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Why are Chinese chicks so attractive? Where to meet Chinese women for marriage? What to consider while dating Chinese girls? You will find answers to all these questions and much more useful information in this guide.

3 Interesting Facts about Chinese Girls

To understand Chinese girls better, you need to know some major facts about them. Here are the most fascinating facts about Chinese girls:

  • They are fans of cosmetics. These women attach great importance to their appearance. They use plenty of cosmetics, especially skin-care products. The market of cosmetics in China is almost 296 billion yuan in 2022.
  • Chinese ladies are keen on order and cleanliness. They wash their clothes and clean their houses very frequently. Chinese brides believe that order and tidiness are the keys to harmony in their lives.
  • Women in China strive to get married early. Chinese singles at the age of 25-30 and more experience social pressure. It is customary for girls in this country to get married at 18-25.

Why Are Chinese Mail-Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Chinese brides are beautiful and fashionable

Chinese women have a great sense of style. They like to dress up, and they take pride in their appearance. Chinese women love to put on make-up. And Chinese brides do this not only for special occasions or holidays. Some women even go so far as to spend hours putting on their full face of makeup every day! Chinese women also take care of their hair thoroughly. Many of them apply styling products before leaving their homes to impress people they will meet.

Chinese brides are kind and caring

Chinese women are kind and caring. They are sensitive to the feelings of others, even if they don’t say anything about it. Chinese girls often help their friends and boyfriends with their problems and give them advice on how to solve them. Chinese brides think that a good girlfriend should always be there for you when you need someone to talk with, no matter what happens in your life.

Chinese brides are family-oriented

According to the local culture, family is a great value for all people, especially for women. Girls from China dream of having a close-knit family with all members respecting and supporting each other. Women in China tend to get married rather early and often prefer mature partners who are ready to take the great responsibility of being a family head. Therefore, meeting Chinese mail-order brides on the Web is a good chance for middle-aged Western men to get young wives.

Chinese brides are cheerful

Chinese ladies love to laugh, and they’re known for their wit and playfulness. Chinese brides often have a great sense of humor, which makes them easy to be around. It is easy and comfortable to have a good time with Chinese girls.

Chinese girl

What Are Chinese Wives Like?

Chinese wives are respectful

It is customary in China to respect men and elders. Chinese wives always treat their husbands and parents-in-law nicely. They never do anything that could offend or disappoint their in-laws. Also, they worship their husbands and don’t tend to quarrel with them. They consider their spouses to be family heads and always adhere to their opinions.

These are great features for those men who admire traditional family values. Chinese wives have characteristics that it is very hard to find in modern Western women. This is one of the reasons why many Western men prefer Chinese brides to local girlfriends.

Chinese wives value family

Women from this country are very family-oriented. They believe the family to be the main value in a lady’s life. This is why they treat their husbands and children with great love and care.

Chinese wives are loyal

They are less inclined to divorce than American and European ladies. Chinese women believe that it is possible to solve every problem in a relationship if both partners want this and are ready to make efforts to do this. Those men who are aimed at lasting relationships are fond of Chinese wives for their loyalty, understanding, and calm nature.

Why Are Chinese Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

There are more males than females in China, and it is quite difficult for Chinese men to find brides. The demand for Chinese brides is extremely high both in their motherland and abroad. Why are Chinese girls, having such a huge choice of local men, joining mail-order bride services and looking for foreign husbands?

The reason for this is quite simple. Chinese brides are fond of Westerns! They adore men of American or European type of appearance. They like high and handsome guys with fair skin. Also, a lot of Chinese girls are fond of American culture because they like to watch movies and listen to the music produced in the USA. Thus, being an American or European is already a huge advantage for a Chinese bride.

Where to Meet Chinese Brides?

Are you looking for a caring, respectful, and loyal bride? Then, perhaps, it is time for you to meet Chinese girls. Dating a Chinese woman is a pleasure and a path to a close-knit and happy family. But what is the right place to find a girl from this country who is looking for a serious relationship with a foreigner?

If you dare to go to China to meet local women there, you may get disappointed quickly. Language and cultural barriers will make it a challenge to meet girls and start a relationship with one of them.

It is much better to start at the place you feel more comfortable at. Meeting girls online is much easier and more efficient. You can find a lot of Chinese singles on mail-order bride sites. These are online platforms where girls from this country are looking for their Western husbands. Such sites not only have a wide choice of ladies interested in dating foreigners but also assist their members in finding a match and developing a relationship in every possible way.

Chinese woman

What Are The Benefits of Using Chinese Mail-Order Bride Services?

Chinese mail-order bride services are time-saving

Nowadays, there is no need to go abroad, travel for miles, and spend plenty of time in a foreign land to meet a bride of a certain culture. All that is enough to do is to join a specialized online platform. And you don’t have to waste your time traveling and going out to search for a future wife from China.

It is convenient to use Chinese mail-order bride sites

You can get access to a huge catalog of brides just in a few clicks and start dating Chinese girls from the comfort of your home or on the go. No matter where you are and what you are busy with, you can spend a few minutes chatting with your bride with the help of your PC or mobile device.

Chinese mail-order bride services are helpful

These sites aim at doing everything possible for you to find a bride and develop a happy relationship with her. They understand all the difficulties of international dating and can offer their help at every stage. At the very beginning, they can help you find a woman that meets your preferences the most. Then, they can help you overcome a language barrier. And finally, they can provide professional assistance in organizing an in-person meeting. Also, some mail-order bride services have an opportunity to help you with some legal issues you need to solve to marry a Chinese girl.

How to Avoid Chinese Mail-Order Bride Scams?

Choose a reliable mail-order bride site

This is the first and the main rule you should stick to. It is very important to choose a trustworthy online platform that guarantees that the women in its catalog are real and that no third parties can access the members’ personal information.

Here are the signs of a credible and safe online platform for finding a foreign wife:

  • It verifies every new member to avoid fakes, multiple profiles, and underage girls.
  • It has positive feedback from former users.
  • It is possible to find stories of success from ex-members on the Internet.
  • It uses SSL encryption and other safety measures to protect users’ personal data.

Be careful with your personal information

Do not disclose your personal data to unfamiliar people on the Internet. This can lead to negative consequences.

Do not be too trustful

While a trustworthy Chinese mail-order bride site can guarantee that all the girls there are real, nobody can guarantee that a girl who looks very decent and cute will not turn out to be a gold digger who wants nothing more than to use you. And if you give costly presents or transfer money to such a person voluntarily, the administration of the site will not be able to help you. So, be careful with the girls you scarcely know, and don’t hurry up with expensive signs of love.

How to Choose a Reliable Chinese Mail-Order Bride Service?

Examine feedback and reviews

The reputation of the service is crucial. Check whether there are a lot of positive reviews on independent online platforms. Also, try to find feedback from real users. If there are some stories of success, the site is, most likely, trustworthy.

Check the site’s functionality

There should be everything for convenient dating. The site should be user-friendly with all the features and services easy to find. There should be also:

  • a lot of search filters for finding a match simply;
  • a wide range of forms of communication (both text and video) for it to be more pleasant and efficient to communicate;
  • additional professional help is available if you experience some difficulties while developing relationships (for example, professional translations or assistance in organizing personal meetings with Chinese brides).

Have a look at the price list

The prices on different Chinese mail-order bride sites vary. But they shouldn’t be both too high or too low. Too high prices may not be reasonable and not coincide with the quality of services. Meanwhile, too low prices may be a sign of a fake scam site.

Stories of Happy Marriages of Chinese Mail-Order Brides and Western Men

George and Moe

George from Chicago was looking for a future bride but after long years of unsuccessful relationships, he got disappointed with the girls from his country. He couldn’t find a decent and loyal woman for a while. Some of his relationships ended up with him revealing that his girlfriend had cheated on him. Meanwhile, with other girls, he broke up because she couldn’t find a common language with his parents.

That is why he decided to look for a girl from a country with stronger family values. He joined a mail-order bride service, and after only two months of active online dating, he has found his destiny. Moe charmed George not only with her beauty but also with her modesty, intelligence, and loyalty. They got married after 6 months of dating, and have been living together as a happy family for three years now.

Thomas and Huang

Thomas is a successful businessman from the USA who dreamed of a young wife and a lot of heirs. But he didn’t have enough time to date girls offline. Thus, he decided to find the girl on the Web. But on usual dating sites, he met women who were interested only in flirting but didn’t have the desire to start a family. But Thomas didn’t give up. He started to look for a solution and found a mail-order bride site. There, he found his match very quickly because he has already thought about all the characteristics his future wife must have. Now, he is a happy husband and father of 3 sons and 2 daughters.

Chinese Mail-Order Brides Cost

Dating Expenses

This total sum depends on your and your girlfriend’s preferences: the type of venues you like to visit and the frequency of dates. Here are some examples of the prices of popular entertainment in Beijing, the capital of China:

  • A meal in a mid-range restaurant for two people — $30.
  • A meal in an inexpensive cafe for two people — $10.
  • One ticket to the cinema — $7-$10.

In some luxurious places in Beijing, the prices can be much higher. In some smaller towns in China, the prices can be lower.

Travel Expenditures

The flight from the USA to China cost from $2000 to $3500, depending on the city of departure, the date of the flight, and the airline company of your choice. The average price of staying at a hotel in Beijing is $60 per night at a 3-star one, $100 per night at a 4-star one, and $200 per night at a 5-star one. The total sum you are likely to spend while you are meeting your Chinese bride in her homeland depends on the durability of your stay.


This item of expenditure is very variable. It is possible to give either low-budget or expensive presents, depending on your generosity and your bride’s preferences.

Wedding Expenses

Weddings are very important occasions in every Chinese woman’s life. So, it is not customary to save on wedding expenses. The average price of a Chinese wedding is $12000.

Chinese women

The Guide to Marrying a Chinese Woman

Tips on Dating Chinese Girls

Here are some tips on how to win the heart of a Chinese bride:

  • Compliment her. Chinese brides need to feel appreciated and beloved all the time. Note that girls from this country value compliment about their personality traits more than those regarding their appearance.
  • Admire Chinese culture. People from this country are very patriotic. It will flatter a Chinese girl if you take an interest and are fond of her native culture.
  • Show your serious intentions. Chinese mail-order brides are not looking for flings, they are looking for long-term relationships. So, it is important to show that you are ready for the family and are willing to start it.

Meeting Chinese Bride’s Parents: 3 Tips

Meeting the bride’s parents is an important step. Chinese girls respect their parents and adhere to their opinions. So, it is essential to get along with your future in-laws if you want to marry a woman from China. Here are some tips on how to make a good impression on them:

  • Treat her parents and other relatives with respect. Learn some local traditions to be polite. Bring some presents to her parents and other relatives (grandparents, siblings, etc) as a sign of respect.
  • Show that you are serious about their daughter. All Chinese parents worry about the destiny of their daughters. For them to be calm, show that you don’t just want to date and have a good time but want to start a family with their daughter.
  • Be ready to answer a lot of questions. The parents of your Chinese bride will want to learn as much as possible about you. They will ask you a lot of questions. Some of them may be considered impolite by Western men (for example, questions about income, property, etc.), but they are common and not rude in Chinese culture.

Chinese Wedding Customs

Not to be surprised by some unusual customs, learn a few main of them:

  • Choosing the day of the wedding. It is considered that if the newlyweds hold a ceremony on an improper day, their married life will not be happy. So, the bride and the groom choose the date thoroughly, guided by the Chinese lunar calendar.
  • The bride mourns the parting from her family. According to local traditions, after the wedding, the woman becomes part of the husband’s family. Thus, she laments the parting from her family.
  • Special presents. On the day of the wedding, the groom brings gifts to the bride’s home. These should be gold coins, a pair of earrings, and four bracelets, wrapped in a red cloth.
  • Marriage vows. During the wedding ceremony, a young couple kneels three times, bowing to heaven, earth, parents, and a family tablet, and then to each other.


Can You Really Buy or Mail-Order a Chinese Bride?

No, you cannot do it literally. The name of specialized international dating sites, “mail-order bride services”, comes from the past when Western men used to use snail mail to meet foreign brides. But it doesn’t mean that you are “ordering” or “buying” a bride. You cannot date or marry a woman without mutual feelings and her consent.

Chinese Mail-Order Brides Divorce Statistics

Chinese women are very family-oriented and try hard to save their marriages. This is proved by the low divorce rate in China — it is only 0.3%.

How Many Children Do Chinese Women Want to Have?

Chinese families are typically small, but this is because of the restrictions on the number of children in the family by local law. However, a lot of women dream of big families with a lot of kids. This is one of the reasons why there are so many Chinese mail-order brides who are eager to marry foreigners and move to countries where the local government does not limit the number of children in the family.