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Polish women are well known for attracting foreign men looking for something serious. No doubt, if you’re reading this, you’re one of those men. But there’s a few foundational pieces of knowledge you’ll need before marrying a Polish bride. Keep reading! 

3 Interesting Facts About Polish Girls 

To help you learn about Polish brides on the go, we have picked out specific facts about Polish wives for you. 

Polish brides have a level of financial independence 

70% of Polish wives are financially independent and are unlikely to relinquish that freedom. The 30% of Polish brides who are not concerned with economic freedom are the older-fashioned women who believe it is the man’s job to provide for them. 

Polish brides supervise household expenditures

As opposed to simply leaving the expenses to the man, 52% of Polish wives supervise the household budget. About 32% work closely with their husbands to set the budget. This behavior contrasts with much of the world. 

Polish wives are well-educated 

About 57.7% of the students in Polish universities are women. These women love having the best quality of life, so they pursue higher education. It comes in handy in their lives and careers, setting them up for high-paying jobs and creating value for their families and society.

Why Are Polish Mail-Order Brides So Popular Nowadays 

There are many reasons men search for Polish mail-order brides these days. Here are some of these reasons. 

Men want women who won’t fight over simple things 

One thing that stands out about western women is their apparent need for drama and argumentation. Polish wives do not have the time to go through these arguments. If you feel something is right, they’ll accept your opinion even if they don’t agree. They will often try to see your point of view and learn from you.

Polish mail-order brides are the top tier of beauty

Western women don’t top the list of beautiful women, despite their unfettered access to cosmetic enhancements. But take your Polish bride to a dinner party and the room will all stop and stare as if she were Cinderella. 

They understand that men want a warm meal

Polish wives come prepared to cook incomparable meals. All the home cooking will render restaurants practically obsolete. Liberated though they are, Polish ladies like to cook.  

Polish girl

What Are Polish Wives Like?

Getting married to a Polish wife is like having all your spousal dreams come true. In fact, she’ll probably answer prayers you’ve never even thought of!

They are natural nurturers

There is a saying that men want a wife who dotes on him like a mother. The nurturing instincts that Polish brides bring with them will have you covered there. They care for the children and their husbands to the best of their ability and constantly strive to improve further.

They bring their A-game in hospitality 

Polish wives love to receive guests. If you like throwing parties or family gatherings, your Polish bride will show them the greatest hospitality in town.  

They are easy to reason with 

No one wants a wife who is unwilling to meet in the middle. Polish wives are not known to argue and hold onto grudges that could hurt the marriage; they will easily listen to reason and, if need be, defer to their husbands. 

Why Are Polish Brides Looking For Foreign Husbands? 

Polish brides love adventures and want foreign husbands who will show them these adventures. Polish chicks are attracted to the American accent; many would love to hear that every day. 

Another reason they want foreign husbands is that they believe American men are rich enough to take care of most expenses Finally, many Polish singles have been in Poland all their lives, and would love the opportunity to get off the farm or out of their insular town. A relationship with a foreigner may give them that chance.  

Where To Meet Polish Brides? 

Polish mail-order bride sites are the best places where you can meet Polish women without any hassle. If you are vacationing in Poland, you can find Polish ladies everywhere. However, if you cannot travel to Poland for extended time periods, you can meet Polish girls on social media first.  

Polish woman

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Polish Mail-Order Bride Services? 

There are many benefits of using Polish mail-order bride services. Here are just a few: 

Dating is easier online

Dating in the real world has so many hassles that it becomes an unattractive venture for many people. On Polish mail-order bride sites, all you really need to do is maintain consistent communication, be as honest as possible, and be clear with your desires. Before long, you will get the Polish woman you want.

You get more options to choose from

In the real world, it is exhausting to talk to many potential dates simultaneously. Plus, you also might be seen as a player. When using online services, though, you can chat with many Polish brides simultaneously and choose which ones seem promising enough to explore deeper.  

It saves you time 

These services save you time during the early stages of your relationship. That can be especially helpful if you’re always busy with work and other businesses. All you have to do is sync your interactions with the Polish time zone and dedicate some time to your romantic chats. 

How To Avoid Mail-Order Bride Scams

Mail-order bride scams are a constant worry because dishonest people are happy to prey on love-sick desperation. You do not want to fall for these scams, so here are tips on how to stay safe. 

Do not expose too much about yourself or your personal details

Understandably, relationships are based on baring your soul to someone special. However, keep in mind that this is a mail-order bride service, and the meeting phase is rather transactional. There will be time for emotions and full disclosure, but at the beginning, stick to the basics and don’t give out info that could be turned against you. Scammers often try to get personal information about their victims for use in future blackmail.  

Avoid sending money to anyone without knowing them fully

No matter how many times she asks you, the only money you should spend when dating a mail-order girl is that which you spend on gifts. If someone persistently asks for money, it is probably a scam account trying to finesse you, and you should not oblige. 

Look out for incomplete profiles 

Scammers need to spread their nets wide, so many of their accounts are barebones efforts. If you see even the slightest inconsistency on their profile, you should move on to the next girl. Serious ladies take the time to make complete profiles attractive for the men interested.

How to choose a reliable mail-order bride service

Scam avoidance strategies are important, but it’s also critical to use the right site. Here are tips to help you choose a reliable mail-order bride service:

Search for older sites: The longer a site has been in existence, the more likely it is to be legitimate. Any website that regularly scams people will get reported and delisted by Google. A long service life is an indication that such dishonest activity doesn’t happen there. 

Check site reviews: Search for honest reviews by people who have already used the platform. You want most comments to be positive, of course, though you shouldn’t trust a review site that never lists any complaints at all. 

Look out for juicy offers: Mail-order brides’ sites already offer something good with their services, so they do not need many additional eye-catching offers. Unless the proposal is a discount on their premium charges, it is a red flag when there are too many juicy offers from a site. 

Success Stories

Dustin (44) and Ania (26)

Dustin was a busy businessman who wanted to find his soulmate but rarely had time to date. He learned about the mail-order bride services from a colleague at work and decided to try it out. 

Three days in, Dustin met and started talking to Ania, who lived in a small village called Torun in Poland. Dustin was not interested in wasting time; he wanted to take the next step immediately. He was able to travel to Poland to see her, get married, and return to the US to process her papers. And as soon as he did that, she moved to the United States to live with him. 

They have been married for two years now and have a young child. Dustin is still a busy businessman, but now he has a doting wife to give his home life joy. 

Ned (49) and Aleksandra (27)

Ned got out of a nasty divorce some years ago and swore never to get involved with a western woman again. He went online in search of traditional foreign women and stumbled on a mail-order bride site where he soon met Aleksandra. 

They started talking, and before long, Ned was laying out his intentions and sending her gifts using the premium service. They got married six months after meeting, and he did the paperwork to bring her to the United States to live with him. The couple has been married for three years, they have two kids, and Ned has never been happier. 

Polish Mail-Order Brides Cost 

The cost of your pursuit of a Polish wife is dependent on many things. There is no specific price tag, but when you calculate everything the process entails, you can get a rough estimate.

For starters, premium mail-order bride subscriptions cost about $100. Those premium services open up the sites’ best options. 

Next, you will have to send your girl gifts when you are wooing her to keep her interested in you. Gifts will likely cost you about $500 to $1000, depending on how big you want to go. 

After this, the next thing on the list is your travel expenses to go and see the lady in Poland. The tickets will cost about $2000. Once there, a traditional wedding can require around $10,000. Finally, your new wife’s flight to the States can come in at around $700 and the spousal visa will cost $1200. In total, the process can total over $15000.  

Polish women

The Guide To Marrying A Polish Woman 

Getting married to a Polish girl is not the hardest thing to do. However, you must know a few things about Polish wives and their culture. This section will show you a few key things you need to know about Polish brides and their culture. 

Dating a Polish Girl: 4 Tips

Before you move to marry a Polish lady, you must first get through the dating part of the equation. Dating Polish women is not a complex task, but there are a few tips that would make it easier to navigate the Polish dating world. 

Ask her questions about her life on the first date

When dating a Polish woman, you have to show interest in her life because she won’t move forward with any man who is uninterested in her on a personal level. 

She’ll want to talk about the things she loves, the things that make her happy, and everything that makes her eyes light up. However, Polish girls also learn not to speak out of turn, so they will be more comfortable if you first ask about those topics.  

Buy her gifts 

It does not matter if you are physically dating her or dating her through a mail-order bride site; you should definitely buy her gifts. Gifts mean a lot to Polish brides; they’re an indication of your ability to care for them when they finally marry you. Their love for gifts does not mean they are materialistic; they can almost always afford these things for themselves. It just means they want to know how thoughtful you are. 

Respect her conservative viewpoints 

Poles are very conservative on average, and this responsibility of conservatism is placed mainly on the women in Poland. Hence, when dating Polish women, you must respect these inclinations, especially with respect to sex. If you are going for the long haul, then this habit should not be a problem because they become less conservative with their sexuality after they get married. 

Ask about her family 

Poles are very family-minded, so when dating Polish girls, you must ask about their families. It will show that you are serious about wanting to marry them and that you are not just here for a short time. 

Meeting your Polish bride’s parents: 4 Tips 

It is time to meet the parents, the most nerve-wracking step of any relationship. We all know that meet-the-parents day is like a test because you must impress them, regardless of how the woman feels about you. If her parents disapprove, you’ll have a major hurdle in your way. Here are four tips on how to impress your Polish bride’s parents. 

Bring gifts 

Gifts can butter parents up a little. The gifts don’t need to be expensive, but they should be thoughtful and foreign. If you are coming from America, bring them something that feels a little American. Whatever you are getting must represent your respect for them and your capability to care for their daughter. 

Shake everyone’s hands 

When you step into the house, offer everyone a handshake. If any family member offers you a hug, take it; if someone comes near to kiss your cheek, don’t shy away. But most importantly, offer a handshake to all of them, and be very polite. 

Be natural 

It’s ok to be nervous when meeting the parents of your Polish bride. There’s no need to hide it. Polish brides often encourage their parents to go easy on the man they bring home. They’ll understand your stress and will see through fake confidence. 

Arrive hungry 

Poles are eager to serve their traditional cuisines and will not take no for an answer. If you say ‘no, thanks,’ they will try to offer you an alternative meal. When visiting your prospective in-laws for the first time, you must be willing to at least sample whatever they offer; refusing to do so will offend them and thus hurt your relationship with your Polish wife. 

Polish Wedding Customs 

Polish wedding customs are exciting and fun. Here are a few of the best ones you must know before you marry your Polish wife. 

The bread and salt ritual

After the ceremony, the couple visits their parents, who offer them bread and salt as presents. They offer the bread in hopes that the couple will always have food to eat and the salt in hopes that no matter what the couples face, they can handle it in the future. 

Vodka or water 

The bride’s father will offer the couple two shot glasses — one containing water and the other vodka. The bride chooses one first. Tradition holds that whoever gets the cup of vodka will be the one who assumes dominance in the relationship. 

Oczepiny, or ‘the unveiling’

When the clock strikes 12, Polish brides often take off their veils and throw them into a crowd of single girls as a rite of passage into married life. The husbands will take off their ties and throw them away too. Then the maidens surrounding the bride will loosen her braids and cut a part of them to signify an end to maidenhood. 


Can you buy a Polish bride? 

Because you are spending almost $15k to woo and marry your Polish bride, it might feel like a transaction. However, you cannot technically buy Polish brides. Besides, you want your wife to like you — you can’t treat her like property. 

What are Polish mail-order brides’ divorce statistics?

Most Polish mail-order brides stay married, a fact which has led to a growing interest in them. The divorce rate is 22%, and some Polish wives even return to their husbands after splitting up.

Do Polish brides want to marry foreign men?

Polish brides seek out foreign men intentionally because they do not want to marry Polish men and spend the rest of their lives in Poland fighting for education and rights. They will instead often go with foreign men. 

Do Polish brides like money? 

Polish wives often have their own money from savings and careers, but they expect you to take good care of them and their needs when they marry you. 

Do Polish brides love sex? 

Some Polish women don’t learn much about sex thanks to the country’s conservative leanings. However, they are open to learning.

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