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When you mention Mexico, the first things that come to mind are the rich culture, excellent meals, and lovely places. Aside from these incredible things, another attraction that brings men from all corners of the globe is the gorgeous Mexican chicks. However, there is more to these women than meets the eye. Find out here!

3 Interesting Facts about Mexican Girls 

Mexican women are known for their exciting attributes. Here are some features that attract men.

They have fascinating relationships with their mothers

Mexican mothers raise their kids in a strict but loving manner. Hence, Mexican girls develop strong relationships with their mothers as they grow up. 

The relationship between Mexican girls and mothers may appear to fluctuate wildly between love and animosity. The stronger the bond, the more comfortable they get in heated arguments. It looks odd from the outside but works well in their culture.

They perform some strange ceremonies

Mexicans maintain an array of unique and powerful traditions seen nowhere else.  

For instance, when a lunar eclipse occurs, pregnant Mexican women protect their unborn children from supernatural forces by wearing a crimson ribbon or a safety pin on their underwear. There is also a common belief that wearing red and yellow panties before the New Year will bring them good luck, love, and wealth.

Mexican women have an odd ritual with Saint Anthony of Padua statues. They turn the figure upside down and light candles before it, believing God will bless them with genuine love.

They are masters in cosmetology 

There is no rule for Mexican cosmetics use. Most Mexican women prefer light makeup, but some go all out when making up.

Irrespective of choice, one thing Mexican women have in common is an expert understanding of cosmetics. They master the art of applying cosmetics, from curling their eyelashes with a teaspoon to using their kits expertly.

Why are Mexican Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Mexican brides possess several characteristics that make them famous. These women are sought by men globally, with young men regularly visiting Mexico to meet them. The following explains why these women are so appreciated.  

Exceptional beauty

One undeniable thing you will notice in Mexican women is their beauty. They possess the perfect body structure and facial features that give them an incredible look. Most of these women have long dark hair, making their beauty more pronounced. 

The eye color of Mexican women differs — you can find some with brown, blue, green, black, and gray eyes. Most of these women have strong backgrounds from Native Mexican and Spanish people, which is understandable considering their roots.

Some Mexican women are short, while others are taller. One common body feature among most Mexican women is a curvy shape, flat tummy, thin waist, and wide hips.


Some Mexican women are born tough, while others are shaped that way by Mexican society. Mexico has one of the highest rates of abuse and violence against women worldwide. The abuse these women face can be sexual, mental, physical, and emotional.

Data shows that ten women between the ages of 17 to 24 were killed in Mexico daily in 2021, with femicide increasing by 137% over the previous year. With all this mistreatment, it is natural for Mexican women to develop countermeasures. They learn to be tough and aggressive when necessary.  

They know how to look good 

One striking thing you will love about Mexican women is their propensity to look incredible. There are a considerable number of Mexican women making waves in the modeling industry for good reason. Today, Women in Mexico are scouted by top modeling and beauty brands like Victoria’s Secret.

Mexican women dress to match the event and their body types. They are always the center of attention when they appear in tight-fitting clothing. They are near perfect at applying makeup and choosing the right dress.

Their passion

Like Brazilian women, beauties from any Mexican city are highly passionate. This side of Mexican girls is constantly mistaken for aggressiveness, in contrast to their usual kind and peaceful disposition.

Also, saying Mexican women are stubborn is not far from the truth. They are assertive and say things speak without much of a filter. These women can sometimes be rebellious, especially when they feel slighted. 

Mexican girl

What are Mexican Wives Like?

Mexican wives make the perfect mother and partners. Below are some common qualities. 

They are the most supportive women 

When dating a Mexican girl, you’ll quickly realize how supportive they are. As a husband, you can rest assured that they will give you the best advice and comfort after a stressful day. It is uncommon for these women to hold an unforgiving grudge against their partners.

They are excellent cooks 

Mexican cuisine is world-famous, and it’s best straight from the source! After a stressful day, you’ll come home to a sumptuous meal from your outstanding Mexican bride. These women learn to cook during childhood; by the time they are ready to marry, they are already experts. 

Like Indian women, Mexican girls have a rich knowledge of spices, so their cooking is never short on flavor. If you marry a Mexican wife, you have successfully closed the chapter on eating out. No matter how tired you are, it’s always exciting to come home and smell what’s in the kitchen. 

They associate well with their inlaws

Relationships with in-laws are often underrated. When a Mexican woman forms a good relationship with her partner’s family, it strengthens the love and eliminates the possibility of a rift. These women are friendly, so they’re sure to bond with their husbands’ family and friends.

Their husband’s sexual satisfaction is a big deal to them

Marrying a woman solely for sexual satisfaction would be a mistake. However, the Mexican approach to intimacy is a cherry on top of their other impressive qualifications. Mexican women are incredible in the bedroom and will devise new methods to please their men’s sexual urges and fantasies.

They are spirited

The outgoing nature of Mexican ladies tends to attract men from far and wide. It is common to find Mexican women with attractive bodies out on the town enjoying their drinks or swirling their waists. And this doesn’t stop after tying the knot. These ladies are the perfect brides for a vibrant man looking for a woman to match his energy.

Why are Mexican Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Though Mexican women are always eager to meet men from other countries, they are not desperate. The main reason Mexican brides would like to settle with foreign men is the opportunity to escape the dangerous environment in Mexico.

With the high rate of femicide and abuse in Mexico, and the toxic machismo among Mexican men, these women see marriage to a foreigner as an ideal way out. They get to form a relationship based on love and also emigrate to a place where women are respected more.

Mexican woman

Where to Meet Mexican Brides

One undeniable fact about Mexicans is that they are hospitable. They welcome everyone, irrespective of nationality. You can meet a Mexican woman in any of the numerous relaxation spots in the country.

However, considering the cost of traveling to and from Mexico, the best place to meet these women is often on Mexican mail-order bride platforms. All you need to do is register on a mail-order bride platform and message the Mexican girl you wish to date.

What are The Benefits of Using Mexican Mail-Order Bride Services?

Mexican mail-order bride services are the best option if you plan on dating Mexican women. Below are numerous benefits to these platforms.

They are easy to access 

Access to a Mexican mail-order bride service does not require anything extraordinary. The sign-up process is straightforward. You’ll be ready to start interacting with beautiful women from Mexico in a few minutes. It’s best if you have a good internet connection before you start. 

They are cheaper alternatives to physical dates

When you consider the cost of traveling to and from Mexico, booking accommodation, and hosting dates, the costs can really mount. Mexican mail-order bride sites are usually the better option. 

The mail-order bride service is cheaper than going to Mexico to meet Mexican women. Finding your best match often means meeting multiple ladies, which can quickly get expensive. But with these services, you only pay the monthly fee — you don’t need to spend on every woman you meet. 

The platforms help you to stay safe

There are no shortage of horror stories about jealous ex-boyfriends. Situations like these often happen and can get messy. 

Though Mexicans are accommodating, there is a dark side to their society. The country has one of the highest crime rates in the world — kidnapping, extortion, murder, and fraud are rampant. These online platforms help you get ladies’ attention without putting yourself in harm’s way.

They are efficient

Mexican mail-order bride platforms help you meet people without physically meeting them. The sites are efficient, especially if you prefer to cut to the chase with your dating intentions. By chatting with the girl you met on the site, you can ascertain if she is a good match without wasting too much time courting her.

Mexican wives

How to Avoid Mexican Mail Order Bride Scams

Mail-order systems have an unfortunate history of fraud. Many services are genuine, but you must still be on guard. The following tips will help identify scams.

Always take precautions to safeguard sensitive bank details 

You risk losing money if you give out your bank card number and the card verification code. And even if you’re able to get your money back, the process is tedious. Never give your card details to the ladies you talk to. Also, double-check the safety certificate of the website before making any online payments.

Don’t make large purchases

If a dating service allows you to send gifts to a mail order bride, it is best to choose something like a bottle of wine or flowers rather than expensive jewelry. Also, scammers will act like they are eager to see you in person, and all you have to do is send them money to buy flight tickets — don’t fall for that ruse. When you send them the money, they will leave you and move on to the next potential victim.

Double-check photos

If you happen to see a woman’s photos elsewhere on that dating platform or others, that’s a red flag. It is essential to run a Google image search on the profile photos to see whether the profile is legit. They shouldn’t show up elsewhere. 

Don’t give out too much personal information 

Online dating scammers obtain as much sensitive and personal information as possible from dating service users for use in blackmail. Sometimes, they may entice you into sending nude photos and videos. With this information, you put yourself at their mercy.

Sending money is a bad idea 

The golden rule of mail-order platforms is to never send money to any woman you have never met. Fraudsters always try to convince their victims that they are in a dire position. For instance, if a Mexican mail order bride you’ve been talking to for a few days suddenly claims she is in the hospital or needs money urgently, cut communication with the person.

How to Choose a Reliable Mexican Mail-Order Bride Service

Choosing a mail order bride platform is relatively straightforward. When looking for the best platform to meet Mexican singles, keep an eye on the following.

  • The rating: Before settling for a platform, check its rating and reviews. If you can’t find any, the platform is probably unreliable. Also, those that have run a long time are usually the best. 
  • The cost: The price point matters when checking for a reliable mail-order bride service. Go for one that won’t break the bank but whose price isn’t too good to be true. 

Success Stories

Maria (27) and Anthony (36)

Maria is a beautiful woman born and raised in Mexico. She had dated four different guys before her 23rd birthday but decided not to date anymore due to the abuse she faced.

Maria faced emotional, physical, and sexual abuse from the Mexican men she dated. On her friend’s recommendation, she registered on a mail-order platform, where she met Anthony from Texas. Three years later, they are now happily married and living in his hometown of Austin.

Godson (29) and Rosario (25)

Godson worked hard to become a technological expert. However, he falls into the category of shy men who find it difficult to approach women. To fulfill his sexual desires, Godson resorted instead to pornographic photos and videos. 

In one of Godson’s online searches for hot women, he encountered a mail-order bride site. From the site, he met Rosario, a beautiful Mexican lady. Godson flew to Mexico two months later to see her in person and get to know her family. They are currently married and live happily in Los Angeles. As an extra bonus, Godson no longer feels a need to focus on porn. 

Mexican Mail-Order Brides Cost

You will spend about $200 interacting with women on the Mexican mail-order bride site. Gifts, date arrangements, and contact requests can cost up to $1000

When you do visit Mexico, the cost of accommodation varies based on the city. A night could cost between $20 and $70 for a 3-star hotel. For a 5-star suite, you will pay considerably more. Resort accommodations can run as high as $500 per day.

If you are coming to meet Mexican girls from the United States, you may find flights for as low as $115 depending on where you start. However, Europeans who plan on dating a Mexican woman will likely pay approximately $900 for economy class and about $2,800 for first-class flights.

Mexican women

The Guide to Marrying a Mexican Women 

Like women from other countries, there are specific guidelines potential suitors must follow to woo Mexican women for marriage. These tips are not difficult to keep since they mostly center on respect for her, her family, and her culture.

Tips on Dating Mexican Girl 

Before dating Mexican girls, it is critical to know these tips below:

Learn more about her by going to more dates

Mexican women tend to be less traditional and shy than their counterparts elsewhere in Latin America. However, you should not necessarily expect a beautiful Mexican woman to jump in bed with you on the first date. Some will be ready for an immediate romp, but that’s not the norm. Plan on a bit more romance before you reach that stage. 

Develop a good relationship with her loved ones.

Maintaining a good relationship with her dad is crucial in winning her entire family over. To Mexican women, family is everything; if you don’t develop a good relationship with them, you can say goodbye to your dream of marrying your Mexican girl.

Be ready to be the knight in shining armor 

Keep your gentleman game at its apex if you want to win the love and affection of your Mexican woman. Keep a polite air both in person and in online chats. And don’t lose your temper if you don’t get your way. An actual gentleman doesn’t throw tantrums. 

Show concern for her and her culture

Be genuinely curious about what’s going on in your beauty’s life and country. Their homeland has a special place in their heart and they’re sure to talk about its rich history. If you’re able to learn her language, even better — she’ll go crazy for you!

Don’t denigrate her country and culture

Building on the previous point, Mexican women won’t accept intense criticism of Mexico. It’s ok to acknowledge the country’s problems, but you should also recognize the beautiful things about the country.

Meeting Your Mexican Bride’s Parents: 3 Tips

Your meeting with the parents of your Mexican woman will determine whether you’re fit to marry her. Follow these tips to handle the situation appropriately.

Dress accordingly 

Mexican people place immense importance on looks. You shouldn’t go in an over-the-top Mariachi outfit, but dress fancier than your everyday gear. Clean, corporate wear can be befitting of a serious person. 

Listen more, say less

Don’t go into conversations trying to prove how smart you are. Learn to listen more when you are with your Mexican girlfriend’s parents. Address them respectfully and show them how much you love their daughter.

Bring gifts 

You should bring gifts when visiting your potential in-laws. You can get wine or food items. Whatever you decide, remember that it is inappropriate to meet your girlfriend’s parents without presenting anything.

Mexican Wedding Customs

A Mexican wedding will surprise any first-time guest. The couple’s parents are responsible for planning the wedding. Tradition dictates that the husband and his wife play no role in the planning. Below are other customs.

Breaking the Piñata

Nearly every Mexican wedding will include a Piñata. It is a big paper-mache figure loaded with sweets. Guests are blindfolded before swinging a stick to break it. This tradition adds fun to the ceremony.

The nuptial dance

The ceremony attendants are integral parts of the newlyweds’ first dance together as husband and wife. These guests stand in a heart formation around the couple. Once the newlyweds have danced in the heart, they can refer to each other as “husband” and “wife.”


Can You Buy or Mail-Order a Mexican Bride?

The notion of “buying a Mexican bride” is not the slave-trade transaction it sounds like. Instead, you are paying a mail-order bride site to help you meet these women. Don’t approach it as if you are trading money for a person. 

Mexican Mail-Order Brides Divorce Statistics

The divorce rate among modern Mexican women is high, currently standing at 61.4%. Among mail order brides, however, the rate has stayed at a respectable 29%. Women of Mexico do not tolerate disrespect; if you are respectful, the possibility of divorce is low.

Are women from Mexico loyal? 

Mexican women are honest and loyal to their partners. If you marry one of these women, you can rest assured she won’t cheat on you. But you also must show dedication to her and satisfy her needs.

Are Mexican women easy to win over?

As with women the world over, you have to do the right things to win a Mexican woman over. These women are not moved by money or material things. Give them your respect, your affection, and your time. 

Are Mexican brides educated? 

Most Mexican women are educated. They are goal-centered and are willing to spend the time in school to be successful. This ambition is why you will find many of them in highly-rated schools in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe.