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💍 Average Age of Marriage 21 Y/O
👼🏻 Average Fertility Rate 2,3

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Dominican women come from an island nation close to North America. The lovely views and warm beaches of the Dominican Republic make it a desirable place to rest and to meet attractive local women for romance.

Unique and exotic to foreigners, Dominican brides are genuinely beautiful. And they only get more magnetic and fascinating when you meet them face to face. 

Unveil a collection of tips for enjoying dates with Dominican brides here.

3 interesting facts about Dominican girls

93.78% of the literacy rate 

The population of the Dominican Republic is constantly improving its literacy rate. Almost all adult Dominican women and men receive secondary education and many obtain a university degree.

Civil and canonical marriages in Dominicana

Weddings are legal if registered with a governmental notary public. The church is responsible for marriage registration. Those who confess to Roman Catholicism can go through a religious ceremony. There is no need for additional bureaucratic procedures to get authorization for the marriage. 

Most foreign countries, including the USA, accept documents from the official authorities of this country after the marriage.

Wedding rings

All newlyweds traditionally wear wedding decorations on their left hand. Like in many other nations, people of this Caribbean country give their vows and present each other with rings.

Why Are Dominican Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Because so many peoples have colonized or been forced to the island of Hispaniola, Dominican women exhibit a jaw-dropping concoction of genetic traits. Their ancestors include Latin, African, Indian, and Spanish bloodlines. 

Though visually different, Dominican women share many Western values and cultural traits.

  • Sweet look. Dominican brides look fascinating with their tanned skin shades, full red lips, and dark eyes. The nice sheen of their long hair attracts glances. Plus, Dominican girls are perfectly shaped. They have high breasts, curvy hips, slim bodies, and are physically fit until mature ages.
  • Passion and expressiveness. The hot temperament of Dominican brides gets reflected in their sexual lives. You will have many beautiful nights with an inventive, sweet, and gentle girl.
  • Easy-going and fun-loving. Adorable girls maintain a vigorous lifestyle and are fun and communicative. Being knowledgeable, they have a broad outlook and can speak on many topics. 
  • Appreciating families. Dominican women for marriage are traditional in their attitude to gender roles. Always faithful to their soulmate, they treat family relationships as sacred. Dominican wives are also obedient and respectful. 
  • They are optimistic. Dominican brides can ease the burden of difficulties when a family is facing challenges. If any unexpected situation occurs, a supportive woman makes hardships more manageable. 
Dominican girl

What Are Dominican Wives Like?

If you seek an understanding and hospitable companion, a Dominican wife is for you.

Families are in the first priority 

Do you dream about a warm hearth in your house? A Dominican bride does all the home routines and keeps everything tidy. She will always impress you with her ability to cook yummy dishes.

Being welcoming, Dominican girls make exceptional hosts, and receiving guests is often one of their favorite things.

Tenderness is their core value

Dominican wives care for all their family members. They often grow up helping to raise their younger siblings. 

Dominican moms adore children. They know the little creatures’ needs, providing them with love and all essentials.


Dominican brides seldom have grand professional ambitions. However, those who live in big cities can build successful careers. These charmers usually are educated. 

The main goal of any Dominican wife is a spouse and children, so she will not sacrifice her family for the sake of a job promotion.

Why Does a Dominican Bride Looking for a Foreign Husband?

The Dominican Republic has higher living standards than some other Latin countries. However, many girls in the Caribbean have good reasons to seek the opportunity to tie the knot with a foreigner.

  1. Modern outlook. Dominican brides prefer men who behave courteously. Local males frequently have outdated misogynistic views and act offensively toward their women. 

A man from abroad is more likely to be intelligent and well-mannered. He has an excellent chance to become a spouse to a Dominican bride.  

  1. Provide for the family. If you can ensure a stable life for your Dominican bride, she will be happy to marry you. These remarkable women do not demand heaps of treasure; they simply seek a decent life.
  2. Make quick decisions. Local men do not hustle to propose to a girl, sometimes dating for many years first. Once you find the right Dominican bride, don’t hesitate to give her an engagement ring. 
  3. Attentive. Your future Dominican wife will be pleased with your involvement in her life. Try to find shared interests and prepare and participate in entertaining activities, parties, and excursions.

Where to Meet Dominican Brides

Traveling to the Dominican Republic is one obvious option. This trip will be enjoyable, as the country offers sunny beaches, picturesque views, and clubs for partying with local girls. If you have serious intentions, it is always good to communicate with a woman face-to-face.

However, this journey can be costly — even more so if you fall victim to fraudsters. Besides, the first girl you encounter on the street is unlikely to be your perfect future wife. A good decision is to first meet them on the internet, Dominican mail order bride services, or dating platforms.

Dominican woman

What Are the Benefits of Using Dominican Mail Order Bride Services?

A quick way to the altar with a lovely Dominican girl is to go online. Online services offer an abundance of joyous moments.

  1. Search for your dream match. Dominican mail order bride services have an excellent database of local beauties with profound profiles. The updated information comprises recent photos of single girls, their backgrounds, interests, and desires. Numerous filters make it easy and intuitive to find the right person.
  2. You avoid frauds and scams. The data about participants on Dominican mail order bride sites are thoroughly verified. Facilitated by a high level of security, the verified profiles for these Dominican girls are 100% real.
  3. You receive additional support from the helpdesk. Real people provide you with information and assistance on various matters: finances, language, difficulties with connection, and messaging faults.
  4. You get quick results. You can wink or text a Dominican bride. Chat boxes ensure immediate connections even if you find a girl on the go.
  5. You can control your budget. Dominican mail order bride services charge money. However, with various payment plans, you can find something to meet your budget. And besides, it’s far cheaper than an extended hotel stay. 
  6. You can stay in touch with your Dominican woman 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to a wide range of dating applications. You may use your Dominican mail order bride services on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

How to Avoid Dominican Mail Order Bride Scams

When meeting and dating Dominican girls via dating sites, remember a few basic precautions. It’s not hard to scams if you know what to look for. 

  • Learn to distinguish between real and fake accounts of Dominican brides. Run a Google image search to see whether the pictures show up on stock-photo or other sites. Be cautious with this profile if the girl looks like a model. 
  • Dominican girls are sweet. But some may tell you lies or sad stories about themselves and say they need money. Never give money to someone you haven’t actually met. 
  • Be aware of spurious dating sites. Scammers use them to steal your personal information and your money. Before registering with a Dominican mail order bride service, thoroughly check the information about it, and read reviews and feedback from users.
  • Avoid using your social media profiles to register on Dominican dating sites. Bad actors may find your accounts and blackmail you with forged photos, emails, or videos.

5 steps to choosing a reliable Dominican mail order bride service

To make your dating experience with a Dominican bride pleasant, take a few steps ahead of time. Learn several vital tips to use Dominican dating services efficiently. These will help you avoid misleading scams and wastes of your time.

  1. Try to find recommendations. Check the most recent reviews on a dating site. Success stories about real couples will be a bonus.
  2. Create a vivid profile with detailed information about yourself. To attract Dominican women who are intent on tying the knot, clearly state your aim of finding a bride.
  3. Opt for a Dominican matchmaking website with an extensive database of local girls and plenty of information about them. Usually, women use dating platforms for free. However, they may have to complete a psychological test to join a mail order bride service. The site will tell you a bit more about them.
  4. Attractive user interfaces, intuitive navigation, and advanced filters create additional advantages. Thus, you can get results and quickly find a lovely girl.
  5. Read all conditions of the matchmaking platform, including the policy on securing your information. You should entrust your financial data only to a safe application.

Success Stories 

William and Morelia

William was going on his annual trip to the Dominican Republic for a holiday. His friend recommended that he try some dating websites that local women use to look for love and family.

The 45-year-old single businessman from Ohio was accustomed to Dominican culture, cuisine, and local entertainment. At the time, though, he was not dreaming about a foreign wife.

Morelia, a 23-year-old woman from the Caribbean, attracted him with her openness, passion, and profound thoughts. They met online and then spent a lovely holiday together. Since then, they have not stopped communicating. They fell further and further in love. 

It took them a long year to arrange their wedding. After that, relocation to Ohio for Morelia was a matter of some bureaucratic hurdles.

Now Morelia is a happy wife to Will and a caring mom to their son and daughter. Miracles can happen if you plan them!

Mike and Cattleya

The story of Cattleya and Mike began a year ago. Today, they are a happy couple living together in California.

Michael is an IT professional from Silicon Valley. A single man, he’d had no luck in love even through his mid 30s. Traveling to the Dominican Republic on business, he even could not fancy that he would find his destiny there.

Cattleya, a young Dominican woman from Punta Cana chatted with Mike online for three months before their first offline encounter.

The single American appreciated her deep beauty, quick wit, and housekeeping abilities. Now, they are happy in their marriage, ending their lonely lives.

Dominican Mail Order Bride Cost

Depending on your preferences and lifestyle, your expenditures for searching for a Dominican bride may vary significantly.

  • A $10-$20 monthly subscription is usually enough to join a quality matchmaking portal.
  • Dating a Dominican girl, you eventually must travel to the country. It costs approximately $1,000, including a $400 round-trip flight to Santo Domingo, $100 hotel accommodation, and $50 daily expenditures for entertainment with your Dominican girl.
  • To impress your woman and future relatives, bring gifts. These should be of reasonable value, but not excessive ($50 – $150).
  • Do you plan to propose to your Dominican woman? An excellent idea is to have a wedding party in her homeland. The island is an attraction not only for its picturesque views but also its affordable prices. Still, the ceremony can cost around $15,000, including a $900-$1,000 venue price, $800 for florists and accessories, and $500 for a DJ or band.
Dominican women

The Guide on Marrying a Dominican Woman

5 tips on dating a Dominican girl

Your heart always gives the best advice for your individual relationships. However, a few tips on courting a Dominican bride will come in handy.

  1. Treat your future Dominican wife with respect. Make her feel like the queen you know she is. Thus, you will win her heart over and above the local men who treat women poorly.
  2. Speak frankly and honestly about your feelings. Make sincere compliments to your adorable Dominican woman for marriage but do not overdo it.
  3. Your girl will surely appreciate if you share her interests. Vigorous Dominican brides like dancing and partying, never objecting to your invitation.
  4. Be romantic and inventive. Suggest new sites for your dates, cozy restaurants for dining out, and trips to lovely places.
  5. Protect your Dominican woman in her everyday life. Demonstrate your masculinity by caring for her.

Meeting Dominican bride’s parents, recommendations 

Close kinship is central to local people’s life. The family plays an important role. When dating a Dominican bride, you must meet her parents and get along well. 

However, you will have pleasant moments with them, as Dominican parents are hearty, sincere, and welcoming. Just follow some rules in communicating with them.

  • The first thing you will encounter in your future Dominican wife’s house is a table with treats. Your future in-laws expect you to try everything. Try to go slowly, though — local food is fantastic and plentiful, so eat and drink in small portions.
  • You are sure to love your time with these friendly people. Don’t forget to be grateful and pay sincere compliments.
  • Energetic celebrations, laughter, and bright parties are integral to your Dominican girl’s culture. Be courteous, and join conversations, sing, and dance with them.

Dominican wedding customs

Being mostly Catholic, Dominican people share many common wedding traditions with other cultures. However, some ceremonies are unique.

  • The prominent people in the Dominican ceremony are the groom’s mom and the bride’s dad. They plan the entire event, make arrangements, and serve as witnesses during the nuptials.
  • No rules restrict a newlywed from communicating while preparing for the celebration. On the contrary, all future relatives — to include the bride and a groom — gather in one place before the event for a noisy photo and video session.
  • There is a tradition with a silver tray and thirteen gold coins, which a groom presents to his future wife in the church. It symbolizes the fact that, from now on, a couple’s possessions belong to both.
  • The reception starts with an official ceremony accompanied by guests’ singing. Usually, the event lasts until dawn. However, after midnight the gathering becomes exceptionally vibrant.
  • After the wedding, newly married spouses plant a tree, symbolizing their new family. Every time a baby is born in a family, the parents plant another tree. Thus, each family creates its own family grove.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you really “buy” or mail order a Dominican bride?

It is illegal and immoral to pay money and get a person. The term “buying a bride” is a misnomer. In reality, the man pays the costs associated with dating a Dominican bride.

Usually, when drafting a budget for meeting a lovely girl abroad, a man should consider various things like travel tickets, accommodation expenses, gifts, and translation.

Dominican mail order bride services or dating applications usually advise how much money you should be prepared to spend when dating a girl. The sum varies depending on the country.

Dominican mail order bride divorce statistics

Divorces in this Caribbean country are among the world’s lowest. The saying about family relations “until death do they part” is taken seriously, with the share of divorces hovering around 1.2 per 1.000 people. This figure demonstrates that Dominican wives are monogamous and faithful.

Is it safe to date a Dominican bride?

Yes, dating here is generally very safe if you use a trusted Dominican mail order bride service. However, taking some steps before starting your romantic journey is essential. 

Google and check the client’s reviews. Find reputable matchmaking applications that truly help their customers succeed in a happy marriage with a marvelous Dominican bride.

What is the legal age for marriage in the Dominican Republic?

Dominican brides can legally marry at 16 with their parents’ consent. However, many local girls strive to finish their education and begin careers first, so the average age for marriage is 21.3. 

However, local men marry at a more mature age. Dominican women prefer weddings with foreign grooms due to the lack of reliable local men in their own age bracket. 

Do Dominican brides seek a wealthy husband?

These lovely women seek trustworthy relationships and more stable living than they have in their native country. Dominican brides are reasonable and economical while managing a household. They don’t expect their man to be a millionaire, but may help him pave the way to building a wealthy life together.