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German women have a mixed reputation as potential brides. On the one hand, they are representatives of a progressive country whose inhabitants have a storied culture and strong educations. On the other hand, sometimes men buy into the stereotype that German women don’t act warm or feminine. 

We will dispel the rumors and prove that German brides are a real treasure, for which you can work hard.

3 Interesting Facts about German Girls

You have undoubtedly heard many stereotypes about Germans. But is there any truth to them? Learn some of the most interesting facts about these girls.

They are independent

Germans are used to being independent, making decisions, and being responsible for themselves.

They can’t imagine life without work

For a German woman, it is important to find a business in which they can develop and realize their dreams. They choose a profession that they will enjoy.

They prefer comfortable clothes

Germans wear luxurious dresses and heels only for celebrations. In everyday life, they prefer to dress in a simple, casual, and comfortable style.

Why are German Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

German ladies do not always look like dolls but have qualities that truly stand out. Find out why a German woman for marriage is the best option if you are looking for an ideal wife and a reliable friend.

They have excellent athletic bodies

German women are distinguished by their love of sports. They lead an active lifestyle, often spending their evenings in the gym, cycling, or skating. On weekends or vacations, many German girls like to go hiking or climb mountains. This fact makes them not only mentally resilient but also remarkably attractive. Germans generally have great athletic bodies and stay in good shape until old age.

German mail-order brides are interesting interviewees

German girls are smart and well-read. They usually build strong careers, follow the news, and strive for self-development. Because of this, it is very interesting to chat with German brides. This inspires men to spend their whole lives with a German woman.

They highly value their partner and relationships

It is difficult to call German women frivolous. They approach each challenge with maximum responsibility. Of course, this also applies to choosing a partner. If a German woman has already connected her life with someone, she will be faithful and devoted to this person. 

The German woman will consider it her duty to conscientiously work on herself and her relationships. She will not quarrel unnecessarily. Scandals, emotional outbursts, and mood swings are not her standard fare. That classic German wisdom and prudence will allow you to resolve any conflict.

They are satisfied with themselves and others

The German woman may be reserved, but in reality, she simply does not see the point of showing negative emotions. 

In general, a German woman is satisfied with her life, and if not, she will do everything she can to change it. She knows that only she is responsible for herself. This makes German brides desirable in the eyes of men.

German girl

What are German Wives Like?

The personal qualities of German women make them ideal partners. What are the strengths of German women for marriage?

German wives know how to listen

In marriage, it is important to be heard, and German women are not afraid of either side of the conversation. They willingly and thoughtfully listen to their husband with genuine interest. 

It is interesting to spend leisure time with a German wife

German women don’t spend their whole weekend cleaning and cooking. Your German wife will plan her free time in such a way that the whole family spends time doing interesting activities. It may be a hike, a movie, museum, theater, or whatever else might be exciting. The main thing is to enrich the family’s experience.

A rational and thrifty housewife

So, let’s talk about German pragmatism. Indeed, German women know how to plan, save, and put everything in order. Because of this, they always have money in reserve and are calm about their future. Life is comfortable with such wives because she won’t demand excessive jewelry or fur coats and won’t get angry about finances. 

Why Do German Brides Look for a Foreign Husband?

There are several reasons why German women may prefer to marry a foreigner rather than their own countrymen:

  • Love — yes, German women fall in love just like anyone else. Nationality or race are unimportant; it’s all about who can be a fitting partner. 
  • Cultural exchange — Germans are very interested in expanding their horizons and absorbing interesting aspects of other cultures. 
  • Romance and sensitivity — pragmatic Germans often lack this and dream of the passion from international relationships
  • “Mixed” children — a varied ancestry makes for attractive kids, and often confers some health benefits and breadth of talent. 

Where to Meet German Brides?

Modern technology provides an opportunity to meet women without leaving home. On mail-order services, you can see profiles of beautiful German women who are aiming for long-term relationships. You only need to register, upload a photo, and write a few words about yourself.

Any German mail-order bride will immediately impress with her sophisticated mind, lightness of character, and conversational ability. 

Is it possible to fall in love with a German mail-order bride? Definitely. You’re sure to want to meet in person.

German woman

What are The Benefits of Using German Mail Order Bride Services?

Of course, you always have the option to meet in person. But why not take advantage of the opportunities that the internet offers, especially since it offers so many advantages?

Simplicity and ease of use

A mail-order bride service is very easy and convenient to use. There is no need to go through multi-level quests — everything is optimized already.

Reliability – only verified profiles

If you use a reputable mail order service, you can be sure that the girls’ profiles are real and the photos are genuine. All user information is verified, so you can be sure that no one will scam you.

Maximum transparency and honesty

Mail-order brides are women who are definitely set on a long-term relationship and marriage. In ordinary dating, it will take some time to understand a girl’s long-term goals. Dates you meet on the street, in a club, or at a cafe may lead to nothing more than a one-night stand. Beyond that, it’s awkward to ask about distant future plans right off the bat.

With matchmaking services, though, you only connect with women who are serious about the same things as you. 

How to Avoid German Mail Order Bride Scams?

Although mail-order bride services can be reliable, no one is immune to failures and deceptions. We tell you how to protect yourself from fraudsters on the service.

Study the profile carefully before starting a conversation

An honest girl who really wants a relationship will present herself in great detail. She’ll post multiple real photos from real-life events — not mere studio photoshoots. After all, she’s looking to attract a similarly genuine potential groom. 

Be alert if there is little information. This indicates either a frivolous approach or something worse.

Do not rush to tell everything about yourself at once

You should not immediately post all the information about yourself or your biography. This is not only irrational in terms of the development of the relationship, but it can also be dangerous. 

It is better not to make public your earnings, property, or other things that can be used by an attacker. If you meet the girl of your dreams, she’ll learn all those truths later on. And along the way, it will make the first conversations better, and potentially more romantic.

Find out the goals and needs of your German mail-order bride

Here it is best to be frank. Yes, mail-order brides aim for long-term relationships. But it is better to ask early on what the girl on the other end wants to see from a relationship. 

Every culture has its quirks, and you want to be compatible. Find out how she views marriage, family roles and duties, religious beliefs, and other parts of her worldview. 

How to Choose a Reliable German Mail Order Bride Service?

Your success depends heavily on which German mail-order bride service you use. It is important that this service looks solid and reliable, and also has tools for checking profiles. 

Every person who registers in the service should need to pass such a check. This can be, for example, the verification of identity through social networks, e-mail, etc.

Pay attention to the mail order service interface. It must have a video calling function — this not only simplifies communication but is a reliable check against catfishers. If the site does not have such a function, you should look for another service.

Success Stories

These happy stories started in a mail-order service and grew into true love. Find out how German mail-order brides found their happiness abroad.

Oliver (46) and Larisa (53)

This couple was simply made for each other! They even have similar stories: both had experienced a marriage and divorce, and both have adult children. Oliver says that he fell in love with Larisa at first sight. Something inside told him that she was the woman who would make him happy.

In their correspondence, it turned out that they had a lot of common interests. After a few days of online communication, they decided to call via video link. They talked for more than an hour, after which they quickly knew they should meet.

Quickly after the first meeting, Larisa said that he was exactly the man she had dreamed of all her life. The couple has been together for three years and is grateful to their mail order service for bringing their destinies together.

Noah (39) and Elsa (27)

Elsa had nearly everything she needed to be happy: an enjoyable job, a cozy apartment in the center of Leipzig, and the opportunity to travel. The only thing she lacked was a partner who completed her. She wanted to find a man who would treat her right, but her previous relationships usually didn’t last more than a few nights. And then Elsa decided to try a mail order bride service.

Noah admits that the Germans have always attracted him. They seemed different in just the right way — independent, loose, and very attractive. Several connections through the service were unsuccessful until he saw Elsa’s profile. Two months later he went to Germany.

The couple has been married for more than six months and is happy in their married life.

German Mail Order Bride Cost 

Most high-quality German mail order services will cost around $150 per month. You can save money in some cases by focusing only on text messages. But you can also spend more if you are going to send your future wife gifts or spend hours in a video chat.

The legal side of getting married in Germany costs from $50 to $200. Obviously, ceremonies can be as expensive as you choose to make them.

Tickets from the US to Germany usually run at least $600-$800 (round-trip). We highly recommend booking a ticket in advance because last-minute flights are always much more expensive.

A visa to Germany for a US citizen flying to get married will cost $265.

German women

The Guide on Marrying a German Woman

If you have decided you need a German wife, here are some specifics that will help you better understand the mentality and needs of a German mail-order bride.

Tips on Dating German Girl

How do you impress a German mail-order bride so that she falls in love with you once and for all? 

Invite a German girl to a cafe or restaurant

On a first date, you’ll want to learn more about each other, and the best way to do that is over food. It’ll also give you an idea of your German date’s preferences. You can talk about food and ask what she likes. Offer to foot the bill for both. If a German girl refuses to go on a date, do not insist.

Go to the movies together

The second date should be spent differently. Germans love the cinema and always express their opinions about film in an interesting way. Ask her what movie she would like to see and buy tickets in advance. Before the screening, you can talk for a bit, and then sit back and enjoy the show. After watching, you will have a topic to discuss and you will be able to open new doors into a potential relationship. 

Visit a nightclub with a German girl

When you’ve gotten to know each other enough, it’s time to relax and unwind in one of Germany’s many nightclubs. Germans love their nightclubs, where their favorite music is played, and the lighting and atmosphere inspire bonding. The two of you will have a great time and be absorbed by the vibe inside.

Meeting German Bride Parents: 3 Tips

Meeting the parents of a German mail-order bride usually takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, over dinner, or even in a restaurant. How do you create friendly relations with German parents?

Bring something useful and tasty

No need to spend money on a bouquet of flowers for mom —Germans tend not to focus on such things. 

It is better to bring something tasty to the table. A bottle of wine and dessert is usually a win-win option. You can approach the matter creatively and order a uniquely shaped cake, for example. It’s sure to inspire discussion.

Do not overdo it with emotions

During the introduction, you can usually hug your girl’s mother and shake hands with her father. But don’t get too carried away here. For Germans, this is just a formality, and they will find it odd if you get too giddy. Be polite and restrained, and read the room to guide your responses. 

Find the middle ground

Don’t go to extremes. Try not to be overly talkative, but don’t stay silent either. It is better to balance your image as a polite guy who knows how to listen to others and can chime in as needed. Germans value moderation and balance, so you should strive for the same.

German Wedding Customs

Nowadays, Germans celebrate weddings however they please, but they still maintain some traditions. Some people are still interested in the older customs.

Wedding newspaper

This is a fun document for guests to read. It describes how the couple’s relationship began, where they met, and what happened next. Photos, collages, and interviews adorn the pages. The collected material is presented during the festivities. 

Horse carriage

One tradition insists that the groom pick up his bride from her parents’ house in a horse-drawn carriage. The bride is not allowed to look back during the trip. If she does, it is believed that this will not be her last marriage.

Bride theft

In Germany, there is a very strong custom of “stealing” the bride at weddings. The new husband must find his beloved with the help of clues. He can also offer the kidnappers a ransom, sing, dance, or perform other tasks.


Can You Really Buy or Mail Order a German Bride?

In the literal sense, of course not. The word “buy” or “order” means that you can pay for the mail order matchmaking service in order to meet and spend time with a woman you like. Paying for the services allows you to use tools such as video calls with the girls you meet. 

German Mail Order Bride Divorce Statistics

On the whole, about 20% of marriages with German-order brides end in divorce. By American standards, this is not a terribly large fraction. Divorces usually reflect differing values between partners. 

Are German women sexually attractive?

German beauty may not be as celebrated as some other parts of the world, but they make up for it in activity, charisma, and flexibility that many others lack. Once committed, German women find no topic off limits, so they are true intellectual and sexual partners. 

Do German women cook well?

If you think that you will only eat sausages with beer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then you are very mistaken. In all seriousness, Germans master the kitchen as successfully as anyone in the world. They like to read exotic recipes and try to be adventurous eaters. Most things they cook turn out delicious.

How does a German woman feel about raising children?

A German woman will give birth only when she is sure of her ability to pay for and raise children. After giving birth, she considers it her duty to devote as much time as possible to the child. Usually, mobile Germans manage to combine motherhood with work, travel, concerts, plays, girls’ parties, and other joys in life.

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