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Latvia is known for its beautiful beaches, tasty beer, and high-speed internet. But, have you seen their women? This paper exposes some little-known info about Latvian brides and why you should watch out for them.

3 Interesting Facts about Latvian Girls

Simply calling these women amazing is not enough to highlight their attributes. Here are some facts about Latvian girls that are sure to interest you.

  • The higher number of women

Although boys outnumber girls at birth in Latvia, the gender balance shifts as individuals become older. There are presently more women than men in the nation due to the high rate of premature male mortality

  • Latvian women are tall

Latvian women for marriage are some of the tallest in the world, with a remarkable average height of about 169.79 cm (5 feet 6.84 inches). Their size goes a long way in boosting their confidence and setting them apart from other Europeans.

  • High rate of gender equality

The Gender Equality Index 2021 for Latvia gives it a score of 62.1%. This relatively high number indicates that Latvia has made strides toward gender parity. The women there have as many rights as men and can take up jobs without being viewed as inferior.

Why are Latvian Mail-Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Mail-order brides are women who turn to the web on their quest to find love and balance. Here are some reasons men have been flocking toward Latvian mail-order brides compared to more old-fashioned methods of getting relationships.

  • The scholarly and intellectual prowess of Latvian brides is well-known

Latvian brides’ education and professional experience are sources of tremendous national pride. Stunning though they may be, these Latvian ladies match their beauty with brains. One interesting fact about Latvian women is that they value education and intelligence highly when forming friendships and relationships. 

  •  Latvian brides have a well-deserved reputation for independence.

Latvian wives are independent. Most likely, it stems from how their parents raised them. Many girls are left to fend for themselves while both parents work to make ends meet. The girls carry on the practice they see in their parents’ relationships of not depending purely on males for financial stability. 

  • They’re on the mail-order bride platform on a quest for true love.

Even if a Latvian girl excels in her career, she won’t be happy until she finds true love. Women of Latvia are hopeless romantics who like fantasizing about their future husbands. 

When a Latvian woman finally finds the guy of her dreams, she’ll do everything she can to keep him happy and to let the relationship blossom. Since a disproportionately smaller number of men than women, they go online to get potential love interests.

What are Latvian Wives Like?

Latvian wives are some of the best you can find because they are self-sufficient and do not rely on anyone for money.  These ladies know their worth and bring their A-game to relationships.

  • Latvian wives take their time

Latvian wives do not dive thoughtlessly into commitments and marriages. These women often work to establish stable careers first, so they do not become a liability to their love interests. In years past, Latvian brides tended to get married from age 18 to 20. Today, the average marriage age is closer to 30 years.

  • It’s hard to take your eyes off Latvian wives.

Latvian wives have insane qualities that are attractive to men. They have alluringly delicate features, light skin, and sensational figures. Women in Latvia err more toward natural looks with minimal makeup. Latvian wives are fit because they invest their time in exercise and maintaining their hypnotic curves.

  • They are educated

Everyone agrees that it’s crucial to have some way to make ends meet. Latvian women place a high value on education and intellect — they expect it both of themselves and those around them. Women in Latvia take great pride in their advanced education and professional achievements. 

  • Latvian wives cherish their loved ones

Even after a Latvian lady gets married, she’ll still spend time with her friends and family. She would love for everyone to get together regularly for picnics and the like.

Latvian girl

Why are Latvian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

The average Latvian bride is not preoccupied with marriage and may remain unmarried for many years. Although she is not picky about physical characteristics or ethnicity, she has specific preferences regarding the kind of guy she hopes to meet.

However, most Latvian women who become mail-order brides have one goal. Latvian brides find the online services alluring because of their admiration for Western culture and their romantic aspirations.

Also, Latvia has experienced a decline in men. The most healthy, goal-oriented, and emotionally stable Latvian guys tie the knot in their twenties. In addition, many males in Latvia suffer from alcoholism. Many drunken males have violent tendencies.

Where to Meet Latvian Brides

Online dating has surpassed all other methods of locating like-minded individuals from all walks of life. You can meet Latvian brides on Latvian mail-order brides sites and have the time of your life. 

Meeting Latvian chicks is essentially a risk-free, convenient, and enjoyable experience. Millions of people from all over the globe are open to meeting new Latvian ladies and talking with them.

Sign up for the mail-order bride service, specify the type of women you wish to meet, and let the Latvian mail-order bride algorithm do the rest.

Latvian woman

What are The Benefits of Using Latvian Mail-Order Bride Services?

The advantages of Latvian mail-order bride services are too many to count. Here are some of them:

  • To get your potential love interest

Mail-order brides’ platforms have thousands of active Latvian brides who would love to talk to someone like you for companionship. Since the Latvian women of these sites actively seek love, your chances of meeting “The One” have never been better. You’ll likely meet the girl of your dreams among the many Latvian girls that sign up for mail-order bride services every day. 

  • Access to plenty of Latvian wives

Most mail-order bride services also make it simple to see many profiles of Latvian brides at once, complete with images. It’s like dating, except you get to view the women long before you choose whether to contact them.

  • You can specify your female needs

Almost every mail-order bride service has some way for you to describe your ideal companion. Define your dating preferences, including both what you seek and what you wish to avoid in a partner. Upload it to the dating site, and wait for the mail-order bride service to contact you privately to inform you about potential matches they’ve found.

  • Easy messaging

If a Latvian bride’s profile photo piques your interest, you may contact her immediately using the service’s built-in messaging. You may then move forward with the relationship when you’ve established that connection. The process is as quick and straightforward as that.

Latvian wives

How to Avoid Latvia Mail-Order Bride Scams

Even though dating Latvian mail-order brides has many benefits, you still have to be careful of scammers. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Use your webcam with discretion

Use caution when sharing your webcam with a potential Latvian bride. Also, do not send private photos like nudes to mail-order brides; scammers use them for blackmail.

  • Meet Latvian brides via reputable online dating services

Scammers quickly remove any evidence of their fraudulent activity from reputable dating sites. The fake Latvian brides will probably try to get you to talk to them through messaging apps or social media instead. You’re best off using the dating site’s messaging services with Latvian brides you’ve met there, at least until you’ve confirmed they’re genuine. 

  • Investigate Latvian bride photos

A simple Google search and some social media snooping should reveal whether or not the Latvian bride you just met is real. Remember to do a Google reverse image search on the person’s social media profile pictures, too. These precautions can help you evade scammers posing as Latvian brides.

  • Meet in person

To truly get to know Latvian brides, you should hang out with them face-to-face in a safe and public place. Keep your guard against Latvian brides who ask for money to meet up. If you have doubts about an online relationship, talk to people you trust before taking action.

How to choose a reliable Latvian mail-order bride service

Much like some people fraudulently pose as Latvian brides, there are also whole scam websites posing as Latvian mail-order bride services. Here are ways to sniff out reliable mail-order bride sites.

  • There should be no hidden costs

Determine your budget for online dating. Some websites charge a one-time cost, and others charge a monthly subscription. If you see websites with additional hidden costs, flee! Create a spending plan and stick to it.

  • Trust your instincts

Mail-order bride services that value their credibility will always be transparent in their operations. You may learn a lot about a mail-order bride service by reading what other customers say about it online. Check how recently the reviews were left and whether the firm has been responsive to the concerns they raised. 

  • Always use antivirus software

Some Latvian bride sites may feature extra ads or pop-ups. A few are normal. But if you receive too many or they force you to click on links that take you to other sites without your consent, you should avoid the site entirely.

Success Stories (x2)

  • Gabriel (45) and Sofija (26)

Gabriel and Sofija met by a stroke of luck since they had a 19-year age gap and resided in different countries: Gabriel in the USA and Sofija in Latvia. They matched in 2019 but let their relationship grow slowly. 

In 2020, they could not socialize in person because of the coronavirus pandemic and decided to message his matches online. Gabriel sent Sofija many messages, and they had a long conversation about life and happenings.

They both enjoyed each other’s company online, so of course they wanted to meet. They became good friends and arranged a meeting after 2020 when the COVID-19 restrictions were lighter. Gabriel and Sofija married in 2021, and the relationship has worked out beautifully despite their age differences.

  • Philip (38) and Alise (29)

Philip moved to Latvia and immediately began using mail-order bride services. He wasn’t desperate for a romantic partner; instead, he truly enjoyed going on dates and wanted to arrange for more of them. 

While out on these casual dates, Philip met many fascinating and excellent Latvian women with whom he maintained contact. Alise was one who initiated contact, but Philip ignored her at first.

Before giving up on mail-order bride services she made a last-ditch attempt, messaging Philip again. Alise said something to the effect of “Hey, I’m going to leave this site, but I wanted to message you again and see if you would at all be interested in going on a date with me.”

Philip accepted and was fascinated with her courage. Today, they are happily married and have two beautiful kids.

Latvian Mail-Order Bride Cost

You can meet Latvian women for a committed relationship, but the process doesn’t happen without spending a little money. Free dating sites rarely produce results. Providing a valuable service always costs money, and the pricing for a Latvian mail-order bride service ranges from $500 to $700 per month. 

For this fee, you may join a reputable mail-order bride service, browse profiles, and communicate. European dating sites often operate on a credit basis, so your total cost will vary depending on the number of services and features you want to utilize.

Transportation costs about $60 per day; a round-trip ticket to Latvia may cost between $1,000 and $1,200. Hotel rooms cost between $50 and $100 per night. You may spend around $50 on food and $15 on entertainment. With $2000, you can meet Latvian girls and enjoy the best time.

Latvian women

The Guide to Marrying Latvian Women

This section of the paper covers all you should know about dating and marrying a Latvian woman to avoid mistakes. Don’t try to use your foreigner status to woo her — she may just consider you arrogant. These women are savvy, realistic, and confident.

Tips for dating a Latvian girl

Here are five tips for dating Latvian women to make the most of your experiences.

  • Examine the interests and core beliefs of the average Latvian lady

Latvian brides, like most girls, are complex and intriguing. They are warm, welcoming, alluring, and gorgeous. When dating a Latvian woman, treasure her, and ensure you are always there to give her a helping hand.

Although Latvian women tend to be reserved, this does not imply they cannot be assertive when necessary. They would much rather be alone than with someone who won’t stand up for his family.

  • Be loyal

Loyalty is one of the top qualities that entices Latvian brides. When dating a Latvian girl, make her comfortable and happy. These women are honest in their dealings and do not take kindly to unfaithful men.

  • Don’t mention Russia

The Russians did much to oppress Latvians throughout history. Russia occupied Latvia, forcing Latvians into the minority in all major cities. The immigrants did not need to learn Latvian, but the Latvians were forced to learn and speak Russian to the immigrants. When dating Latvian women, recognize their terrible pasts with the Russians.

  • Discover your common ground

It might be tempting for a new cross-cultural couple to concentrate only on their differences and conclude that they are not meant to be together. When dating Latvian girls, try to identify areas of overlap between you and your Latvian bride.

Meeting Your Latvian Bride’s Parents: 5 Tips

Meeting Latvian brides is not just about meeting her. You also need to make the best impression on her parents. Here are five tips to help you:

  • Please make an effort to familiarize yourself with the in-laws before meeting them for the first time.
  • Usual European courtesies, including shaking hands, are practiced. While the Latvian people are quiet and formal in public, they are warm and welcoming in private.
  • Ask your Latvian in-laws about how they met. They will likely provide many details that can lead to more conversation.
  • Feel free to discuss yourself with the in-laws if the subject comes up.
  • Be yourself while meeting the in-laws, find out about your spouse’s upbringing, and give them reasons to be happy with her choice to be with you.

Latvian Wedding Customs

In Latvia, marriage is the most noteworthy of all rites of passage. The celebration may last up to three days at a time. So, get your comfortable shoes ready for the celebration of a lifetime. An ancient custom, mičošana, marks the transition from maiden to wife and bachelor to husband. It’s a symbolic farewell to your youth and your hometown.

The Gates is a ceremony that shows the progression through infancy, adulthood, and marriage. The purpose of this custom at weddings is to evaluate the new couple’s ability to work together. 

During the wedding ceremony, the new husband stays by his bride’s side at all times. If he isn’t cautious, one of the other visitors at the little party will sneak off with her. Consequently, the groom monitors her whereabouts to ensure she stays with him until midnight. It’s a big deal for weddings in Latvia to perform this ceremony.

An essential component of a traditional Latvian wedding is the reception, a gathering thrown to honor the newlyweds with food and wine. The formal marriage occurs at the wedding ceremony, while the reception is where the newlyweds and their loved ones throw the real celebration.  


Can you buy or mail-order a Latvian bride?

No, you can neither buy nor truly mail-order a Latvian bride. Mail-order bride services are simply sites where Latvian singles can mingle with men in search of true love. People willingly get into relationships and also strive to form healthy bonds. Often, these relationships lead to marriage.

Latvia mail-order brides divorce statistics

The divorce rate in Latvia averaged 2.7 per 1000 people as of 2020. Many of those stemmed from Latvian men’s brutality and alcohol addictions. Their attitudes have led the women of Latvia to seek responsible foreigners to marry. Fortunately, compared to ten years ago, divorce is steadily declining as women become more independent. 

In the US, mail-order brides generally have a lower divorce rate (36% to 41%) than the general population. Latvian mail-order brides have little incentive to divorce, as they are often focused on getting their careers on track.

Do Latvian women speak English?

Latvian brides speak English quite well. Since the country gained its independence in 1990, many people have chosen to study English rather than Russian. Ethnic Latvians’ younger generations often have a far stronger command of English and happily switch to English when communicating with foreigners.

Are Latvian brides educated?

Women’s high levels of education and professional success are a source of considerable national pride. Latvian brides belong to the ranks of the world’s most literate and knowledgeable people. Remember that most of these women put a premium on learning and intelligence. 

Will culture be a barrier? 

Culture will not be a barrier. Since the United States is so well known worldwide, your Latvian bride would already have a reasonable understanding of its culture. If you’re American, that can help limit the culture shock. Your Latvian bride will also very happily teach you her culture.

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