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👼🏻 Average Fertility Rate 1,3

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Italian women are considered some of the most desirable brides in the whole world. Their natural beauty is combined with surprisingly expressive inner qualities: love for people and affairs, the ability to present oneself in society, and a focus on family values. It seems that everything a man could dream of was combined to make the Italian woman.

3 Interesting Facts about Italian Girls

Italian girls have something up their sleeves that will surprise anyone. What characteristics do they have?

Italian mail-order brides have an exceptional sense of style

There’s a reason Italy is considered the center of world fashion and plays host to so many outstanding fashion designers and fashion houses. Even the average women in Italy have exquisite senses of style and know how to look elegant and perfect.

They talk loudly and laugh

Italian girls are boisterous; they talk fast and laugh often. Sometimes, it may seem that an Italian woman is arguing when really she’s just enthusiastically telling a story. This is because Italian girls put a lot of emotion into what they say.

They look like actresses

Italian women look like movie actresses thanks to impressive beauty and stately manners. Expressive facial expressions and gestures are characteristic features of Italian girls, which makes them somewhat theatrical, but serves to highlight their personality. 

Why are Italian Mail-Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Italian mail-order brides are perfect for active, self-confident men. They can be his elegant companion, a muse, and a reliable friend. Therefore, it is little wonder that many men are looking for an Italian bride.

Italian brides look flawless

Italian women have an attractive southern European appearance. You’ll find some fair-skinned and fair-haired people in the north of the country, but that changes as you move south. Southern Italians usually have a healthy tan, expressive dark eyes, and long dark hair. 

Italian brides are cheerful and positive

Throughout the country, you can always hear loud women’s laughter. Italian girls are incredibly light and cheerful — they have a great sense of humor, love jokes, and drive friendly conversations. It is always easy and comfortable with them.

They like to help people

Italian women are very kind and will always help those in need, often expecting nothing in return. If an Italian woman sees a worried face, she will definitely ask if everything is okay and if there is anything she can do to help. Italian girls love people and believe that everyone deserves to be happy.

They are passionate and seductive

It is difficult to imagine hotter women than Italian women. Just one look of them boils the blood with passion. This is very tempting for men and makes them not only dream of an Italian bride but gives men a chance to turn their dreams into reality.

They are excellent interviewers

Each conversation with an Italian mail-order bride is certain to be interesting and engaging. Italian women just don’t know how to keep quiet! But they know how to listen, especially to an interesting companion. Talking to them is easy and pleasant — don’t be surprised if two hours of conversation feels like five minutes.

Italian girl

What are Italian Wives Like?

Italian women are in no rush to get married. The average age of marriage is 33. But Italian mail-order services regularly have girls under 30 who dream of marriage. What is an Italian wife like and how does she advise on household duties?

Italian women keep the house clean

If you watch an Italian movie, you will surely see hard-working housewives who actively take care of the household. Italian women keep things in order — they constantly wash and polish their homes until they shine. It is fundamental for them to maintain a clean, tidy, and aesthetically attractive environment.

They love to decorate their home

A clean house is not everything; the Italian wife prefers to make it cozy so that everyone wants to come back there after a hard day’s work and truly relax. An Italian woman puts all her love and creative energy into decorating her home, and often decorate their home with their own homemade crafts. If you marry an Italian wife, your home will become a real source of pride, and you will want to invite guests as often as possible.

With them, you are not threatened by the routine of family life

In an Italian girl, you will get not only a wife but also a lover and a faithful friend. Therefore, you won’t need romances on the side or regular gatherings over a beer with friends. With a wife like your Italian hottie, you definitely won’t be threatened by routine — her fantasy and thirst for emotions are all-encompassing, and every day you will discover new exciting sides to your wife.

Why are Italian Brides Looking for Foreign Husbands?

Italian women very often choose a groom abroad, but not because they dislike local men. They have broader reasons to join matchmaking services. 

New impressions

Open, spontaneous Italian women like to learn about new cultures, get to know people who are different from them, and get wide-ranging experiences. Therefore, they often have many foreigners among their circle of acquaintances. Sometimes that translates into a spouse.

They are romantic and fall in love easily

Usually, women in Italy marry for love, not calculation. They can fall in love through live communication and online dating on the mail-order service.

Opposites attract

Sometimes eccentric, emotional Italian women need men who are not like them — someone who is calm, reserved, but still attentive. They usually look for such people in the northern latitudes and, falling in love, marry them abroad.

Italian woman

Where to Meet Italian Brides?

You can get acquainted with an Italian woman by using a mail-order service, which provides a wide range of choices for any taste. On this service, you will find Italian mail-order brides of a wide variety of looks, ages, and physiques. You can focus on your preferences and contact girls who match.  

All you need to do is register for the service and start a conversation with the girl you fancy. If, in the process of communication, it turns out that you are not interested in each other, feel free to say thank you and start a conversation with someone else.

What are The Benefits of Using Italian Mail-Order Bride Services?

The advantages of using a mail-order service are obvious: it is convenient, discreet, and carries minimal risks. 

Ease of use

The interface of the mail-order service is very convenient and understandable even if you’re not a computer guru. You can easily register and make your choices without complicated steps. Navigation on a good site is child’s play. 


The data you enter on this service will not go beyond it. If, for example, your friend also uses the mail-order bride service, you will never know about it, and he will not be able to find out about your profile in the service. Mail-order brides also get the same confidentiality guarantee.

You are sure of the mail-order bride’s intentions

In everyday communication, it can be hard to gauge a girl’s true intentions. It is not always clear whether she is interested in a potential relationship, or just likes flirting or friendly conversation that she will soon forget about. With mail-order brides, such risks go out the window because the girls who register on the service want long-term relationships and marriage.

Italian women

How to Avoid Italian Mail Order Bride Scams?

The percentage of fraud on the mail-order service is small, but it is better to be prepared. Don’t become one of the unfortunate statistics. 

Carefully look at the service interface

The appearance of mail-order service can tell you a lot about the integrity of its founders. It should be clean and easy to use. Pay attention to how transparent the payment functions are. Every serious service should have a video-call function so that you can see your counterpart face-to-face when the two of you choose to do so.

Monitor the profile of the girl you want to chat with

If you don’t see any more photos besides a spectacular avatar, that should raise red flags. A mail-order bride who really wants a serious relationship will try to present herself in as much detail as possible and show more photos. Ask for a link to her social media (which should also have a clear history). A real woman may not show everything about her life right away, but she’ll have past content and should be willing to make video calls to confirm she is who she claims. 

How do I choose a reliable Italian mail-order bride service?

Mail-order bride services that care about their reputations are arranged in such a way that it is easy for the user to navigate, register, and use all important functions. The sites are structured to help you find women of the nationality you prefer.

If you aren’t focused on one nationality, take a look at the site’s generalized cultural descriptions. Like this blog, it should give you some basic information about most people there and will help you understand your future wife. 

Success Stories

Ronald (38) and Monika (26)

Ronald works as a psychotherapist in a private clinic and has been married once. That marriage lasted only 3 years, and his wife didn’t share his desire for a large family. He spent most of his time at work, and on weekends he wanted to go on trips, but there was no one to go with: his friends have families, and his wife usually wasn’t interested. 

At that time, in the other hemisphere, a young woman, Monika, who was recovering from a long but fruitless relationship, dreamed of a large family, but had many of the same problems. She says that she registered in the mail-order service out of desperation and did not expect that a person really worthy of her attention would come knocking right away.

According to Monika, Ronald did not give the impression of someone looking to “buy” a wife to fulfill his whims. These two immediately understood each other and were soon waiting breathlessly for the next chat. 

Ronald says he’s never felt as comfortable with a woman. Not even two months have passed since he visited Italy. They’re now preparing for the wedding and are more in love with each other than ever.

Ben (44) and Armida (45)

A tall, imposing American and a dark, mysterious Italian woman who at 45 barely looks 30 — it sounds like the power-couple from a novel. These two are a luxurious couple, and there is no doubt that they are very much in love. 

Armida initially married at age 20 but it fell apart within five years. She decided that it was better to be alone and she devoted her life to work, travel, and creativity. Armida is an interior designer. 

Ben was twice married and already had three children. Among other things, he ran a fashionable glossy magazine for men.

He admits that he did not expect to meet the perfect woman on the mail-order bride site, but was instead preparing material for an article. Along the way, though, his attention was caught by the profile of a sultry beauty. 

Ben admits he immediately had visions of her by his side. Within a year, it actually happened. Eccentric as they may seem, they hardly even quarrel. It seems that both have found the right match.

Italian Mail Order Brides Cost 

Men have a reasonable question: do I have to pay for mail-order services? Well, you can visit the site to view photos of girls for free. But if you want to enter into a dialogue with the mail-order bride, you will have to pay. You will have to spend around $100-$150 a month to send regular messages to potential girlfriends through the site.

When you’re ready to take the next step, you’ll pay $90 for a visa to Italy.

As for live dating, you can count on the following expenses:

  • Tickets. Flight prices start from $650 to Milan, Venice, or Rome and around $750 to Florence or Naples
  • Hotel or apartment. The average hotel price in Italy for a couple is $159
  • Food. The average cost of food in this country is $50 per day per person
  • Transportation. Italy begs to be explored, so you’ll probably want to rent a car. The rental will cost you around $30 per day
  • Entertainment. $1,000 would be enough for basic interactivities
Italian wives

The Guide on Marrying an Italian Women

The path from acquaintance to marriage is exciting, and will be made easier if you take into account several features of Italian culture. 

Tips on Dating Italian Girl

How do you charm an Italian beauty on first dates? Be yourself, but adapt a little to match her vibe — we assure you, you will like it.

Don’t let her get bored

Give your Italian mail-order bride a date she won’t forget. The Italian temperament will leave her bored in a dull restaurant. Try to come up with energetic date ideas or at least regale her with funny stories, jokes, or word games.

Pay the tab

Buy her a drink, but remember to pay for the drink yourself. Italian girls may err toward the feminist, but they also like being taken care of.

The best option would be to invite the girl you like out for an aperitif first — offer her a glass of wine and light snacks. Asking a woman to dinner in Italy is a very responsible act.

Do not provoke her jealousy

Italians are famous for their jealous nature. But while men show it openly in public, Italian women tend to keep these feelings to themselves. However, this does not mean that the event will disappear. A woman remembers the moment of jealousy and, on occasion, will take revenge on you later. Be careful not to admire other girls in her presence. It hurts your Italian woman a lot.

Meeting your Italian bride’s parents: 3 tips

On the one hand, it is easy to please the parents of an Italian mail-order bride, because Italians are kind and friendly people. But on the other hand, it is worth taking into account their hot temperament, so as not to make a fool of yourself.

Flowers and compliments for mom

The bride’s mother will be delighted if you present her with flowers for your visit and sincerely admire her beauty, youth, and appearance. Just don’t go overboard — you can make dad jealous.

Find out which football team the bride’s father supports

Most Italians are avid football fans. The father of the bride will be very happy to have a new compatriot to talk sports with. But you better find out in advance which team your future relative is rooting for — there’s no sense turning from a friend into an enemy because of football rivalries.

Ask what a mail-order bride was like as a child

Parents love to talk about their kids’ childhood years. Italian parents do this with a special passion. Get ahead of the curve and ask about the youth of your mail-order bride, and don’t forget to ask to see photos. Express admiration for the girl’s childhood pictures, but do not mock. 

Italian Wedding Customs

Below, we’ll introduce you to some of the most interesting wedding traditions in Italy.

Break a glass

After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds break a glass vase. The number of broken shards is supposed to reflect the number of years of happy married life.

Throwing rice

According to Italian tradition, after the newlyweds have left the church, the guests throw rice at them. It is considered a symbol of fertility.

Cut Ties

Italians have a tradition of cutting the groom’s wedding tie into small pieces and selling them to all the guests. Proceeds help pay wedding expenses.


Can you really buy or mail-order an Italian bride?

You don’t actually buy an Italian mail-order bride; rather, you pay for the matchmaking service, chat and video communication, travel, and the ordinary dating expenses. 

Italian mail-order bride divorce statistics

According to research conducted by mail-order services, about 74% of such marriages are successful. That leaves 26% — about a quarter — which eventually end in divorce. That’s far better than the US average, and suggests Italian mail-order unions are usually strong. 

What is the average age of Italian mail-order brides?

The age range of Italian brides can vary significantly. The youngest brides are about 20 years old, the oldest are over 50. But at any age, Italian brides look young and presentable, and it’s not all that unusual to see mail-order couples tie the knot over the age of 50. But the majority of girls are on the order of 25-35 years old.

Can Italian women be called frivolous?

The emotionality and theatricality of Italian culture doesn’t mean women are unthinking. They make practical decisions and won’t throw money away for no reason. Nor are they careless with your feelings or interests. 

At what age do Italian women give birth?

Modern Italian women prefer to study first, earn money, travel, and only later give birth to children. Usually, the average Italian woman gives birth to her first child at the age of 27-33.

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