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Romania is located in Eastern Europe. It is a small country with a population of approximately 19 million people. There are more women than men in Romania, so foreigners stand a good chance of finding a Romanian bride. Moreover, Romanian women have pronounced features that are highly valued in married life.

3 Interesting Facts about Romanian Girls

Romanians have a magnificent appearance, combining all the best features of Southern Europeans. They have slightly tanned skin, brown or green eyes, and dark or blond hair. What other interesting facts do we know about Romanian women?

Romanian women have an impeccable sense of humor

These beauties are fond of jokes, both their own and those of others. You’re certain to hear lots of laughter from conversations in Romania. Cheering them up is very easy because they know how to make witty jokes themselves. 

They are very assertive

Romanian women know how to stand up for themselves and have long persevered through hardships. They are usually quite ambitious and achieve their goals quite quickly, as they always know what steps to take. 

Romanian girls are punctual

Romanian women are not late for dates, because they consider it very impolite to waste other people’s time. They will do everything possible to arrive on time or early.

Why are Romanian Mail-Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Men from all over the world are delighted by Romanian women after meeting them. After all, they are not only attractive but also have charismatic characters that captivate men from the word “go.”

They have a perfect body

Certainly, men want their brides to have perfect features. Romanian women can boast of slender bodies with large, beautiful breasts and buttocks. Nature has endowed Romanian women with fresh beauty and flawless appearances.

They are optimistic and usually in a good mood

Everyone has problems, but Romanian girls prefer to stay optimistic. It is difficult to upset or offend them, as they are naturally easy-going and friendly. A Romanian mail-order bride will believe that a positive attitude will lead to positive results.

They are relaxed and independent

Romanian women are quite strong in every sense and can stand up for themselves. They have their own opinions which they will voice if necessary. Romanian girls are forthright in their relationships and aren’t afraid to tell their crush how they feel. 

What are Romanian Wives Like?

Romanian women are true treasures because they have the qualities of good life partners. What does that mean, exactly?

They are loyal

Having married a Romanian woman, a man can be sure that she won’t cheat. The Romanian wife will not even allow herself to flirt, because she empathizes with her husband’s point of view. In return, the Romanian mail-order bride expects the same behavior from the husband.

Follow the “traditional” model of female behavior

Romanian women are conservative in a certain sense and believe in a woman’s role as the keeper of the hearth. Therefore, they aim for long-term relationships, dream of marriage, and try to create strong families and have nothing against being housewives.

They are perfect housewives

A Romanian wife will not be in a hurry to transfer household duties to her husband or to outsiders. Usually, Romanian women don’t have a problem with housework and are always inspired to cook delicious meals. Maintaining cleanliness and creating comfort for their families is a pure pleasure for them.

Why are Romanian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

In general, Romanian women don’t care about their groom’s country of origin. She chooses a man based on other qualities. Therefore, Romanian men and foreigners have equal chances. 

At the moment, Romania faces a demographic problem; there are fewer men than women in the country. And at the average marriage age for Romanian women (23 to 28), many have come to realize all the best men are already married. They have to look outside the country. 

Romanian girl

Where to Meet Romanian Brides?

In order to meet a Romanian woman, you only need to register on a mail-order service. Such services let you choose a girl you like from a variety of profiles. 

On reliable services, these profiles are thoroughly checked, so you can be confident of the data’s veracity. In addition, the sites are full of women who aim for long-term relationships and marriage.

You need to provide reliable information about yourself and pay to use the service. After that, you can select a girl or girls whom you want to communicate with, and start getting to know them. 

What are The Benefits of Using Romanian Mail-Order Bride Services?

Mail-order bride services provide a large number of bonuses and benefits for those who want to find a bride from another country. Most list women from many different nations. 

On the service, you can find comprehensive information about the women of a particular country and decide whose mentality suits you best. The service lets you filter by nationality or other traits. 

You can be sure that you see real profiles 

Unless you join a particularly shady site, the information about mail-order brides is true and the photos are real. The sites arrange multi-level verification processes for the women they list. Their reputation depends on it! 

Without leaving home, you can fall in love

Services are built so that you can find out as much information as possible about mail-order brides. For example, you can use a video communication service and talk to a woman for hours. Virtual spaces let you begin a successful long-distance relationship before you meet in person.

How to Avoid Romanian Mail-Order Bride Scams?

A few tips will allow you to use the mail-order service as safely as possible and protect yourself against possible fraud.

Pay attention to the service interface

Serious, high-quality mail-order services will have video-call options. This helps prevent catfishing or other identity falsification practices. If there is no such service on the site, it is better to try a different one.

Monitor the bride’s social networks

Usually, the services provide links to the bride’s social networks. If there is no information, you can always ask the woman for a link to her profile. 

Most women who really want to get married are happy to give their social networks where they have comprehensive information about themselves and a large number of photos. The posts she makes will tell you more about her personality. Anyone who insists they have no social media should be viewed with healthy skepticism. 

When starting a conversation, behave politely and calmly

Do not rush to tell everything about yourself at once. Start dating gradually and carefully. Show interest in the girl, but give it all time to develop. Sharing too much too quickly can work against you to some extent, so at the beginning of the dialogue, show some discretion about what you write.

Romanian woman

How to Choose a Reliable Romanian Mail-Order Bride Service?

Your success in finding a Romanian mail-order bride largely depends on the service on which you search for her. Evaluate how it looks and whether it has tools to verify profiles.

Pay attention to the presence of a video-call function — this not only simplifies communication but is also a reliable check against fraudsters. A link to a woman’s social network is also an indicator of verified information, so check for such options. 

Success Stories 

Dave (35) and Karolina (23)

Karolina is a beautiful Romanian girl who dreamt of a simple, happy life from a young age. As a schoolgirl, she attended a modeling competition and dreamed of traveling. Subsequently, she entered the Faculty of Economics and received a diploma with honors. 

Dave immediately took notice of the attractive Romanian mail-order bride and wrote to her asking if she would like to come to the States. After a few days, the young people talked as if they had known each other since childhood.

Dave says that he subconsciously fell in love right away, but when he saw Karolina on a video call, he realized his heart made the right choice. He obtained a visa, booked the flight, and a few months later Karolina found herself in the United States where she immediately received an offer for her hand and heart. 

Karolina made it clear that her parents’ permission was needed whenever Dave could visit Romania. A few months later, they were planning a wedding.

John (41) and Lyana (25)

John is a wealthy businessman from the United States who had everything but love. According to him, the women he met only wanted money from him. 

One of his friends advised him to look for happiness in Eastern Europe. They said women there are different, and more family oriented. He decided to chat on the Internet before traveling. 

At first, he wanted to choose a wife from Ukraine or Poland, but by chance, he came across a page with Romanian models. He found he liked the somewhat specific, southern appearance of these women.

Lyana did not have a standard model’s appearance, but she liked it that way, and was confident in her attractive photos. It turned out that she was a creative person: she works as an advertising designer, and in her spare time she paints. 

Lyana says that she has always been attracted to older men, but they are usually already married and have children. With John, this Romanian girl felt happy and even more feminine. After a few months of communication on the Internet, John flew to Romania to meet his beloved’s parents. He proposed at the table. Now the couple lives in the States and has been happily united for almost a year.

Romanian Mail-Order Bride Costs 

In some countries, a man who wants to get married has to pay a dowry to his bride’s parents. Even where that’s not the case, though, there are plenty of expenses. 

So, if you want to marry a woman from abroad, be ready to pay a significant sum. You will have to spend money on a visa, flight tickets, etc.

The online dating service will cost you from $100 to $150 per month. The price of a ticket to Romania and back can be as much as $1500. A visa to Romania for a US citizen will cost $265. One date can run from $20 to $100. Experts estimate the total cost anywhere between $3,000-$15,000.

Romanian women

The Guide to Marrying a Romanian Women

If you are interested in a Romanian mail-order bride, now is the time to think about how to attract her attention and become a perfect partner for her. If her parents love you too, consider yourself a winner.

Tips on Dating Romanian Girl

The first date is a critical stage because it forms the basis for your future relationship. You will remember those first dates for a long time, so it is worth the effort to make them unforgettable.

Be romantic on and off dates

Flowers and champagne on a date will make an impression on a Romanian girl, but do not forget about romance even in those moments when you are not around. Send her your love in text messages as often as possible. And you can even order flowers by courier. Romanian girls are very fond of such gestures, so your mail-order bride will surely be delighted.

Compliment her

A Romanian mail-order bride will definitely try to make an impression on the first date, and you should recognize this and appreciate it. Express admiration for her dress, hairstyle, and makeup. You can also mention that you are pleased that she values ​​your time and opinions. The more compliments a Romanian woman receives, the stronger your relationship will be.

Don’t skimp on gifts

Romanian women love surprises, and your bride-to-be will probably also give you something symbolic on the first date. It would be good if you brought something with you from your country. In conversations, you can learn about her dreams and try to make them come true.

Meeting a Romanian Bride’s Parents: 3 Tips

A visit to the parents of the Romanian mail-order bride is an important stage of your relationship. How can you make them like you?

Come with flowers for mom and wine for dad

Romanian women love to receive flowers, and the bride’s mother will be delighted if you present her with a bouquet. For dad, alcohol is standard, although it is worth finding out which type he likes (or if he doesn’t drink at all). Another option is a dessert dish or stylish souvenir. Your girlfriend will know what fits best. 

Be kind and smile

Romanians are generally friendly people, and in response to a sincere and friendly attitude, they open up and become great conversationalists. Show how happy you are to see them and take an interest in their culture, and you will surely get friendship from the bride’s parents.

Thank the parents 

Compliment your Romanian mail-order bride often. It will sound especially impressive if you compare the girl with her mother and say that it is clear from whom the daughter borrowed her beauty. But don’t forget to also emphasize that you will take care of your future wife.

Romanian Wedding Customs

Modern Romanians are not all strict about their country’s wedding traditions, but it is interesting to learn about some of them.

Triple matchmaking

In Romania, an old practice is for a friend to go to the woman’s parents to ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage. The friend indicates how handsome, smart, rich, and generous the groom is. In response, the parents had to say that their daughter was too good for him, and send the friend away with nothing. 

This was repeated several times, with the third man being the actual groom. Only then did the parents give their consent to the marriage, seeing the persistence of the groom.

Rite of forgiveness

Romanians have a traditional rite of forgiveness where the bride and groom ask their parents for forgiveness for any mistakes they may have made up until that day.


Can You Really Buy or Mail-Order a Romanian Bride?

It is, of course, impossible to buy a bride in the literal sense. The vernacular lives on but its meaning has shifted. Paying for a Romanian mail-order bride means paying what’s needed to get to know the girl online, view her photos and, in recent years, make video calls.

Romanian Mail-Order Brides Divorce Statistics

According to statistics, 11% of marriages with Romanian mail-order brides end in divorce. This is actually far less than the US national average and it indicates that the vast majority of couples continue to enjoy married life.

Do Romanian mail-order brides speak English?

Almost all women in Romania learn at least some English during childhood and therefore can comfortably speak on everyday topics. At the very least, the Romanian mail-order bride’s vocabulary is probably enough that you can get to know each other and start a dialogue on interesting topics.

What do Romanian women do in their free time?

Married Romanian women prefer to spend their free time with their husbands and children. She may suggest that everyone cook dinner together or go for a walk. Sometimes Romanian women need to meet with friends, discuss news, share joys, problems, etc.

How quickly should your relationship with the Romanian mail-order bride develop?

In this matter, moderation is a central principle. You should not rush the first kiss and sex — it is better to let the Romanian girl get used to you first. But you shouldn’t delay important points either. Trust your intuition and be attentive to your girlfriend.

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