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Korean brides are desirable all around the world. Today, many men dream of dating Korean girls, while others even want to marry them. If you are thinking about marrying a Korean woman, read this guide for getting detailed instructions on how to do that.

3 Interesting Facts about Korean Girls

This nationality and its mentality seems quite enigmatic to many Western people. But here are some facts that will help you learn more about local girls and understand them better:

  1. Physical attractiveness is very important to Korean brides. A lot of Korean mail order brides have plastic surgery done before they start looking for foreign husbands. Plastic surgery is so common in this country that culture experts even sometimes call it “the world’s capital of plastic surgery”. 25% of all plastic surgeries done in the world are done in South Korea.
  2. Girls from Korea are not prone to obesity. It is scarcely possible to find Korean mail order brides with a lot of excessive weight. Only 4% of women in Korea are obese, while, for example, in the USA, the percentage of obese ladies is 52.8%.
  3. Korean girls are fond of glasses. They believe that this is a mandatory attribute of business style. Many ladies from this country, having perfect eyesight, wear decorative glasses with just clear lenses instead of corrective lenses. They do that to look more presentable.

5 Reasons Why Korean Mail Order Brides Are So Popular Nowadays

Here are some qualities that make Korean mail order brides so desirable. These are some characteristics caused by the peculiarities of local culture. They are typical for the majority of girls from Korea.

Korean brides are beautiful

They have the best features any man can ask for in a woman. Their main strong points are lovely figures, slim figures, and nice skin. Many of them are keen on care procedures, which help them maintain and improve their beauty. Also, the majority of Korean brides are fond of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. This allows them to keep fit all the time and look younger.

Korean brides are intelligent

A lot of Korean women are professionals who graduated from high school or college at the top of their class with excellent marks. Many even hold degrees from prestigious universities. Being well-educated shows that they value high intelligence. This makes them perfect for serious relationships as they are interesting to communicate with and can always support their husbands’ dreams and goals in life.

Korean brides are polite

The first thing anyone notices about Korean girls is how sweet they are on first acquaintance. They know how to maintain good manners towards others. They are nice towards all people, even strangers.

What Features Make Korean Wives Perfect?

Korean wives are respectful

A lot of US and Western European women have a hard time being respectful to their husbands and it’s not only because they’re lazy but also because they don’t know how to worship their spouses. Unlike them, Korean girls are taught this from a young age, so they grow up knowing exactly what to do when faced with different situations where respect is needed. Korean wives always show respect for their husbands.

Korean wives are family oriented

They are very family oriented and will do everything they can to make their husbands happy. Korean brides are extremely devoted to their husbands and will go out of their way to ensure that they are comfortable.

Korean wives are affectionate

Korean women will always try to show love and appreciation for their husbands, even in small ways, such as cooking their favorite meals or bringing them a glass of water when they are thirsty. Korean wives also always make sure that their husbands know how much they love them through constant communication and physical affection (e.g., hugging, kissing, etc.).

Why Are Korean Mail Order Brides Looking for Foreign Husbands?

Though according to the statistics, there are more men than women in Korea, still, there are many Korean mail order brides on the Internet. All these girls are looking for foreign husbands. Why do they crave to marry men from other countries if there are so many men in their homeland? Here are some reasons for this desire.

Western men highly attract Korean women

Many ladies from this country are fond of foreigners. They are charmed by US and European cultures and like men with a Western type of look. This makes a lot of Korean mail order brides get registered on specialized online platforms to look for their Western boyfriends.

Korean brides are looking for caring men

Many men from their native country are not very considerate. But Western men are true gentlemen compared to them. US and European men always take care of their girlfriends and take interest in their feelings.

Korean mail order brides want to find someone unique

Girls from this country are very romantic. And everything extraordinary and unusual attracts them. The mystery of the foreign soul is what makes many Korean mail order brides looking for US and European men.

Where to Meet Korean Brides?

Finding the right place to look for Korean brides brings you halfway to success. The best option is to go to a specialized place. There are some online platforms that are intended specially for uniting the hearts of Asian girls and Western men. There, it is possible to find a lot of Korean mail order brides.

What Are The Benefits of Using Korean Mail Order Bride Services?

Becoming a member of a Korean mail order bride site can give you a lot of advantages:

  1. It saves time and funds. You don’t have to go to South Korea and stay there for a while to meet Korean brides. A lot of beautiful Korean mail order brides are available for communication right on your PC or smartphone screen. And you can think of organizing an in-person date only when you understand that the girl is really worth it.
  2. It is easier to approach Korean brides there. All the ladies that are registered there are eager to find foreign husbands, so they don’t mind getting acquainted with men from abroad.
  3. It is much easier to overcome a language barrier while communicating online than offline. You can use online tools or the services of professional translators for this.

How to Avoid Korean Mail Order Bride Scams?

There are a lot of scams on the Internet. Here is how not to fall for the bait:

  • Choose only trustworthy Korean mail order brides sites.
  • Do not give expensive presents or money to the girls you scarcely know.
  • Be careful with your personal information.

How to Choose a Reliable Korean Mail Order Bride Service?

Here are some main tips on how to do that:

  • Check the reputation. Reputable places for finding Korean mail order brides have a lot of positive feedback on external resources and numerous stories of successful marriages contracted thanks to these online platforms.
  • Consider safety. It is important for a Korean mail order brides site to verify new members not to allow fakes and use SSL encryption to protect users’ personal data from hackers.
  • Look at how many users there are. The wider the choice is, the more chances of finding your perfect match you have.

Success Stories

George and Jiho

George has very good and close relationships with his parents, so it was crucial for him that his wife gets along with them and respects them. But he got disappointed with US women because they are not used to respecting elders. So, he decided to find an Asian girl for marriage.

He met Jiho about 3 months after joining the site. George and Jiho have been married for 5 years. And George admits that his Korean wife is much better than his ex spouses. She is very caring, romantic, and loyal. And, what is essential for him, she respects his parents and treats them very nicely all the time.

Ryan and A-Yeong

Ryan has always been adoring Korean beauty and culture. He even once spent the whole vacation in South Korea, sightseeing and meeting local girls. But nothing serious came out of that because none of the girls he met were interested in marrying a goreign guy.

But Ryan hasn’t given up and has found a solution. He joined the specialized site to meet Korean mail order brides. And this was a life-changing decision. There, he has found a family-oriented A-Yeong, the girl who has changed his life. Now, Ryan and A-Yeong live happily together and bring up a beautiful daughter.

Korean Mail Order Brides Cost

The services of Korean mail order brides sites

The specialized platforms for finding foreign brides are not free. The certain price depends on what exact site you have chosen. The cost of messages starts from $1, and the price of a voice or video call starts from $2,5 per minute.

Travel expenses

The airline tickets from the USA to South Korea cost on average from $700 to $1000. The average price of a hotel room in the capital of this country is $50 for a 3-star option and $90 for a 5-star variant. If you are interested in a longer stay, you can rent a 1-bedroom apartment in the Seoul center for $900 per month on average, and outside the city center as cheap as $600 per month. As for the food, $350-$400 will be enough if you buy products and cook by yourself. And if you eat out, the price for 1 meal is about $7-$10 in a cheap cafe and $20 and more in a restaurant.


The amount of this item of expenditure is completely up to you. Only you can decide which and how expensive gifts to give to your beloved lady.

Wedding expenses

Korean brides like grand weddings with a lot of guests, food, and entertainment. According to different surveys and real examples, the total price of a Korean wedding can be from $15000 to $40000.

The Guide to Dating and Marrying Korean Mail Order Brides

5 useful tips for dating Korean girls

If you’re looking for a serious relationship with a woman who is mature and sincere, then a Korean bride can make an ideal partner. These women are known for having traditional values and strong family ties, which makes them great companions to men who want a wife who can keep things together at home while they focus on work. But what do you need to know before you start dating a Korean woman? Here are some of the most important recommendations:

  1. Be proactive and take leadership. It is not good if you’re too shy and make her think that she needs to take the lead with everything. Korean brides are not used to making the first moves when it comes to romantic relationships.
  2. Do not be pessimistic. For example, if a girl asks you how your day was, don’t tell her about all the terrible things that happened at work. Instead, it is better to say that it was fine.
  3. Avoid being loud or rude. This is very important because Korean brides do not like people who behave this way towards others. They like polite men.
  4. Show respect to her local culture and be interested in it. It flatters Korean brides when foreigners take interest in their local culture. Customs and traditions are very important to local people, that is why it is essential to worship them. Ask your girlfriend about her native customs and traditions and never say negatively about them. Also, you can try to learn the basics of the Korean language, which will make you closer to your bride from this country.
  5. Do not ask her to relocate immediately. Though Korean mail order brides have already decided that they want to marry foreign men and move abroad, they are not ready to do that immediately. You should not pressure her into anything or make any offers right after meeting her in person. This may make her feel uncomfortable or even scared of you. It is best to ask her to visit your country first before making such an important decision. If she feels comfortable there and happy with your relationship, then she will probably be more willing to move overseas.

Meeting Korean brides’ parents: 3 recommendations

Meeting a bride’s parents is an important step in the process of dating a Korean girl. It’s also one that many Western men have difficulty with initially. But there is nothing to be afraid of if you are prepared properly. Here are 3 tips for making sure that your first meeting with the parents of your Korean mail order bride goes smoothly:

  1. Be polite and respectful when speaking to her parents. This is essential because respect for parents is an important part of local culture. So, be courteous and well-mannered.
  2. Show that you worship Korean culture and take interest in it. Learn a few words in Korean. This will help you to make a good first impression. For example, learn in advance how to say “Hello”, “Nice to meet you”, and “Thanks” in Korean and use these phrases at your first meeting with your bride’s parents.
  3. Be prepared to tell much about yourself. Korean parents are often very strict, traditional, and conservative. They want the best for their daughters. Korean parents will want to make sure you are a good husband and father, so they will ask many questions about your family and work history. They may also ask you how much money you earn and how stable your job is.

Korean wedding customs and laws

Korean wedding customs and traditions are characterized by the importance of family, religion, and tradition. Family is considered to be the most important thing in life. A wedding is an occasion that brings together two families (bride’s and groom’s ones) and numerous friends. And it is very important for Korean brides to organize everything perfectly. Here are some interesting facts about traditional Korean weddings that will help you to prepare for the ceremony and celebration with your Korean mail order bride.

Korean Bride’s and Groom’s Attires and Style

The attires of Korean brides and grooms are not quite different from European newlyweds: a woman is wearing a white dress and a man puts on a beautiful dark suit on their wedding day. One of the distinctive features of Korean brides is a very expressive makeup, commonly with lush artificial eyelashes.

And what is worth mentioning, many Korean grooms see nothing wrong in putting on nude “men’s” makeup on their wedding day to emphasize their facial features for better photos and videos taken during the celebration. Men from this country have no prejudices about using cosmetics by men.

Giving Gifts

Gifts are a very important part of a Korean wedding. All guests must be sure to donate money and present something practical to the newlyweds. The best gifts for Korean brides and grooms are crockery sets, linens, household appliances, and, in general, everything that can be useful in further family life.

As for money, at Korean weddings, even records are often kept. The amount each guest presents to the newlyweds is written down either in a special notebook or right on the envelope with the money and the name of the giver. It may seem quite mercantile for Europeans but it is a common thing for Koreans as they consider an amount of money given as a present to be a unit of generosity, respect, and wishing all the best to the newlyweds


It is possible to see the newlyweds bowing a lot of times during a Korean wedding. Bows are common in local culture. They are seen as a sign of respect in this country. First, the groom and his parents meet every guest with bows. Then a bride and a groom bow to each other during the ceremony. Each of them also bows to their parents. And after the ceremony is over and the celebration is about to begin, the newlyweds greet each guest with a bow, showing that they respect and are glad to see everyone.


Can You Really Buy or Mail Order a Korean Bride?

The word “mail order” is not literal in this context. You cannot really “buy” or “order” a bride. Mail order brides sites are just places where you can get acquainted with Korean girls who are looking for foreign husbands.

Korean Mail Order Brides Divorce Statistics

Divorce rate is only 2% in South Korea.

Are Korean women family-oriented?

Yes, they are. Ladies from this country don’t tend to get married early. The average age of Korean brides at the time they are getting married is almost 31. But this doesn’t mean that girls from this country don’t strive to start a family. On the contrary, this shows a serious and conscientious approach to this issue.

Do Korean wives cheat on their husbands?

No, Korean wives are not inclined to adultery. Cheating on spouses is not common in the local culture. Wives from Korea are very faithful and sincere.

Do Korean brides make good housewives?

Korean brides are very diligent and hard-working. And these features help them become great housewives. They are good at keeping everything in order and cooking, especially the dishes of Asian cuisine.