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Have you ever been to the Philippines? This country has an abundance of both stunning natural beaches and incredible women. Whether you have considered getting married to a Philippine woman or not, read this article to learn more about Filipino brides and why they are worth your attention.

3 Interesting Facts about Filipino Girls

Filipino girls are astonishing creatures. They know their worth and understand their impact on society. To narrow it down, here are three interesting facts that make these ladies stand out from the crowd.

  • They are more financially savvy than Filipino men

According to the United Nations, 8.83% more Filipino women have bank accounts or use mobile money services than Filipino men. This statistic speaks to the financial literacy and intelligence of these ladies. They are likely to manage money more responsibly, which is another reason they are popular among Western men.

  • Their tendency to stay married is linked to legal limitations

In her home country, it is difficult for a Filipino woman to get a divorce legally. Filipino wives who face marital issues can’t rely on legal annulment. Therefore, they have learned to make their marriages work. It also made them more strategic about who they marry, so they don’t consider superficial things a prerequisite for marriage.

  • The literacy rate of women in the Philippines is high

The government of the Philippines does help empower women in some ways. Chief among those is education. At 94% functional literacy, these ladies are even more educated on average than their male counterparts. 

Since Filipino wives are educated, they can access opportunities that enable them to provide for their own needs and those of their families.

Why Are Filipino Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Despite the bad reputation of mail order brides, they remain popular for several reasons. Unfortunately, a select few have given the entire Filipino bride service industry lousy publicity. Here are some features to absolve them of the bad press.

  • They are feminine

Women of the Philippines never have a bad word to say about people. Filipino mail order brides are soft and delicate, as they understand exactly how to be feminine and alluring. These Filipino wives are not afraid to ask for help when needed and are always courteous in their dealings.

  • Filipino chicks are wifely

Elders in the community train girls in the Philippines early on that motherhood and marriage are the most significant roles they can play. So, Filipino wives prioritize their families and will do everything necessary to uphold their self esteem.

  • Filipino mail order brides are realistic

The choice to get married as a Filipino bride is not based on a man’s physical attractiveness, personality, or love potential. Filipino brides are concerned about how well the man would fit in with the family and whether they would be decent parents and spouses. Filipino wives always think about the future and steer clear of decisions they will regret.

  • Filipino mail order brides are fit

These women are skinny and make a conscious effort to be fit. Filipino wives watch their diets and avoid junk food since they believe in healthy living. They frequently have salads in their meals and exercise as a routine.

  • Their religious nature

Filipino brides take their faith extremely seriously. They are attracted to devout men but will never impose their religion on their spouses. Filipino wives are open-minded and prioritize their religion as a moral bedrock; hence, they are pretty tolerant of other worldviews.

  • Filipino mail-order brides are friendly

Filipino singles are courteous, kind, and friendly. Rarely will you find a single bad bone in their body; instead, they are welcoming and always willing to accommodate people they come across. Filipino wives always have a smile for everyone and are not afraid of associating with others while having a great time.

  • Their commitment is out of this world

Filipino mail order brides are dedicated to their spouses and family members. These women emphasize the family unit and believe in preserving their relationships with other family members. Filipino brides are loyal to their families and will stop at nothing to raise their children morally.

Filipino girl

What are Filipino Wives Like?

Filipino wives are some of the best in Asia as they know how to care for their homes. Here are some innate traits of Filipino wives that attract men: 

  • These women are sensual

Filipino brides can be pretty shy and conservative in daily dealings because of the nature of their society. However, they research and do magic with their bodies in the bedroom. And they won’t lag when they marry and become full brides.

  • Devoted and nurturing to their loved ones

Filipino women for marriage are loving and devote their time to their loved ones. Filipino brides enjoy caring for their husbands and the house by doing the cooking, cleaning, and upkeep. Their culture and upbringing make them nurturers, so they spend their time as dedicated, loyal, and obedient role-models in their families.

  • They shower their spouses with gifts

Filipino brides shower their spouses and kids with endless praise and gifts. If a Filipino wife goes out and sees something that will look good on their husband or kids, they get excited to make the purchase. Filipino brides are supportive but they don’t merely wait for a man to fulfill their desires.

  • They are independent

Filipino ladies believe in being independent and working their way up the organizational ladder to achieve success. These women prioritize their self-esteem and never want anyone to look down on them because of their financial backgrounds. Filipino brides are dedicated to their careers and learn quickly how to perfect their work-life balance.

Why are Filipino Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Filipino brides often look for foreign husbands because they believe in being free and open to other cultures. These women use that cultural exposure to enrich not only their own lives but that of their children. Filipino wives always plan for the prospect of future partners and potential children.

Filipino brides never want to be confined to their current environment — their exploratory nature drives them to explore new places and meet new people. Often, they get tired of the conventional men they see in the Philippines and view foreign relationships as ways to experience new things. 

Filipino woman

Where to Meet Filipino Brides?

With the advancement in technology and mail-order brides, why should you waste time, money, and other valuable resources to go to the Philippines right away? Mail order bride services place many women online as a convenient option. You can meet Filipino girls in a mail-order bride service as you search for a lifelong companion.

The services give you access to a pool of Filipino ladies on their own quests to find love and happiness. You can conveniently meet a Filipino woman since you are at liberty to chat with as many of them as you wish. All you need to do is to put in your basic information and the traits of the woman you like. Sit back and relax while the mail order bride service’s algorithm does the searching for you.

What are The Benefits of Using Filipino Mail Order Bride Services?

Are you still having doubts about using a Filipino mail-order bride service to locate the woman of your dreams? Below are some of its benefits:

  • The service is easy to use

You do not need to do much in order to use the mail-order bride service. Sign up, create a profile, state your interests, and specify what you are looking for in a partner. After you have input this information, relax while the algorithm searches for potential matches.

  • You get to communicate naturally

Unlike in-person meetings, striking up a chat with extraordinary Filipino brides online is a less intimidating prospect. Every woman on the mail-order bride platform is there because she is searching for love, stability, and happiness. So, you can get to know an intriguing Filipino girl in a low-pressure environment free of prejudice.

  • You can quickly contact someone you are compatible with

Mail order bride services reduce the likelihood of committing to a relationship before discovering that your date is unsuitable. The service also helps people feel more comfortable with one another. Since you have already developed a rapport with the Filipino lady, meeting up in person will be like reconnecting with a friend.

How to Avoid Filipino Mail Order Bride Scams?

Undeniably, the online dating experience comes with its share of pitfalls. Take preventive measures so you have a better experience and do not fall victim to scams by fraudulent humans. Here are some preventative measures to take:

Be wary of mail order brides who are fast to declare affection

Watch out for Filipino bride scams if the person you’ve been communicating with suddenly wants to become close to you. Mail-order bride scammers will “fall in love” quickly and make heartfelt declarations of their feelings. Their aim is to steal your heart so they can then steal something of more concrete monetary value. 

Study their profile photos

One indicator that the person you’re texting could be a scammer is the individual’s choice of profile images. Criminals that commit identity theft usually only have one or two photos of the person they claim to be. In contrast, genuine Filipino brides often showcase themselves in a variety of images.

Report Filipino brides who make financial demands

It is critical to be very wary whenever a mail-order bride requests money before you’ve even physically met them. This scam works by creating convincing narratives. They have no problems constructing sob stories to get their victims to pay them money. The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t give money to anybody you meet online, no matter how sincere their story seems.

How to Choose a Reliable Filipino Mail Order Bride Service?

A reliable Filipino mail-order bride service will offer a video call feature so people can not only text, but see each other online. Scammers often assume false identities, so a video chat is a simple technique to check whether the other person is who they claim to be. A site without a video chat feature is the scammer’s best friend. 

The site should make provisions for verifying users’ profiles. People have many social media identities across various channels, each with extensive photo archives. Honest mail order bride services should have teams to ensure all users are verified as real people. 

The site should allow users to test some features before payment. Most reliable mail order sites are confident enough about their features and women that they will either make some basic features accessible for free or offer a trial period. This approach convinces new users of the platform’s benefits and removes all suspicions.

Success Stories

Jim (65) and Tadhana (28)

Jim is a 65-year-old man from Minnesota who has been interested in Filipino culture for about three decades. He majored in history and has since been fascinated by the communal nature of this archipelago’s culture. Jim tried to meet women from the Philippines, but it was challenging as they were conservative and shy. So, he opted for Filipino bride service.

There, he met Tadhana, a beautiful woman whose profile caught his interest, as she was also a historian. They hit it off quickly, though Jim initially doubted Tadhana’s intentions as she was young, beautiful, and intelligent. But over time, Tadhana proved to be genuinely interested, and Jim believed in love again.

Jim and Tadhana tied the knot in February 2021, and Jim hasn’t stopped blessing the day he chose to try online dating through mail order services.

Charles (49) and Malaya (32)

Malaya, a 32-year-old Filipino mail-order bride, met Charles in 2019. They were both on the website to find life partners. After three months of talking and going back and forth, they understood they had finally found what they needed. 

Despite their ups and downs, Charles and Malaya have no cases for regret. It’s been several years since Charles met the love of his life, and the communication never ceases.

Today, they have two healthy baby girls, and Charles is glad that he decided to marry Malaya when he did. What if someone else had snatched this fantastic woman from right under his nose?

Filipino Mail Order Brides Cost

Meeting a Filipino bride is not expensive, but the process is different from ordinary dating. The mail-order bride services charge a small membership fee so users can access premium content. The price does not mean these services are a rip-off. To calculate how much it will cost, you must look at the expenses involved.

Filipino mail order bride sites cost about $80 to subscribe to premium services. The cost covers the company’s own processes of verifying accounts and integrating technologies like video chat. Every business needs funding to carry out daily operations. All expenses are geared towards providing the best website experience.

It will cost you about $200 to $400 to send gifts to your Filipino bride. A round trip to the Philippines, including lodging, will cost you around $2300.

The traditional wedding ceremony in the Philippines, including gifts for the family, is about $2500. It costs $1200 for a spousal visa in the US and $800 for your Filipino bride to come and meet you in your country. Overall, you will spend close to $5000 at minimum. 

Filipino women

The Guide to Marrying Filipino Women

As a foreigner, you need advice about sharing a marital home with a Filipino woman. There will be cultural differences and expectations which will likely lead to disagreements. You may struggle or even end up divorcing if you don’t know what to expect from an intimate relationship with these ladies. This section intends to avert those problems. 

Dating a Filipino Girl: 3 Tips

Have you finally found your Filipino sweetheart? Here is everything you need to know about dating Filipino girls.

  • Value her culture

When dating a Filipino woman, you need to recognize the influence of her heritage. If you want to impress the Filipino lady you’re dating, try to understand and appreciate her culture. Please try to learn what it is about that culture that has made her who she is now. 

Family is an integral part of their culture, and they believe in communal living. Criticizing your conservative Filipino woman will make her lose interest in you quickly. So, sample the local food, soak up the atmosphere, and learn to love it.

  • Never disrespect her family

When dating a Filipino girl, please never appear arrogant or act like you are better than the people of her community. The shortest approach to winning a Filipino girl’s heart is to win over her family. These ladies prioritize family members and will never sit for someone who disrespects them. Be smooth and flexible, and maintain an open mind.

  • Be humble

Never try to show off your wealth when dating Filipino women. They care nothing for your cars or bundles of money since they come from well-respected families. These women are willing to work hard to achieve their desires, so the last thing they want is someone who tries to downgrade or belittle their effort. Be humble and kind to them at all times.

Meeting Filipino Brides’ Parents: 4 Tips

Meeting up with the parents of your Filipino bride is not as daunting as it sounds. They are pretty accommodating and friendly. Here are some tips to get you on your way:

  • Your best bet for blending in with local culture during vacation is to join in karaoke when the locals ask you to sing.
  • Do not turn down her father and uncles when they offer to buy drinks. They’ll get to know you over a few rounds. 
  • You should at least sample the meal they serve you, even if it doesn’t look like it’d appeal to you.
  • Even though it is not compulsory, please make an effort to give the family gifts.

Filipino Wedding Customs

Filipino couples usually have fun performing their wedding traditions and customs. The parents light the couple’s candles, and the pair then join their flames to light a giant candle in the center of the circle during the candle ritual.

They perform the veiling ritual, a show of humility and an appeal to God to lighten the couple’s burdens throughout their married life. In this case, sponsors dress the pair as one by draping the veil over the groom’s shoulders and the top of the bride’s head.

The parents or godparents also tie a nuptial cord over the couple’s heads. The newlyweds are sprinkled with rice grains as they leave the ceremony, symbolizing good fortune, success, and happiness.

Also, during the wedding, the couple will ask for the parents’ blessings on either side. They demonstrate this by touching the back of their hands to the foreheads or kissing their parents’ hands


Can one buy or mail order Filipino brides?

No, you cannot buy Filipino brides. These ladies are their own people and would view it as an insult if you just flash money in their faces. The name “mail order” just refers to the service platform where you can communicate with these women to start things off. Be cordial, and you will reap the positive results of your good behavior.

Filipino Mail Order Brides Divorce Statistics

About 2000 Filipino women marry each year through the mail order bride services, and out of them, 800 marry American men. 80% of these marriages last, bringing the divorce rate to 20%. Marriages initiated between men and mail order brides have lower divorce rates than any others in the Philippines.

Are Filipino wives sexually appealing?

Do not be fooled by the conservative nature of Filipino women. These ladies know how to please their man when the occasion arises. They are sexually active and can make some of the best sexual partners because they research and find new means of pleasing their man. Don’t be worried about a low sex drive — these extraordinary ladies can match your energy.

Do Filipino brides make great wives?

Filipino wives tend to make wonderful spouses due to their upbringing. Most Filipino brides have strong educations and successful occupations, yet they still value the advice they received from their mothers. If you marry a Filipino woman, you can expect plenty of hugs and kisses while getting pampered and praised.

How do Filipino women show affection?

Because of the conservative Filipino society, ladies in the country aren’t too keen on public displays of affection. They’ll still walk hand-in-hand with their partners or give the occasional peck. Behind closed doors, they are more open with their affection, showering their lovers with kisses, hugs, and ensuring they are well-fed.