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Turkey is a favorite destination spot for many people because of the country’s exceedingly rich culture. However, there are other reasons to visit Turkey. Some men who visit Turkey do so with the goal of getting Turkish wives. If you are one of those men, here is all you need to know about getting yourself a Turkish mail-order bride. 

3 Interesting Facts About Turkish Girls 

Men who want Turkish women for marriage must learn a few important details about them.  

24 is the average marriage age for women in Turkey 

Turkish brides don’t wait so long before they get married. Many of them marry at age 18; by 24, they begin to be seen as late bloomers. While marriage is a critical coming-of-age milestone, it does not mean they’re desperate. Some Turkish brides will take their sweet time before getting married and may even wait until their mid or late twenties.

Women in Turkey don’t want to divorce

Despite the divorce rate in Turkey being around 20.9%, traditional Turkish brides don’t add to that number. Modern Turkish wives have no issues ending a marriage, those who follow a more traditional path want to stay in their marriage and raise a family. So, if you are worried about divorce, stick to the less modern Turkish mail-order brides. 

Women of Turkey want to beat the birth decline

The birth rate decline in Turkey is real. Right now it stands at 2.0 children per woman, but Turkish brides are in a race to beat this birth decline by having two or more children in their marriages. No two people think exactly the same, but when most Turkish brides get married, they have a goal of breaking this jinx and bearing more than two children

Why Are Turkish Mail-Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

You are probably wondering why mail-order bride services are so highly rated now even when people can meet on social media or otherwise. Here are some of the reasons:

Western women are falling out of favor

Western men perceive their local women as saying one thing and acting differently. Men don’t want the stress of breaking through the many walls that Western women put up before they even get to the dating and marriage part of the conversation.

Instead of doing that, many opt for traditional Turkish women. They look to Turkey because women here won’t confuse them with internet buzzwords and try to take the farm in a divorce when they are no longer interested in the relationship. 

Men want the more traditional women that Turkey provides

There’s a strain of men in the West these days who think feminism has steered women toward careers and away from “traditional” roles. They whine that, while this new wave gives families better financial stability, it makes men feel less dominant. 

In cases where the man makes enough money to care for themselves and other homes if they want to, they don’t need a second income. Instead, many want a traditional, stay-at-home wife. To get the kind of women they want, they have to look far and wide for conventional women. And when the man’s business takes up too much time to go searching, mail-order bride services can bring Turkish brides right to their doorsteps instead.

Turkish mail-order brides primarily want to be a wife

Once a man finds a woman who wants nothing but to be a wife, he has effectively struck gold, which is why men aim for Turkish mail-order brides. These Turkish brides know you brought them to a new country specifically to be a wife. Turkish wives don’t contest this and won’t shower you with disapproval; life with them is the definition of peace.

Turkish woman

What Are Turkish Wives Like? 

Turkish wives come from a different mold than many other wives of Middle-Eastern origin: 

They can handle home management with ease

One of the things men look for when they get married is a woman who can take care of the home so well that he never has to worry about it. Well, if this is something you want, a Turkish wife is a dream come true. Turkish brides learn all they need to know about passive and active homemaking. Their mothers, aunts, and grandmothers ensure every young lady leaves home armed with this skill so that she will be an asset to any man she ends up with. 

They love to have children

You never have to worry about your wife secretly avoiding motherhood. As soon as the marriage starts, Turkish wives get excited about having children. They love having little versions of them running around the house.

They can cook better than most other women

Your UberEats days may come to an end once you marry a Turkish mail-order bride. You will never return home from work to an empty table. A Turkish bride will ensure that your nose will be greeted with the finest scents that her country’s cuisine can proffer. 

They have a modern vibe

Turkish women spend their childhood learning how to be the perfect traditional Turkish wives. As they grow, however, they learn some Western ideals and expand their knowledge bases. Copying these ideas does not mean they will suddenly become Western; rather they will merge the two traditions in the best way they can. 

Turkish girl

Why Are Turkish Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

Turkish brides are perfect, but Turkish men are, unfortunately, the opposite. Even though these Turkish wives devote themselves deeply to their men, they regularly get abused and disrespected.  

Turkish brides don’t expect men to worship them; they merely want a man who respects them, appreciates what they do, and takes care of them. Foreign men seem to respect Turkish brides more than Turkish men, so it should come as no surprise that these ladies turn their eyes outward, even if it means signing up for a mail-order bride site. 

Where To Meet Turkish Brides

If you love to travel, pack your bags and take your next vacation to Turkey to see if you will be lucky enough to land a Turkish bride. On the other hand, you can stay home and search the net for dating sites where you can find Turkish brides in search of foreign men. You can also try social media by turning on a VPN and redirecting it to Turkey to improve your algorithm. Still, a mail-order bride service will give you access to more Turkish women than all your methods combined

What Are The Benefits Of Using Turkish Mail-Order Brides Services 

There are so many benefits of using a Turkish mail-order bride service to find a Turkish bride, and here are some of these benefits:

It is relatively cheaper

Anyone who wants a Turkish bride has many options, including traveling to Turkey to meet women. Obviously, there are lots of expenses involved with that plan, though. 

With Turkish mail-order bride services, you spend less. You’ll have to put a little down to create an account, and later drop a bit more cash for gifts and eventually to go meet her in person. But at least you’ll know exactly who you’re heading out to meet. 

You are presented with variety

When you open a mail-order bride site to search for Turkish wives, you will have access to pictures from all the women on the service. Sift through them, find some who interest you, and start chatting. 

You won’t get such a wide “selection” by visiting Turkey and chatting up women on the street. The mail-order service lets you talk to more women simultaneously and increases your chances of finding the one who is right for you. 

It is safer 

Dating in Turkey can be tricky — the country has stringent laws. You are not allowed to flirt with Turkish ladies because men in their society may threaten their lives afterward. Even meeting a woman to begin with is challenging. 

When using a mail-order bride system, you don’t need to travel to Turkey and put your life at risk just to meet a woman. You can choose from the site’s list, eliminating the risk of breaking Turkey’s laws. 

How to Avoid Mail-Order Bride Scams

It is easy to get scammed when using mail-order bride services — that’s the main downside to using the service. Most of your interactions happen online, so this opens up avenues for scammers to win your trust or access your data. How do you avoid scams when searching for a life partner using mail-order bride services? 

Run a Google check on the photos

There are many pictures of Turkish brides on the internet. Scammers have no trouble using them to catfish anyone. 

When you see a photo of a woman you like on a mail-order bride site, do a reverse image search and see what comes up. You may see some of the photos on her social media profile if she’s genuine. If the profile comes up with a different name, though, or if the image gets lots of hits, you may have found a scammer. Proceed with caution or just abort the mission from that point. 

Don’t send money to anyone

The easiest way to recognize a mail-order bride scam is when she insists her family has hit financial trouble. Such emergencies are almost always fake. You are not the Red Cross; they could always use GoFundMe if their predicaments are serious. 

Limit your gifts to less expensive and more thoughtful presents

Sometimes, a Turkish mail-order bride service will give you the option to send gifts to your partner. Send thoughtful but inexpensive presents. Scammers often hope you will send an expensive present they can sell for money. 

How To Choose A Reliable Mail-Order Bride Service

Since there’s so many, you may find it hard to find the perfect mail-order bride service. Here are some tips that can help you settle on a reliable mail-order bride service: 

  • Check how long the site has been in existence. The older the site, the more genuine it is likely to be. Scammers often open new sites with exciting offers, so look instead for older ones. 
  • Check for sites with complete profiles, photos, and videos of prospective brides. The easiest way to scam people with fake profiles is to put out limited information and media. 
  • Check site reviews before deciding which mail-order bride site to register on. 

Success Stories

Here are some success stories of partnerships formed through Turkish mail-order bride sites. 

Colin (48) and Farah (34) 

Colin met Farah on a mail-order bride site in 2010. They struck up a conversation and soon felt a true connection They courted online for about five months, during which Colin sent gifts for Farah and some for her family members in Amasya, Turkey. Colin soon helped Farah come to the United States and married her immediately after she arrived. A year later, both returned to Turkey for the customary Turkish marriage rites. They are still together, and they now have three beautiful kids. 

Leon (53) and Ayu (33) 

Leon met Ayu on a mail-order bride site after a nasty divorce in 2011. Ayu was seeking a chance to leave Turkey for good, and Leon wanted a partner who would also know how to care for his home. They found each other compatible, and Ayu wasted no time telling Leon yes once he asked.

He did her papers and everything else and brought her to the US to get married. Four years later, they brought her family to the US for a grand Turkish wedding.

Turkish Mail-Order Bride Cost 

The cost of a Turkish mail-order bride starts with the amount you spend on the site. Most cost around $100. Some of these sites offer premium services such as sending gifts to the woman involved. These gifts should range between $300 and $800, depending on how far you are willing to go.

A round trip to Turkey and back to visit your Turkish bride, including lodging, should cost you around $2500. You can expect to spend about $3500 for a traditional Turkish marriage, including gifts for the family. Finally, getting a spousal visa to the US should cost you $1200. If you add the cost of the airfare for your Turkish wife, you will be spending $8800 on the entire process. 

Turkish women

A Guide To Marrying A Turkish Woman 

Marrying a Turkish woman does not just happen. You will have a few hoops to jump through. You need to know a few things about the process before proceeding. 

Tips on Dating a Turkish Girl

Here are some tips that can help you when dating a Turkish woman: 

Don’t pressure her

Turkish ladies don’t like being put under so much pressure; they get enough stress from family and religious dictates. They will run if they think they have to deal with that from you too. 

Be patient 

Be patient. When dating Turkish women, you must learn to be patient, no matter how hard it is for you. The more you rush, the more they’ll spurn your intentions. Some may be eager to leave Turkey because of abuse, but they are not keen to meet the same fate in a foreign land.

Buy her gifts 

It may sound materialistic, but Turkish chicks are not very used to presents because of their environment. Dare to be different when dating Turkish brides and buy cute, thoughtful presents that make them smile. A Turkish lady will always appreciate gifts, no matter how small.

Understand that she is conservative

Some men want to jump right into sex immediately after they meet a lovely Turkish lady. Understand, though, that this can be off-putting for conservative Turkish brides. 

Meeting Turkish bride’s parents: 4 tips

Before you meet the parents of your Turkish bride, there are a few ways to avoid making mistakes: 

Be polite

Turkish people will not tolerate disrespect from you or anyone else, regardless of your financial status. 

Take gifts

Don’t visit your Turkish bride’s parents empty-handed; it is almost a taboo. Bring simple but interesting gifts.

Speak glowingly of their culture 

You don’t need to love Turkish culture, but you should speak highly of it when you meet your bride’s parents.

Bow a little when you meet them

When you are greeting the Turkish parents of your bride, bow a little. It is a sign of respect. 

Turkish Wedding Customs 

Coffee, Salt, or Sugar? 

The Turkish people have a rich wedding culture that includes funny moments you may love or hate. Consider the ‘Coffee, salt, or sugar?’ custom.

As a tradition, the bride is supposed to offer coffee to the guests, but as a “secret” joke, she has to put either salt or sugar (or some other additive) in the groom’s coffee. When the groom tastes the coffee, he aims to gulp it down and force a smile. 

If the man’s face wrinkles in disgust, or worse, if he spits it out, everyone will get a good laugh at his expense. Some Turkish wives do something more naughty, like putting paper in the coffee. Turkish men aren’t fond of the custom, but brides try to be playful.

Asking of hand (Kiz isteme) 

When the groom and his family go to ask for the bride’s hand in marriage, her family accepts the proposal and a ceremony follows. However, because Turkey practices arranged marriage, the bride and her family may be reluctant to accept, so they may ask for time to think about it. When they finally agree, the ceremony must be repeated. 

Promise ceremony (Soz kesmek)

There is usually a promise ceremony where two simple rings are tied together with a red ribbon. Afterward, the couple put the rings on, then the ribbons are cut, and the ceremony is complete. 


Can you buy or mail-order a Turkish bride? 

You don’t “buy” a bride as such. The monetary costs of the mail-order bride process are all about connecting you with a woman. 

What are the divorce statistics for Turkish mail-order brides?

The divorce rate is 28 percent. Most of these issues arise because of poor communication and broken promises. Turkish wives might be eager to move out of their country to be with a foreign man, but they won’t stick around if he doesn’t prove himself worthwhile. 

Do Turkish brides love money?

Turkish singles don’t care about masses of money. They want you to care for them and occasionally buy them nice things, but you needn’t be rich. 

Are Turkish brides religious?

Turkey’s population is 99% Muslim, so your Turkish bride will likely follow that religion. When you meet Turkish girls, you must learn to respect their religion. 

Do Turkish brides want to marry foreign men?

The goal of many Turkish women in this modern age is to find a foreign man willing to marry her and take her out of Turkey immediately.