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Some people travel to Puerto Rico for festivals. Others travel for food and cultural heritage. Then, there are people like you who wish to visit Puerto Rico for the local women, which is why you are here reading this piece.

Puerto Rican brides are some of the most exciting and sexy women of Latin-American heritage you will ever meet. Getting married to one will improve your life, which is why many men want to do so. However, marrying a Puerto Rican woman differs from what you may expect, so we have written this guide for you. Read on to learn all you need to know. 

3 Interesting Facts About Puerto Rican Girls 

Here are some interesting facts about Puerto Rican ladies that you probably didn’t know:

Puerto Rican women shaped the country’s identity

Several Puerto Rican women have gone down in the nation’s history as timeless icons. They were involved in revolutions that made the country into the progressive one it is today. 

For instance, before she joined the Cuban Revolution, Puerto Rico’s first national anthem was written by Lola Rodríguez de Tió. Before her, Mariana Bracetti Cuevas designed the country’s first flag and became a leader in the country’s rebellion from Spain.

Many Puerto Rican wives don’t get professional jobs 

According to the World Bank’s 2019 report, only 43% of Puerto Rican women join the labor force. This rate is higher than that of some neighboring countries like Guatemala, which had 42% female representation. But compared to the rest of the world, it is relatively low; countries like Argentina boast 60% and the US is at 68% female representation in the workforce.

This indicates the effect of gender role expectations despite the fight for equality over the years. The women who work still have to come home to a lot of responsibilities, so women regularly opt to remain traditional homemakers. 

Why Are Puerto Rican Mail-Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Puerto Rican mail-order brides are some of the most popular brides today, and there are multiple reasons. Here are some: 

Men realize they are better options than Western ladies

Many Western women today are not viewed as “traditional” enough and don’t want to conform to old-fashioned marital duties. As a result, some men would rather not even venture into a relationship with them. Puerto Rican brides understand their traditional duties as wives, embrace homeliness, and respect their husbands. So, when the men see them on Puerto Rican mail-order bride sites, they pick them over Westerners.

Puerto Rican mail-order brides are adaptable

Notwithstanding what we said above, many Puerto Rican wives have decided to leave behind some of the ‘old ways’ to seek more equality and fight for their rights. Modern Puerto Rican wives constantly campaign for gender equality, making them slightly less agreeable than some men may like. So the men prefer to go for women who maintain a flexible mindset. It’s not unusual to find them on mail-order bride websites. 

Puerto Rican wives are peaceful 

Puerto Rican brides do not want to stress about small, mundane matters. As the husband to a Puerto Rican bride, you will hardly ever find yourself arguing about day-to-day activities with her. This peaceful coexistence is a major reason people love these ladies and seek them out on mail-order platforms. 

Puerto Rican girl

What Are Puerto Rican Wives Like? 

Even if you don’t use mail-order bride platforms, is the average Puerto Rican wife perfect for you? Yes, and here are some reasons you should consider Puerto Rican wives, no matter where you meet them. 

They put their families first

Puerto Ricans believe family comes first regardless of whatever other issues arise in life. Therefore, Puerto Rican wives take care of their families and protect them with their lives. Long after the men are dead and gone, the family unit remains solid because of the women. 

Their intelligence will keep your marriage exciting

A life with a Puerto Rican is one of constant new learning. Puerto Rican wives know a little about everything, which is not surprising because women in Puerto Rico are highly literate. In fact, a whopping 92% of adult Puerto Rican ladies are educated.

They keep their families well-fed 

Puerto Rican wives want to ensure that their partners are well-fed. They enjoy cooking delicacies for their families. Puerto Rican wives may even take offense if you do not eat the food they have prepared because it means one of two things to them; that you do not love them or think they are bad cooks. 

Why Are Puerto Rican Brides Looking For Foreign Husbands? 

The dream of many a Puerto Rican is to relocate to the mainland USA or any other western country to start a new life. This dream is more prevalent among Puerto Rican brides who are tired of the abuse they endure at the hands of Puerto Rican men. Puerto Rican brides also want foreign men because they’re seen as rich and romantic.

The good news for Western men is that Puerto Rican brides are audacious and do not mind leaving their homes to search for adventure. The easiest way for Puerto Rican brides to experience the escapades they desire is to get married to these western men. That is why they sign up on mail-order bride platforms.

Puerto Rican woman

Where to Meet Puerto Rican Brides 

Sign up on Puerto Rican mail-order bride platforms to find the right woman to meet your heart’s desires. Of course, the conventional way to meet Puerto Rican women would be to pack up and travel to Puerto Rico for a short vacation. However, it is also the more expensive way.

Why not try online dating instead? All you need to do is register on the mail-order site, set your preference to women in Puerto Rico, and meet Puerto Rican brides. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Puerto Rican Mail-Order Brides Services?

Using a mail-order bride service to find Puerto Rican brides has become more popular recently, and for good reason. Here are some benefits of using Puerto Rican mail-order bride services. 

Cost Efficiency 

Using Puerto Rican mail-order bride services to find a bride will save you money compared to traveling to Puerto Rico outright. Dating is expensive these days, even if you use options like Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, etc. And there is no guarantee that you will find what you are looking for, as the ratio of men to women is lopsided. However, with Puerto Rican mail-order bride websites, you don’t have to worry about cost, as they are cheaper and niche.

Online Security

Using the Puerto Rican mail-order brides services will reduce the risk of getting scammed by catfishers. Criminals have become more advanced in recent years, so men often fail to spot the scams. But since these Puerto Rican mail-order bride services update their site security frequently, they’re safer to use. 


You will be seen as a player if you try to date multiple Puerto Rican brides simultaneously to find the right one. But if you can do that without running afoul, you can get more gratification and more easily narrow in on the right woman. So if variety sweetens dating for you, trust Puerto Rican mail-order bride services to deliver on that front. 

How to avoid mail-order bride scams 

There are scams in the mail-order bride world, but they tend to have telltale characteristics. We will show you how to avoid them.

Keep a low profile

The first thing scammers do is try to gain your trust when they first meet you. It doesn’t matter how sincere you think the woman is, do not expose too much about yourself early on. People with the wrong intentions can use your information to blackmail and extort you.

When in doubt, be thrifty

Mail-order bride sites have premium features that allow you to send gifts to your lover. Anyone asking you for money is going against the rules of the mail-order bride service. If they are persistent or trying to manipulate you emotionally, report the profile immediately. 

Do not send pricey gifts

Restrict your gifts to thoughtful, inexpensive materials. Puerto Rican brides expect you to be kind but not extravagant. If a Puerto Rican chick on the website asks you for expensive gifts, they may be fake and looking to exchange them for money.

How to choose a reliable mail-order bride service 

There are many ways to determine if a mail-order bride service is reliable and secure. Here are a few. 

  • Check how long the site has been in operation. If it’s been active for years, it is likely reputable. Google and web hosting services will often get rid of scam sites after a few credible reports have been made, so you can also help by reporting any fraudulent ones you find. 
  • Check for the padlock symbol on your browser. When a site is secure, you will usually see the padlock sign that shows its security details. 
  • Check for reviews on the site. Bad or good, users are sure to leave critiques. Look out for these reviews if you want to avoid making mistakes. 

Success stories

Peter (54) and Clarita (26) 

Peter is a widower who felt he was too old for conventional dating and wanted something more accessible. He found out about Puerto Rican mail-order bride services and immediately signed up. It did not take long for him to meet Clarita, a young, beautiful Puerto Rican girl seeking marriage.

They hit it off almost immediately, and soon chose to marry. Peter traveled to Puerto Rico to see her, then did a traditional Puerto Rican wedding, after which he brought her to the US with him. They have been married for over a year and have one child. 

Donovan (50) and Isabel (35) 

Donovan met Isabel 10 years ago on a Puerto Rican mail-order bride site while searching for a partner. He did not intend to waste time on the app as he thought all his searches would lead to inevitable dead ends. However, this was different, as Isabel took a liking to him after their first conversation.

Things moved quickly from that point, and soon, he was in Puerto Rico sealing the deal and bringing her to the United States with him. They have been together for a decade and have three children. They rarely ever have arguments because she chooses to defer to Donovan as the man of the home. 

Puerto Rican Mail-Order Brides Cost 

Dating and marrying a Puerto Rican is not necessarily expensive, but it’s not just a matter of a few pennies. The whole process can range wildly in price depending on how extravagant you wish to get. Your expense starts from the amount you spend to sign up for the site. You may pay around $80 to $100 for premium service. It will cost you an average of $400 to $600 to send presents to your Puerto Rican bride in her country, including shipping fees. 

Visiting Puerto Rico on a round trip, plus hotel accommodation and living expenses for the duration of your stay should cost around $3000. A traditional Puerto Rican wedding should cost you at most $3000, her spousal visa will cost you $1200, and her flight to the US will be around $800. Your entire expenditure should be about $9100

Puerto Rican women

The Guide To Marrying A Puerto Rican Woman

Marrying Puerto Rican brides requires some understanding; the dating and marrying culture doesn’t always seem transparent. This section will show you some of these aspects and how you can navigate them.

Tips on dating a Puerto Rican girl 

Here are some tips that will help you successfully navigate your relationship with a Puerto Rican girl 

Be intriguing 

When dating Puerto Rican women, you must always seek different ways to be interesting. Puerto Rican brides are easily bored and will move on to the next exciting thing if you don’t hold their attention. When they meet you, they hope you’ll match the fire in their own eyes regarding their way of life. 

Ask about her family 

When dating a Puerto Rican girl, try to win her family over. An easy way to show you’ll fit into the family is to be curious about them. You can also go further and give her some presents for her family. It shows you are thoughtful and respect all of them. 

Respect her religion and culture 

When dating a Puerto Rican woman, you must eliminate your biases, no matter how strong they are. You do not have to love her culture or religion but must respect it to remain in her good graces. You have forever to change her ideologies when you marry her, but when you first meet her, you must swallow your displeasure for as long as you need to. 

Meeting the Puerto Rican parents 

The next step on the journey of marrying a Puerto Rican bride is meeting her parents. Here are some tips that can help you during your visit: 

Go bearing gifts 

Always bring a gift or two when you visit your prospective in-laws. Your presents are meant to soften the family; they can derail the relationship if they don’t like your attitude or behavior. 

Please note that failing to bring gifts one time won’t halt marriage plans. They merely use your behavior towards them as a yardstick to gauge how you’d treat their daughter. 

Join them in their rituals 

When you enter a Puerto Rican home, watch the way men and women greet each other. Learn from them, especially the men, and do what they do when they welcome the parents. The parents of Puerto Rican brides want to see that the men who come to marry their daughters pay attention to the customs. 

Eat what the family offers you

When heading to the home of your Puerto Rican family, go hungry. A Puerto Rican mother will want to feed you very well when you arrive, and if you have already eaten, you may not be able to eat what she offers. You do not have to like the food, but you must eat it and show appreciation because a lot of time went into making that meal. 

Compliment the family members 

When visiting the parents of Puerto Rican brides, men must learn to be observant. When you pay close attention, you’ll notice small things about her family members, and then you can compliment them in kind. If there is nothing to compliment, invent things and pay compliments anyway. 

Puerto Rican Wedding Customs 

Puerto Ricans have some of the most exciting wedding customs in the world. We will be looking at some of these customs. 

The Honeymoon bill 

The Puerto Ricans have a traditional dance at each wedding where the bride has to dance with different men at the party. This dance is called the Spanish seguidilla. Every man the bride dances with has to fix bank notes to her dress as they go. At the end of the party, the couple collects the money and uses it to plan their honeymoon.

The Unity Candle 

The couple light something called the unity candle to signify their undying love for each other, then blow it out. Sometimes, the couple keeps this candle and lights it again on each anniversary for remembrance. 

Las Arras Matrimoniales

Signifying Jesus and his disciples, 13 gold coins are given to the reverend father by the family. He takes the coins, prays on them, and then hands them over to the groom. The groom collects 12 of these coins and promises that he will take care of the bride for as long as they are married. The 13th gold coin is placed in the right shoe of the bride to symbolize a life where she never has to go without. This custom is called the arras.


Can you buy or mail-order a Puerto Rican bride? 

Marrying a woman from Puerto Rico and bringing her to your home country costs a substantial sum. You cannot call the process ‘buying and selling’ because you can’t and shouldn’t attempt to buy a human. However, expenses involved in meeting and marrying someone is sometimes referred to as “buying a Puerto Rican mail-order bride.”

Do Puerto Rican Brides Love Money?

Puerto Rican brides are not overly materialistic and would often prefer you give them thoughtful presents that show how much you love them. They are not interested in how rich you are as long as you have proven that you can care for them. They expect you to cover the financial needs of your burgeoning family. 

What are the Puerto Rican Mail-Order Divorce Statistics?

Only 22% of Puerto Rican mail-order brides try to leave their marriage. These marriages are frequently dissolved due to abuse and lack of care from the husband. Some of these women go right back to the mail-order bride services to see if they can find a better husband. 

Are Puerto Rican Brides Religious? 

69.7% of Puerto Ricans are Catholics, and 25.1% are Protestants. These statistics show there’s a significant chance that the woman you marry from Puerto Rico will be religious and, most likely, a Christian. Puerto Rican brides hold onto their religious beliefs even after they get married. 

Are Puerto Rican Brides Violent?

The average Puerto Rican woman will not deliberately try to harm anyone. They are mild-mannered and will not attack anyone. If an issue demands violence, they prefer to step back and allow the men to take the lead to protect them, even if they can defend themselves.