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Colombia is well-known for its high-quality emeralds, exotic fruits, and delicious Arabica coffee. Apart from its sublime natural beauty, this country also hosts fantastic women who will surely make your jaw drop. Keep reading this article on Colombian brides and find out why these ladies are worth all the hype!

3 Interesting Facts about Colombian Girls

Many men find Colombian women to be mind-blowing in multiple ways. Here are three interesting facts about these damsels.

  • Women in Columbia are subjected to mistreatment

Columbia is a patriarchal society whose men often have little regard for the beautiful local ladies. The rate of gender-based violence is staggeringly high. According to a United Nations report, at least 37% of women get abused at least once in their lifetime. Also, more than 50% of men admitted to subjecting their partners to abusive treatment.

  • They are competitive in pageantry

There is no doubt that Colombian girls deserve special recognition. They have undeniable natural beauty. As a result, they rank highly for their strong competitive spirit in beauty pageants.

  • An interest in cosmetic surgery is mainstream 

Colombia has a growing cosmetic surgery market. Many women choose to undergo cosmetic procedures like liposuction or breast augmentation. In Colombia, surgeons perform over 350,000 cosmetic surgeries yearly. Colombian women strive for perfection, so they see nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery to highlight their natural beauty.

Why are Colombian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

When you see someone like Shakira or Sofia Vergara, there is no sense denying your desire. Any man would love a woman whose lips don’t lie. These women are beautiful, alluring, and exude sex appeal. Now, imagine living with someone like that! Here are a few reasons why these brides are so popular nowadays.

  • Enviable genetics

Colombian brides have crazy genetics that makes them attractive in any society. Many Colombian mail-order brides have the long, model-worthy faces you see on the runway.

They have small noses, thick lips, and large expressive eyes. Also, Colombian brides have small waists that flow into curvy hips and petite butts

  • Slim and petite figures

Colombian brides are a lot less likely than most to be overweight because of healthier local diets. Instead of getting food from McDonalds, Colombian brides prefer locally made food without fat and processed ingredients. They consume a lot of fresh fruit, drink coffee, and limit their intake of fried foods.

  • These women live healthily

Colombian brides are not only physically fit but also tremendously focused on their health and fitness. These lovely women drink smoothies and detox their bodies with herbs and tea. They also exercise frequently and believe in keeping fit. Very few of them smoke or binge drink.

  • Their dress sense is in line with modern trends

You can always identify a Colombian woman by her impeccable fashion sense and astonishing beauty. Whether rocking a long skirt or a sexy and skimpy gown, Colombian brides always look stunning. You will frequently spot them rocking a pair of jeans, a shirt, and heels. Colombian brides believe in flaunting their impressive figures by wearing clothes that help accentuate them.

Colombian woman

What are Colombian Wives Like?

Colombian wives are excellent, and they make perfect mothers. Here are some characteristics that help them stand out from other women.

  • Colombian wives have high self-esteem

Colombian wives are attractive and gorgeous and have perfect self-esteem to top it all off. These girls know and appreciate their attractiveness.You’re unlikely to meet a shy Colombian wife; on the contrary, they are bold and fearless, without a timid bone in their body. 

  • They are thoughtful

Colombian wives put forth a lot of effort to look their very best, both in terms of external appearances and, more significantly, in their internal confidence. Colombian brides put time and thoughts into every action to always get the perfect result.

It’s the same with their relationships with people. Colombian brides carefully select their lovers and proceed to give them the best time of their lives. After marriage, they truly put their spouses on a pedestal, and aim to keep them happy. 

  • They cook healthy meals

Colombian wives strive to eat healthy meals that are light on salt, fat, grease, etc. Organic homemade food is their go-to at every meal. These women cook balanced meals that will not lead to health complications later. Colombian wives prepare meals for their families that detoxify the body and keep the heart strong. 

  • These women shower their men with gifts

Colombian wives love gifts, so they also take pleasure in giving items to their loved ones. They are okay with spending a little money if they see a fantastic shirt that will look good on their partners. All Colombian brides need is someone who reciprocates their kind gestures; giving is a love language.

Why are Colombian Brides Looking for Foreign Husbands?

Colombian brides are open to different cultures and races. They always want to experience new things and try the best life has to offer. Colombian wives look for foreign husbands because they find interest in cultures that differ from theirs. As cliché as this may sound, Colombian women for marriage want a ‘free tour guide’ in their adventure of life. 

The differences in culture and lifestyle attract Colombian brides to foreigners since they are guaranteed to acquire new knowledge daily. Colombian wives are culturally curious and understand that marrying someone from another country means diving headfirst into new traditions and customs. So, while traveling to your homeland, keep yourself ready for many questions. 

Colombian women

Where to Meet Colombian Brides?

Naturally, you can meet a Colombian woman if you go to the country of Colombia. But why should you go through such stress when you can quickly meet an amazing Colombian lady through the internet?

More and more people are embracing Colombian mail-order bride services. The online portals serve as valuable alternatives to lengthy trips to Colombia. You could quickly meet an undiscovered Shakira from a Colombian mail-order bride service from the comforts of your home.

All you need to do is sign up, fill in your details, let the system know what type of woman you’re searching for, and let the algorithm perform its magic.

What are The Benefits of Using Colombian Mail-Order Bride Services?

Are you still having doubts about meeting a woman through Colombian mail-order bride services? Here are the perks of the services:

  • You meet Colombian ladies who are interested in relationships 

When you use Colombian mail-order bride services, you can be confident that everyone you meet on a dating website is available and eager for a relationship, unlike in other social settings. There will be no excuses like “I’m sorry, I have a boyfriend” when you find your love interest.

  • The sites gives you a better grasp of Colombian brides’ attitudes

Communicating with women in Colombian mail-order bride services gives you a sneak peek at what they like and dislike. Before texting Colombian brides, you can quickly review their profiles to see if their interests align with yours. Mail-order bride services provide a valuable way for people to socialize online and discover their chemistry before traveling to meet Colombian girls in person.

  • The service is convenient

You don’t have to be confined by stereotypical gender roles. As a result of the anonymity and convenience of online dating services, even shy guys are more likely to start conversations with Colombian brides you would have thought were out of your league.

How to Avoid Colombian Mail-Order Bride Scams

Scammers on the internet pretend to be Colombian mail-order brides and prey on victims’ hopes of finding love online. To protect yourself, here are some valuable tips on how to avoid Colombian mail-order bride scams.

  • Watch out for people who want to text outside the Colombian mail-order bride website

Scammers often direct their targets away from the dating platform and into private emails or websites where they can steal your personal information. Exercise extreme caution if Colombian brides quickly ask for different contact information. Having this information makes it much simpler for them to steal your identity.

  • Be wary of Colombian brides who always have “emergencies”

Scammers who pretend to be Colombian brides often claim to make travel plans only to back out at the last minute, citing an “emergency.” They always want to visit but then constantly cancel last minute due to bad weather, overtime at work, or sickness.

If you meet Colombian brides like these, report them to the mail-order bride service; they will follow up on the issue. Sometimes, they are the ones who even initiate the meetings, so you think they are legit and still back out at the last minute.

  • Do not give money to a Colombian bride online

It’s common practice for scammers to want financial help once they get close to you. When the conversation is going well, and they see that they’ve ensnared your heart, that is when they usually strike. These Colombian brides will talk about how their salary is getting worse or how they just lost their jobs and cannot take care of a sick family member. Stand your ground and avoid giving money to them. If you do, you might be a victim of an elaborate, well-planned scam.

How to Choose a Reliable Colombian Mail Order Bride Service

While some scammers choose to impersonate mail-order brides, others create entire websites designed to part men from their hard-earned money. Typical red flags for a phishing website are sloppy layouts, blurry photos, misspelled words, and inflammatory language. A reliable Colombian mail order website will have a professional appearance.

Reliable services verify the identities of their users to protect everyone involved. The verification may be in the form of an ID Card or even a short video chat. Websites that do this make it much harder for bad actors to impersonate others.

A reliable Colombian mail-order service will ask questions about your love life, dating experiences, and the characteristics you want in a potential match. Sites that ask for more personal and financial information during sign-up but little or nothing about dating life are far less reliable. The more dating information the site collects, the easier time it will have finding matches for you. 

Success Stories

Noah (45) and Antonella (32)

Noah had had his fair share of heartbreaks since his now ex-wife cheated on him after 21 years of marriage. She was his high school sweetheart, and he felt betrayed.

After two years, his friends were fed up with his self pity, encouraging him to meet women in bars and other places of interest. Unfortunately, being both shy and decades out of the game, he had trouble socializing with women. Trying to keep an open mind, though, he decided to try online dating.

He met Antonella, a Colombian mail-order bride, who swept him off his feet. Noah and Antonella have been married since 2018 and are still going strong. He’s never been happier since he started using the mail-order bride services.

Oliver (38) and Maria (25)

Oliver could not believe his luck when he met Maria on a mail-order site; she was exactly like his dream girl. Her outgoing nature, eloquence, and persona all appealed to his senses. To top it all, she was beautiful and had a fire that struck all the right chords for him.

At first, Oliver genuinely speculated that Maria was a scammer since she seemed too good to be true. He painstakingly waited it out and waited for her to ask for financial favors. But that day never came. The day to meet in person came around, and Oliver still wondered if it could happen. It did! 

Oliver and Maria married in 2021, and it still surprises him how he met his Colombian wife.

Colombian Mail-Order Brides Cost

Most Colombian mail-order bride services offer free sign-up and allow users to peruse the website in search of women. However, you must be prepared to shell out about $10 – $50 for a monthly premium subscription. Also, you will need an extra $15 – $200 to buy credit bundles and points that enable you to text these women and use other functions. 

When dating Colombian women, endeavor to visit the country, meet your sweetheart, and spend quality time together. Flights to Colombia cost about $700, hotels cost $450 for a reasonable stay, food costs $250, and other extracurricular activities can cost as much as $500.

Colombian girl

A Guide to Marrying a Colombian Woman

Every man would love a handbook to date and marry a Colombian girl, as these women don’t settle for mediocre. This section of the paper covers the specifics of dating a Colombian girl, meeting her family, and getting married.

Tips on Dating a Colombian Girl

Have you found a Colombian girl that appeals to you? Keep reading this article section to get valuable insights on dating Colombian girls and having the best experiences.

  • Dance with her

Colombian women have a knack for dancing. Colombian wives are passionate about dancing and never miss opportunities to sway their seductive hips. To woo her, show that you are interested in the local dance culture. Take a class so you can get the basics right and match her rhythm on the dance floor.

  • Respect her family

When dating a Colombian woman, know that she will always look out for her family no matter the situation. Never discourage her from staying active in her family affairs, as she considers them a priority. Learn how her family works and try to become invested in their lives as well. 

  • Be ready to have a large family

Colombian singles have a penchant for having big families when they get married. If you intend to get married to a Colombian woman, get ready to have at least three children. These sexually active Colombian wives want to see little versions of themselves running around the playground.

Meeting Colombian Bride Parents: 5 Tips

Now, it’s imperative to make the perfect first impression when you meet the parents of your Colombian bride. Here are five tips you should know about meeting them:

  • Buy some beautiful flowers for her mother as a kind gesture.
  • Bring handmade items from your family or your culture so you can act as a representative of your homeland.
  • Act with respect to help the family become comfortable trusting you with their daughter.
  • Keep a good sense of humor — it goes a long way in Colombia.
  • Don’t be shy with your parents; they’ll love getting to know the real you.

Colombian Wedding Customs

Here’s the best part of the article: getting married to your Colombian sweetheart. Male guests at a Colombian wedding traditionally wear white cotton or linen suits, known as Guayabera. You, the groom, will also be wearing the traditional white shirt and trousers of the Guayabera. The customary attire for female guests is long gowns. As long as the gowns aren’t white, they’re fair game.

Also, Colombian brides get wallets full of 13 gold coins — representing Jesus and the 12 Apostles — that have been blessed by the Priest. These coins indicate the groom’s promise to provide for his bride and their future family. The bride traditionally places a coin in her shoe during the ceremony, a common custom in Colombian weddings. That’s a symbol of her hope that she and her husband will never have to go without food or shelter.

What’s a Colombian wedding without dancing? The Colombian wives and their husbands drink local liqueur and then hit the dance floor. It’s in the Latino tradition to dance and be merry, and Colombians aren’t hesitant about showing off their abilities. Prepare yourself to show off too! 


Can You Buy or Mail-Order a Colombian Bride?

No, you cannot buy it by mail-order from a Colombian bride. The mail-order bride site is just a service where you can meet single Colombian chicks who are ready to mingle and have a good time. They go to the platform hoping to find a man worth their time and attention. A good website is reliable and does not promote any conduct that will prove dangerous to its subscribers. All users are verified, and you can rest easy since there will be nobody with fake identities.

Colombian Mail Order Brides Divorce Statistics

According to some studies, the likelihood of divorce between mail-order brides and their spouses is 13% lower than in traditional marriages. Remember that people form connections on Colombian mail-order bride services before meeting in person and consenting to date. So, both parties must be aiming for more than just superficial beauty. Instead, Colombian brides love strong personalities and expect to build their relationships on trust. 

Do women from Colombia trust foreigners easily?

Violence, car bombs, and civil wars have made Colombia a dangerous place to live. As a result, people learn to be wary of suspicious behavior from a young age. Don’t be shocked if Colombian women prefer to meet you somewhere busy for your dates. The top thing on their mind is keeping themselves safe. 

Will a Colombian woman like me for being plain?

To maximize your chances of making a good impression on Colombian brides, try to look your best. Since Colombian wives take such good care of their appearance, they expect their guy to do the same. You shouldn’t wear anything too out-of-the-ordinary, but dress nicer than athletic wear or loose-fitting t-shirts. 

What makes Colombian women stand out?

Women of Colombia always want to look their best and maintain a feminine demeanor. Colombian brides hold their family — especially their parents — in high esteem. These women are reasonable, reliable, and dedicated to their partnerships. Colombian wives are homely and will do nothing to disrupt the peace of their homes.