the indigenous population speaks their native dialects in some areas.

The country’s education level is significant, and it has multiple business connections with the USA and Europe. Educated Costa Rican brides almost always learn English.

“Pura Vida!”   

The way of life in this Latin country has its unique attributes. Costa Ricans are not prone to flights of fancy. However, they are diligent and hard-working and know how to balance work and leisure.

Locals have a memorable phrase to describe how things are going on. “Pura Vida!” symbolizes it.

Ask your Costa Rican lady, “How are you doing?” You will undoubtedly hear “Pura Vida!” meaning everything is OK.

When do Costa Rican brides create families?

Families in Costa Rica are built around a high level of personal freedom. Costa Rican women can afford to marry later than their counterparts in neighboring countries. The average age for female marriages in this country is 26.

Parental consent can play a part in that age, though. Costa Rican brides can marry at 18 on their own or 15 with their parents’ permission. The average age for childbirth is 27.

Why Are Costa Rican Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Lovely and sexy look

One cannot imagine a more attractive feminine appearance than Costa Rican wives have. Their hourglass bodies with thin waists, wide hips, high breasts, and slender figures catch the eyes of men everywhere.

Mesmerizing Costa Rican women know how to stay fit and healthy. Their lifestyle focuses on maintaining excellent physical shape through regular exercises and workouts. 

Stylish and alluring

Having an inborn sense of taste, Costa Rican brides know how to impress. Their garments and accessories are exquisite. They never overdo the makeup, prefering to highlight their attractive traits with just a few touches. The fashionable outfits of Costa Rican girls are suitable for any occasion.

Amiable and passionate nature

Amazing Costa Rican brides attract bright people; their company is always pleasant. Friendly and talkative surroundings offer excellent parties with dance and other entertainment. Besides, these people have a lot of exciting topics to talk about.

Local women grant pleasant moments to their spouses and know no bounds in displaying faithfulness to their beloved. Your sweet dreams may come true with a Costa Rican bride.

Costa Rican girl

What is a Costa Rican Wife Like?

She is outstanding at receiving guests

Costa Rican houses are always full of the sumptuous fragrances of freshly cooked dishes. Your family and your guests will love everything she cooks. They know thousands of excellent receipts of healthy, tasty treats. 

Costa Rican brides are lovely hosts. Their cute cuisine, friendly company, and engaging conversation will attract excellent people to your house.

She is hard-working 

Costa Rican brides keep their homes in perfect order, coping readily with the home’s endless tasks: cooking, tidying up, washing, and decorating their lodging.

In addition, Costa Rican wives develop careers. They usually get a college or university education, allowing them to be strong professionals in any business sector.

She is a cute mom

Families and kids are of great value for Costa Rican wives. Local women pay a great deal of attention to them, becoming excellent examples to their children and demonstrating their best qualities. These qualities of Costa Rican brides allow their husbands to concentrate on work.    

Why Do Costa Rican Brides Look for Foreign Husbands?

This Caribbean country is relatively prosperous compared with other Latino states. Thus, local women usually do well on their own earnings.

Rather than money, Costa Rican brides look for something special in their spouses.

  • Foreign grooms have a modern outlook. Foreign men are considered more likely to treat women respectfully and consider them deserving of equal rights. This reduction in gender prejudices is vital for Costa Rican brides. These features differ significantly from the standard men’s outlook in this country; they are often rude and prone to machismo.
  • Foreign men are inventive and entertaining. Local men rarely want their wives to have extensive social networks. However, with a foreign spouse, Costa Rican brides expect more freedom for their rest, hobbies, and interests. By offering her new opportunities and helping her meet new people, you will get many bonuses in the eyes of your adorable woman.
  • Foreign spouses are reliable. Costa Rican brides aren’t looking for financial gain but do want a safe background. Foreign grooms can provide them with a reliable base from which to explore opportunities for personal development. 

Where to Meet Costa Rican Brides


Personal travel to Central America is a pleasant and effective way to catch the attention of a lovely charmer. Costa Rican brides are friendly and welcoming. They have nothing against communicating and helping foreigners by acting as lovely guides to their native lands. 

  • San Jose, the country’s capital and largest city, has multiple malls, cafes, parks, and hotels. It is a lovely place to encounter hot Costa Rican brides. 
  • Beaches like Manuel Antonio and Flamingo Beach, with white sands and lush vegetation, also offer excellent opportunities for your love-seeking adventures.


Personal travel may get expensive, especially if you are far away from the targeted country. But there is always a chance to meet your Costa Rican bride from home.

Instead of traveling, try the Internet and its efficient instruments: dating websites, apps, matchmaking portals, or Costa Rican mail order bride services. With a few tips in mind for using these services, your virtual journey is sure to yield real results.

Costa Rican woman

What Are the Benefits of Using Costa Rican Mail Order Bride Services?

A reliable matchmaking site helps make your search for mesmerizing Costa Rican mail order brides more productive and enjoyable.

  1. You can see the extensive list of potential Costa Rica mail order brides with detailed information and updated photos. Filter out those who wouldn’t fit and focus on the girls who suit you the most. Just be diligent while indicating your preferences and interests.
  2. You can start communicating with several beauties. Gradually your heart will prompt you to decide upon the right Costa Rican bride match.
  3. Video, text messages, or voice calls are possible for almost all Costa Rican mail order bride platforms. You can comfortably mingle from your office, on the couch, or while jogging.
  4. You can select your payment plan or opt for those matchmaking sites which offer services free of charge.
  5. Getting acquainted over the Internet is a good idea, even if you plan to travel to the country later and meet your Costa Rican bride. It is less stressful than a personal meeting, especially if you are both shy. 

How to Avoid Costa Rican Mail Order Bride Scams

The Internet is a comfortable environment for dating, but it can be risky. Be cautious while using any Costa Rican mail order bride services, matchmaking, or dating sites.

Never provide your personal information to unknown persons or resources. Use websites with SSL encryption to keep your sensitive information out of hackers’ hands.

Beware of individuals with fake accounts who can steal your data and deceive you. Blackmail is one way that scammers extort money from men. Villains can change your photos or make fake documents using your name.

Keep in mind that only verified Costa Rican mail order bride services guarantee the safety of your data.

5 steps to choosing a reliable Costa Rican mail order bride service

  1. The reputation of dating platforms is essential. Check the legitimacy of Costa Rican mail order brides apps or read references from happy couples. Positive impressions from real people are the signal that your choice is correct.
  2. Profile identification helps you avoid fake accounts. On reputable mail order bride portals, Costa Rican women must verify their identities before they can use the service. Detailed questionnaires supplement vivid photos and thorough descriptions on their profiles. This activity helps highlight their preferences, making your choice easier.
  3. The portal’s price may also indicate the quality and efficiency of the services. Good mail order bride apps typically charge men to use them. A particularly cheap or free-to-use portal may be full of scams and thus waste your time. 
  4. Communication tools let you maintain close relations with a Costa Rican bride and help you understand her world even without leaving your country. 
  5. Customer support covers technical, communication, and scam issues. It is convenient, and if the service is reputable, will be available 24/7.

Success Stories

Lauren and Jan

Jan, 42, a founder and owner of a small hi-tech firm in Taxes, was fully engaged in his work, promoting the services and investigating new markets. Once he decided to step beyond pure business and create a family, he turned his eyes toward Latino countries.

Lauren, 28, a young computer designer from San Jose, had signed up for a Costa Rican mail order bride portal. She conquered Jan’s heart after a few weeks of online communication.

The couple met in Costa Rica and spent two unforgettable weeks together. Jan met Lauren’s affable parents and enchanted them.

Now the international family is running Jan’s company. And even more exciting, they are now raising a sweet daughter.

Samantha and Dillan

Dillan, 38, a police officer from California, ended his first marriage but soon felt incomplete. Being proactive in his everyday life, Dillan energetically started looking for his destiny.

Dating sites and matchmaking agencies were less efficient than a Costa Rican mail order bride portal.

Here Dillan met Samantha, 24. A long-legged and bright Costa Rican girl, she was not only pretty and sweet in bed, but she also impressed him with a broad educational background. Sam was a university student who worked part-time as a waitress.

After dating in San Jose, they fell in love and decided to take their vows. Now they are happily raising twin sons.

Costa Rican Mail Order Brides Cost

The phrases “to buy a bride” and “cost of mail order bride” are frequent on the internet. It doesn’t mean to physically buy a person, though. Instead this “cost” refers to the total amount a groom spends to woo his future spouse from another country.

  • Budget for your Costa Rican mail order bride platform or matchmaking services. The monthly fee usually is $80-$160. 
  • Sooner or later, you have to travel to Costa Rica in person. Your round-trip ticket will be $300-$500 from the US. Add $1,500–$2,000 for the hotel accommodation for 2 weeks, $250 for transport, and the same amount for meals. Plus, to woo a Costa Rican bride, you need to allocate some budget for entertainment and small presents ($500).
  • If your efforts are successful and you marry a Costa Rican wife, she will need a K-1 visa to enter the USA. Its cost is $2,200.

Courting a Costa Rican bride will take $5,000-$6,000.

Costa Rican women

The Guide on Marrying Costa Rican Women

Tips on dating a Costa Rican girl

Costa Rican mail order brides do not focus on wealth. Thus, you will not impress her purely with a fancy career and bank account. Take a few steps to have a successful date and win her heart.

  1. Learn your Costa Rican bride’s inner desires. Ask her questions and learn about local culture.  
  2. Share her hobbies, as your Costa Rican bride is fun-loving and entertaining. You’re likely to have many common interests if you are an active and vigorous man.
  3. Do not behave too salaciously. Costa Rican women value sincerity between partners. Give her relevant compliments about her beauty and wit.
  4. Demonstrate your matrimonial intentions and family values. Your Costa Rican woman must be sure in your plans for the future if she is to create a life with you. 
  5. Try to impress her parents and friends by being chivalrous.

Meeting Costa Rican bride’s parents: 3 tips

It is not always necessary to ask your Costa Rican woman’s parents for permission to marry her. However, the opinions of her family and close friends are vital for your girl.

  • The first step is demonstrating your concern for their child. Say nice words about their daughter and your plans to make her happy.
  • Signs of attention will make the time with your future in-laws pleasant. Bring something useful or interesting from your country as a gift.
  • Learn some Spanish words and local customs to demonstrate your interest.

Costa Rican wedding customs

Traditions make the important moments of life unforgettable. A wedding is one event that everyone remembers for a lifetime.

Tie together Catholic and Latin traditions to celebrate the nuptials in Costa Rica — it will make a bright impression. Here are the most exciting rites.

  • The celebration starts in the evening of the preceding day with a groom’s serenade. He sings and presents a rose to his beloved.
  • Costa Rican brides and bridegrooms prefer open-air wedding ceremonies. The country’s marvelous beaches are the perfect setting for the event.
  • The guests eat traditional Costa Rican dishes during the nuptials. The famous Cascado is a yummy meal of the local cuisine consisting of tortilla, rice, meat, vegetables, beans, and spicy side salads.
  • Guests present a Christmas portal to the newlyweds for use in future family holidays. 
  • Another tradition is “the money dance.” The couple has to dance with every guest, and they give money to the bride and bridegroom in return. The couple usually has plenty of time for this task as the feast lasts until dawn. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really buy or mail order a Costa Rican bride?

No. Slavery is illegal and prosecuted. However, a man usually has to bear the expenses of marrying internationally: courting costs, travel costs, and a fiancée’s K-1 visa.

The total amount differs depending on your needs.

What are Costa Rican mail order bride divorce statistics

According to recent investigations, the divorce rate in Costa Rica is 2.3 per 1,000 persons, putting it in the middle of the world statistics table. Generally, couples are satisfied with their lives together. 

Costa Rican society views women as free to make their own decisions and exit bad relationships if something goes wrong.

Do Costa Rican brides speak English?

Within Costa Rica, 38% of local people speak English. Almost all urban inhabitants and young people study this language. This is in spite of the fact that Costa Rica’s official language is Spanish. 

Do all Costa Rican girls aspire to be top models?

Impressive looks, perfect bodies, and the fresh complexion of Costa Rican brides make every man drool. However, this does not mean that all of them dream of a catwalk.

Due to their Catholic upbringing, some Costa Rican brides consider showing their bodies to be shameful. Often, though, they are goal-oriented, dynamic professionals, responsible moms, and faithful wives.

Are Costa Rican mail order brides legal?

Costa Rican mail order brides are legal. No legal roadblocks will prevent you from marrying her. 

However, after getting a fiancé visa and arriving in the US, you have to marry her. Your Costa Rican wife will get American citizenship at some point afterward.