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When westerners hear the name Vietnam, they immediately think of the army, guns, war, and the rest. However, there is more to Vietnam than recent conflicts. Vietnam has beautiful women seeking to leave the country and become Vietnamese brides to western men. If you are seeking a Vietnamese wife, this article will help guide you through the process. 

3 Interesting facts about Vietnamese girls 

Vietnamese brides are some of the most exciting people you will ever meet, but here are some facts about them that you probably never knew. 

They make up half of the job market in Vietnam

About fifty percent of the Vietnamese workforce is made up of women. Even though the country is primarily patriarchal, the ladies have equal representation in the workforce. These statistics speak to their hardworking nature. It also denotes their ability to get a bite of the pie regardless of the odds against them.

Vietnamese ladies retain their last names, unlike Westerners

Vietnamese women do not traditionally change their family names after marriage. After a wedding, Vietnamese wives often hold onto their fathers’ names. The children they bear will now take on the husband’s name. Your Vietnamese bride may not be willing to change her name to yours. 

They live longer than their male counterparts on average

The average life expectancy of a Vietnamese woman is 73.7 years, which is 1.7 years longer than Vietnamese men. This comparison is interesting because women in Vietnam do just as much manual labor, though it may have to do with less tobacco and alcohol consumption. 

Why Are Vietnamese Mail-Order Brides So Popular Nowadays? 

Mail-order brides have taken over internet dating in 2022, to the surprise of some. There are some good reasons for it, though: 

Western men are tired of western women

This information won’t be so much of a surprise if you have tried dating western women. There’s a perception that western women are self-absorbed and irresponsible. Vietnamese brides do not have this stereotype; they are effortless to date and marry and rarely place undue demands on their partners. 

Men want traditional marriages 

“Traditional marriages,” — those in which the man goes to work and earns enough to support his wife and children are less common than they once were. Many western women understand that they can pursue professional ambitions rather than being trapped solely in the cleaning and child-rearing role.

Vietnamese women maintain a more traditional outlook, though. They’re more likely to expect the home role. 

Men do not want to spend the rest of their lives arguing about mundane things.

Another western trope is that women are argumentative. Vietnamese wives prefer to avoid conflict in marriage, and find quarrels exhausting. 

Vietnamese girl

What Are Vietnamese Wives Like?

Single Vietnamese women share some characteristics with Chinese and Indian cultures, but with some extra flair all their own. Here are some of the characteristics of Vietnamese wives: 

They make exceptional meals 

Vietnamese girls learn how to cook when they are very young, and as they grow, they hone these skills by trying out different meals. They are also fast learners; if you are worried about their ability to cook western meals, they will learn as long as someone is willing to teach them.

They look forward to taking care of a household 

Vietnamese ladies look forward to a day when they can run their own households much like their own mothers before them. You’ll never need to have the ‘take care of the home’ conversation with your Vietnamese wife; she came prepared to do exactly that.  

They are intriguing and a bit naughty 

Though you might encounter a timid shell surrounding your Vietnamese lady when first you met, it will quickly fall away after the wedding. Now that she has married you, she’ll start showing the tricks she’s been hiding up her sleeves. Not to worry; you’ll enjoy it!

Vietnamese brides will often say the opposite of what they mean

One thing you must understand about Vietnamese chicks when you meet them is that they will sometimes say things they do not mean. For example, if your Vietnamese wife tells you ‘I hate you,’ she does not hate you; she likes you but would rather say the opposite. Her tone will usually make the truth clear anyway. 

Vietnamese brides are expected to be virgins

Vietnamese wives are supposed to go to their husbands untouched,at least according to the prevailing culture. If they are not virgins before marriage, they’ll at least hide it from the community. Of course, this may not matter if they marry foreign men who do not care about silly concepts of enforced virginity. But keep in mind that you might be her first. 

Why Are Vietnamese Brides Looking For Foreign Men?

Vietnamese men are not always easy to live with. Even when Vietnamese wives are matched to the “proper” men using their traditional Zodiac signs, marriages are often unpleasant from the women’s perspective. Also, these men are highly judgmental and seek purity and perfection from women even though they don’t hit such ideals themselves. 

Even though cheating is a crime in Vietnam, many men are unfaithful to their wives and abuse the women for objecting to this behavior. Because Vietnamese men are not the best choice, Vietnamese brides increasingly aim for foreign men for a better marriage experience. 

Where To Meet Vietnamese Brides

Vietnam is a safe place to travel if you want to vacation and meet Vietnamese women. There are many sites to visit in Vietnam, and you’ll encounter lovely ladies everywhere. Alternatively, you can try looking for them on dating sites and social media.

Your best bet at finding a suitable Vietnamese bride is on Vietnamese mail-order bride platforms. These sites are tailored to meet your needs without any hassle.  

Vietnamese woman

What Are The Benefits Of Using Vietnamese Mail-Order Bride Services? 

You can always use some channel other than the Vietnamese mail-order bride services to get Vietnamese brides, but the big question is, why bother? With the fantastic benefits you get from using the service, it should be your first choice. Here are some of these benefits:

You will spend less 

If you intend to bring a foreign woman to your country to make her your wife, you should remember that it all costs money. Vietnamese mail-order bride services help minimize your expenses for subscriptions and gifts and focus instead on finding the right woman for you. 

There is more variety 

Narrowing in on the right wife from a long list of Vietnamese brides can be tricky. It’s good to find ways to filter out the wrong matches. On the site, you will see many Vietnamese brides and can chat with many of them at the same time to see who aligns better with your goals.  

You spend less time and energy 

The biggest advantage boils down to time and energy. Conventional dates are inefficient. Unless you want to spend an extended amount of time in Vietnam searching for your soulmate, a mail-order bride service is your best option. 

How To Avoid Mail-Order Bride Scams

Sadly, like so many other places on the internet, scammers have learned to siphon money from men who want Vietnamese wives. Here are ways you can spot and avoid mail-order bride scams. 

Only chat with accounts with complete profiles 

Scammers have to fill many accounts, so they rarely devote much attention to each one. A real woman will add plenty of information about herself. Read and reread the profile before you go any further.  

Do not send money to anyone 

You may be the kind of person who communicates their love in the form of gifts. It is not wrong to be this way, but you must remember that this is an easy way for scammers to take advantage of you.

They will develop stories to make you fall for their supposed plight. Block the fraudulent users and report to the site authorities any ‘girl’ who persistently asks you for money.

Limit your conversations about yourself 

Some scammers play a longer game; they’re not looking to grab money and gifts and run away. Some want you to trust them enough so that you may do or say something that they can later use as blackmail material. It’s best not to give out too much information about yourself until you’re sure of who is on the other end. 

How to choose a reliable mail-order bride service 

Choosing a reliable mail-order bride service to help you find suitable Vietnamese brides can be tricky, but here are some tips that can help you select the best mail-order bride sites: 

  • The older, the better: New mail-order bride services hit the internet now and then, and some might be real, but the majority are scams or naked money grabs. Seek out older sites that have built up their reputations over time.  
  • Look for the padlock: Scam sites are looking to make quick money. Thus, they build attractive but unsecured sites. If you do not see the padlock sign beside the URL, ignore it immediately. 
  • If their prices are too good to be true, they probably are: Mail-order bride sites do not have to cost a fortune, but they should not be dirt cheap, either. It costs money to offer quality service. 

Success stories

Barny (45) and Nyung (27) 

Barny found Nyung on a Vietnamese mail-order bride site a year ago. They quickly hit it off despite the language barrier and the time zone differences. 

They spent endless hours chatting, and Barny spent a small fortune sending gifts to her family back in Vietnam. He traveled there to see his Vietnamese bride, and they immediately married in a Vietnamese ceremony. Nyung is still in Vietnam, waiting for Barny to finish her papers so she can finally relocate and meet him in the United States to start their life together.  

Tucker (50) and Chiu (35) 

Chiu signed up for the mail-order bride site because she was viewed as damaged goods in Vietnam after being raped when she was 25. Tucker met her immediately after he signed up. Whether you call it fate or luck, they hit it off immediately. 

After hearing about her predicament, Tucker flew to Vietnam and married her, to her parents’ surprise and eventual relief. Tucker is still working on her visa so that she can move to the United States to live with him permanently. 

Vietnamese Mail-Order Bride Cost 

The first thing you will pay for is the subscription for the Vietnamese mail-order bride service you are using. Reputable site subscriptions cost around $80 to $100.

You can spend around $400 to $600 sending gifts to her and her family. The marriage license is about $100, and your travel expenses to and fro should cost around $2000. The wedding itself can run from $3000 to $10,000. Finally, a spouse visa in the United States costs around $1200. 

Vietnamese women

The Guide To Marrying A Vietnamese Woman 

Dating and marrying a Vietnamese bride is not the most challenging thing you’ll ever do, but it is also not the easiest. We have divided this part into sections to help you understand how best to proceed with Vietnamese ladies. 

Dating a Vietnamese girl: 4 tips 

Before you marry a Vietnamese bride, you must first date them. Here are a few tips that should help you get through this process:

Talk about your culture 

Dating Vietnamese women means turning into an amateur historian. Vietnamese wives want to learn as much about your culture as you are willing to share. They will enjoy it when you tell them stories and facts about your world and will look forward to joining you if the dating process goes well. 

Buy gifts for members of the family 

Dating a Vietnamese girl means dating the entire family. It’s important to give everyone a gift now and then. Before you start worrying, understand that these gifts do not have to be big and expensive — simple is good. Just remember they’re part of your family now.  

Ask her about the things she likes 

Vietnamese wives don’t always have much control over major family decisions. When dating a Vietnamese woman, ask her about the things she likes or dislikes. Make sure she understands that her opinions matter to you. It’ll solidify your place in her life.  

Respect her culture 

The Vietnamese people hold their culture to their hearts and brook no disrespect for it. When dating Vietnamese girls, you must show them that you respect their culture and will keep doing so. 

Meeting Vietnamese Brides’ Parents: 3 Tips

The parents of Vietnamese brides can feel like major hurdles. Here are some tips that can help you when meeting her parents: 

Go bearing gifts

You will not be thrown out if you fail to bring gifts when visiting the parents of Vietnamese brides, but you will be seen as a disrespectful guest and potentially a bad husband for their daughter. Find out what your Vietnamese woman’s parents like before you visit her parents. 

Accept what they give you to eat 

Vietnamese food is not easy for everyone to stomach. However, you must be ready to sacrifice a little comfort for your future wife’s sake. Take the food with thanks, relish every bite, and be very thankful when you are done eating. And if it turns out you like the food, it will gain you some extra brownie points with the family.

Drink when everyone else drinks  

The men of Vietnamese families often drink before or during the meal. But unlike western table manners, here everyone is supposed to take their sips (or shots) simultaneously, usually after someone toasts. It’s good manners to follow their lead. 

Vietnamese Wedding Customs

Picking the wedding date 

Vietnamese people do not pick random wedding dates when they want to get married. They go to the temple so a monk or fortune-teller can identify “lucky” dates. The timing is determined by many things, including their birthday, the time, and the couple’s zodiac signs and elements. 

They take photos in their wedding outfits

Instead of waiting for the wedding day to take photos in their wedding outfits, Vietnamese people take their engagement photos ahead of time. Prints of these photos are displayed at the ceremony. 

The Dam Hoi 

In Vietnam, they hold an engagement ceremony called the Dam Hoi. This ceremony is the first introduction between the groom and bride’s families. 


Can you buy or mail-order a Vietnamese bride?

Vietnamese brides are not for sale, but the process as a whole certainly isn’t free. However, you are getting good value for your money in the form of a traditional, beautiful, hardworking wife. 

What are Vietnamese mail-order brides’ divorce statistics?

The divorce rate of Vietnamese mail-order brides isn’t high. It’s rare to hear of a Vietnamese wife abandoning her husband. 

Do Vietnamese brides want to marry foreign men? 

Vietnamese brides are tired of the men around them and often want nothing more than to pack up one day, fly out of Vietnam and live their best life. 

Do Vietnamese brides love sex? 

The tradition is for Vietnamese brides to come in the ‘virgin’ package, so anyone getting married to them must be ready to teach them about sex from scratch. See it as an adventure where you learn about her body. 

Are Vietnamese brides as wild as the movies portray? 

Vietnamese ladies are reserved and amicable. The belief that people should be peaceful and respectful has much to do with their docile demeanor. Vietnamese women are cheerful, kind, and funny and often try to make you laugh.