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3 Main Reasons Why Japanese Mail Order Brides Are So Popular Nowadays

Thousands of men from the USA and Western Europe dream of dating Japanese girls. Why are women from this country so desirable? Here are 3 main reasons why so many men are interested in these ladies.

Japanese Brides Are Adorable

Japanese girls look extremely cute and attractive. They are endowed with phenomenal natural beauty. And in addition to it, they do their best to look even more eye-catching and appealing.

Japanese ladies have cute faces of a specific shape that helps them look younger. The majority of them have perfectly smooth and fair skin which makes them even cuter. Being overweight is very uncommon in this country. Women in Japan are thin and fragile, which attracts men to them.

To save and improve their attractiveness, Japanese chicks frequently visit beauty salons and have skincare and other procedures done. They are also keen on creams and masks they use at home. As for the style, Japanese women like to look eye-catching. They tend to wear bright clothes and put on expressive make-up.

Japanese Brides Are Intelligent

Japanese brides are so popular all around the world not only because of their physical beauty. They also attract men with their sharp wit and broad outlook. It is typical for women from this country to strive for good education, which is considered to be a sign of high social status. Also, many of them like to read and travel, which helps them broaden their horizons.

Japanese brides Are Polite, Modest, and Reserved

Many men are fond of Japanese brides because of their good manners. It is scarcely possible to find a rude woman in Japan. Ladies from this country always think about other people and their feelings. They never do things that could bother others or make them feel uncomfortable.

Despite their eye-catching look, women in Japan are not inclined to loud or defiant behavior. They are reserved and modest, which makes them very attractive to men who are tired of brazen and arrogant chicks.

What Are Japanese Wives Like: 5 Features that Make Their Husbands Happy

Many foreign men dream of getting Japanese wives. But do their expectations come true after marriage? Can Japanese brides make good spouses? Here are 5 characteristics of Japanese wives that their husbands highly appreciate.

Japanese Wives Are Faithful

These women are extremely devoted and loyal. They respect family values and strive for saving good relationships with their husbands despite everything. They are not inclined to adultery and never leave their spouses in difficult times.

Japanese Wives Are Considerate

These ladies are compassionate and thoughtful. They always take care of their beloved ones. Women from Japan do everything possible for their husbands to feel comfortable and happy. They surround their spouses with love and affection for them never to feel abandoned.

Japanese Wives Are Good at Housekeeping

Girls from Japan like the order in everything. They can’t stand the mess in their homes. They always keep their homes in perfect order. They are good at cooking and take care of their families’ healthy and varied diets.

Japanese Wives Are Docile

Women of this nationality are not inclined to conflict. They strive to solve every misunderstanding peacefully. They are admirers of traditional family values, and according to them, the husband is the head of the family. Japanese wives respect the opinions of their spouses and rarely challenge their decisions.

Japanese Wives Are Perfect Daughters-in-Law

It is customary in Japan to respect senior relatives. Japanese wives never treat their parents-in-law poorly. They are always polite and nice towards them. Men for whom relations with parents are important highly value this feature of their Japanese spouses.

Why Are Japanese Brides Looking for Foreign Husbands?

There are a lot of Japanese mail order brides on the Internet. Why are so many girls from this country joining international dating sites?

The main reason for this is that not all women in Japan are ready to deal with the peculiarities of local men’s mindset. Many men from Japan are bossy, too demanding, and picky towards their wives. Also, they tend to work overtime and devote much more time to their job than to their wives and children.

Due to all these nuances, many Japanese singles are looking for more relaxed, understanding, and thoughtful life partners from abroad. US and Western European men can make better husbands because they usually spend more time with their families than Japanese men do. Also, they care more about their wives’ feelings and desires, which makes relationships warmer and more trustful. This is why Western men are so popular among Japanese mail order brides.

How to Marry Japanese Mail Order Brides: from the First Date to the Wedding

5 practical tips on dating a Japanese girl

Though many men consider Japanese women for marriage, not all of them know how to find the right approach for them. Due to cultural differences, a lot of men experience some difficulties while trying to start and pursue relationships with Japanese mail order brides. But here are some tips on how to attract a Japanese girl’s attention and maintain good relations with her:

  1. Be initiative but not too persistent. It is essential to find a balance between being proactive and not being too intrusive. Japanese brides adhere to traditional gender roles, according to which a man should make the first move. So, you should take initiative. But also, women from Japan value their personal boundaries and don’t like too persistent people. Thus, it is important not to bother a lady when she is busy and don’t insist on something if she has already given a negative reply.
  2. Compliment her inner world more than her beauty. Japanese brides don’t like men who judge women only by their appearance. If you want to make a good impression on a lady of this nationality, it is better to compliment her virtues than her physical attractiveness.
  3. Take your time. Japanese brides don’t like to hurry up when it comes to romantic relationships. They believe that everything should develop gradually.
  4. Find common interests. Your conversations and time spent together with a Japanese bride will be much more fascinating and pleasant if you find some things both of you like. Find common hobbies and interests to discuss them and do something together.
  5. Take care of her being in a good mood. Japanese brides can feel lonely and abandoned if their grooms don’t do anything to keep them in a good mood. To prevent that, be sure to regularly do something your beloved lady likes. For example, give her some presents or organize a romantic dinner.

Meeting Japanese bride’s parents: 3 Tips

As a Western man, you might be feeling nervous about meeting the parents of your Japanese bride. But there is nothing to worry about if you get ready for this in advance. As long as you follow these simple rules, everything will go smoothly:

  1. Time your visit properly. Try not to plan your meeting with her parents on working days or busy weekends. If you are going to meet them online through a video call, be sure to take into account the time zone difference.
  2. Bring a gift. This is a great token of respect and appreciation. The gift you bring should be something your bride’s parents will like, so discuss their tastes with your Japanese bride in advance. But it shouldn’t be something too expensive. If it is too expensive, they might think that you are trying to show off or make them feel inferior.
  3. Ask questions, listen, and tell about yourself. To learn more about your bride’s parents, ask them about their family customs, work, and hobbies. Listen attentively and note some important facts about them. Also, don’t be afraid to answer the questions the Japanese bride’s parents ask you. They will want to know as much about you as possible because they love their daughter. Be honest and straightforward while telling them about yourself.

Japanese wedding customs and laws Western men should know before they marry their Japanese mail order brides

The Parents’ Meeting

This event takes place before starting the wedding planning process. During this meeting, the parents of the bride and groom discuss important details about their children’s ceremony. These are such topics as:

  • How many guests should be invited?
  • Where will they stay?
  • What are the budgets for the celebration?

Distribution of costs

Wedding ceremonies are typically held in the Japanese brides’ homes. The bride’s family hosts the ceremony, so they provide everything from the dress to food and drinks. The groom’s family pays for transportation and other miscellaneous expenses, including anything related to the honeymoon of the newlyweds.

Wedding attire

Japanese brides usually wear a traditional kimono. It can be white without any additions of other colors or red with golden embroidery. The bride also wears a special traditional elaborate headpiece on her head. The groom also wears traditional Japanese clothes for his wedding day: a 5-layered kimono. Some more progressive grooms wear black tuxedo pants with a matching jacket or a vest, and a bowtie.


Where to Meet Japanese Brides Willing to Date Foreigners?

Not all ladies from this country are interested in romantic relationships with men from abroad. If you just go to Japan hoping to find your destiny there, you risk just wasting your time and getting disappointed. A much better solution is to go to a specific place where there are a lot of girls from Japan who are eager to meet foreigners and start serious relationships with them. Such places are international dating sites where you can meet Japanese mail order brides who crave to marry foreigners.

How to Choose a Present for a Japanese Girl?

Japanese brides like their grooms to give presents to them. They believe this to be a sign of love and care. But it is important to choose a gift properly. Japanese girls like romantic and cute things like sweets and stuffed toys. Also, they are fond of something beautiful, such as a bracelet, a ring, or a necklace. But note that not all Japanese women like to receive bouquets, so it is better to ask your girlfriend if she likes them before sending flowers to her. Also, it is better not to give too expensive gifts because they are not encouraged by the local culture.

Do Japanese Brides Like Children?

The fertility rate in Japan is relatively low, it is 1.3. This means that women in Japan typically have 1 child, rarely — 2, and it is scarcely possible to find a family with 3 or more children in this country.

But the small number of kids in the family doesn’t mean that Japanese brides don’t like children. On the contrary, they love their children so much that they strive to give everything the best to them: the finest things, the best education, and as much attention and care as possible. So, the majority of them give birth only to 1 child to be able to do their best at child-rearing and devote as much time and money to their only son or daughter as possible.