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Many men from all around the world consider Russian ladies to be perfect girlfriends and wives. Plenty of US and Western European men dream of dating Russian girls, and for a lot of them, this desire comes true. Thousands of international marriages between men from the USA or Western European countries and Russian mail-order brides are contracted every year.

This guide tells why these girls are so popular and what a Western man should know before he starts to look for a Russian bride. Also, here, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to date Russian brides: from the best place to meet a girl from this country to the wedding traditions.

3 Interesting Facts about Russian Girls

For many US and Western European men, Russian chicks are very mysterious. To lift the veil of their mystery, learn some interesting facts about them:

  • Although many foreigners believe that the most common Russian female names are Natasha and Anastasia, the most popular girl names in this country are Sofiya (short variant: Sonya), Mariya (Masha), and Anna (Anya), which is proven by statistics.
  • Russian women are keen on beauty. They try hard to save their natural attractiveness and improve it in every possible way. They regularly visit beauty salons, like to put on bright make-up, and wear eye-catching clothes. Many Russian girls are dressed as if they were going to a party every day.
  • Russian people value family above all. Local girls strive to get married as soon as they reach legal age. The average age of Russian brides is 24 years old.

Why Are Russian Mail-Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Thousands of men from the USA and Western European countries are dating Russian girls. And thousands of international marriages between Russian beauties and foreign men are contracted every year. What makes girls of this nationality so magnetic that they attract foreign men? Here are their 5 most fascinating characteristics.

Russian brides are beautiful

Girls from this country believe physical attractiveness to be the most important thing for a woman. These ladies take care of their skin and hair condition thoroughly. They visit beauty salons frequently to have different procedures done and become even more beautiful and prevent even the slightest signs of aging. Also, these women tend to put on bright makeup to emphasize the beauty of their facial traits. Russian brides also try hard to keep fit: they like an active lifestyle, and many of them go to the gym. One more peculiarity of women in Russia is that they are fond of stylish clothes and footwear: they monitor trends and do their best to look awesome every day.

Russian brides are feminine

Russia is one of few countries where traditional gender roles are still very important nowadays. Ladies of this nationality are feminine, and it can be seen both in their appearance and character. Russian brides put on makeup and prefer dresses and skirts to jeans to look more feminine. Moreover, they typically can boast character traits that are traditionally considered women’s. They are gentle, talkative, compliant, and emotional.

Russian brides are charismatic

There are legends about the charisma of Russian girls. There is something special about these women. Their special manners and habits make them extremely attractive. Russian brides are so magnetic that many foreign men fall in love with them at first sight and forever.

Russian brides are positive

These ladies never give up. They are always optimistic and radiate positive energy. Russian girls have a great sense of humor and can make anyone laugh. They know how to have a really good time and never get bored with them. This is the reason why many foreign men love them: dating a Russian woman is awesome and fun.

Russian brides are family-oriented

All Russian singles dream of a happy family. They value their partners very much and are willing to work on relationships. Dating Russian women is pure pleasure. They surround their suitors with affection and love. Men who have Russian girlfriends never feel abandoned or alone.

What Are Russian Wives Like?

Why do so many foreign men choose Russian women for marriage? Here are the top 5 characteristics of Russian wives that make their husbands fully satisfied with their spouses.

Russian wives are amazing cooks

Thanks to their excellent cooking skills, Russian mail-order brides are extremely popular all around the world. They are perfect for men who admire home-style cuisine. Wives from this country never let their husbands be hungry. They take care of the diverse and nourishing diet of all their family members.

Russian wives are loving and affectionate

A lot of men dream of affectionate wives who are eager to surround them with love and care. But not all women from the USA and Western-European countries are ready to pay enough attention to their partners and develop very warm relationships with them. Russian brides, unlike them, value romantic relationships and family more than work or anything else in their lives. So, they take care of their partners and make them feel beloved every single minute.

Russian wives are passionate lovers

Russian brides are self-assured and uninhibited. They are not shy to express their feelings physically. If a woman from this country loves a man, she gives him nights of pleasure he will never forget. One more exciting thing about Russian women is that they don’t become colder over time. They value high-quality sexual life even after many years of married life.

Russian wives are active

The husbands of Russian wives never get bored. Though women of this nationality are very family-oriented and value their husbands and children above all, they never become boring housewives who can think only about housekeeping and child-rearing. They keep having a lot of hobbies and interests and don’t forget how to have fun. There are always a lot of interesting things to talk about with Russian wives. Also, they regularly think of ways to have a great time together with all their family members.

Russian wives are superb mothers

Children are the meaning of life for these ladies. They dote on their kids and do everything for them to be happy. Therefore, Russian wives are ideal for those men who are looking for the perfect mothers for their future descendants. Also, women from Russia can quickly and successfully find a common language with other people’s kids. That is why many widowers with children choose Russian mail-order brides for their second marriages.

Why Are Russian Brides Looking for Foreign Husbands?

Many men wonder why so wonderful girls are looking for foreign husbands on the Web. Why can’t they find suitable grooms offline? The answer is simple: Russian brides are fond of foreign men, especially from the USA and Canada. Many of them dream of relocating due to many reasons. The most popular reasons for the desire to marry a foreigner are:

  • Being sick and tired of local men. A lot of men from Russia are not initiative and lazy, therefore, not suitable for the role of the family head. Many of them have very low salaries and cannot provide for a large family. So, Russian singles who are eager to have many kids in the future, are looking for foreign husbands who can provide for a big family.
  • Love for American culture. A lot of Russian girls like to watch US movies and listen to US music. That is why they dream of relocating to dive into American culture.
  • Considering the Russian climate to be not suitable. The majority of regions in Russia have harsh winters with severe frosts and too damp weather in autumn and spring. That is why a lot of girls from Russia dream of moving to places with milder and warmer climates, for example, to California or Florida.

Where to Meet Russian Brides?

It is always a perfect solution to use a specialized place for every purpose. For example, if you want to hook a girl for a night, you should go to a nightclub. And if you want to find a woman for marriage, you should find a good marriage agency that will help you find the perfect bride. Fortunately, there are specialized international marriage agencies on the Internet where you can find a lot of Russian mail-order brides. These sites are great for those who want to meet Russian women for marriage as they have a lot of advantages.

What Are the Benefits of Using Russian Mail-Order Bride Services?

Here are some reasons why mail-order bride sites are an excellent solution for those who are looking for Russian women for marriage.


You don’t even need to go somewhere to meet beautiful Russian mail-order brides. You can enjoy pleasant communication with nice girls from the comfort of your home. Also, you can chat with pretty Russian girls wherever else you are (having a free minute at work, waiting in a traffic jam in your car, etc). All you need is to have a PC, laptop, or smartphone with a stable Internet connection.

Friendly environment

The administration of these sites carefully monitors the atmosphere on the platform. Moderators verify all new members to avoid fakes and block rude members to ensure friendly and polite communication on the site.

Saving time

Just imagine how much time you would spend if you go to Russia to look for a local bride in her motherland! You would spend hours preparing for the journey and weeks or even months searching for a suitable bride and dating numerous ladies.

But you can save all that time with the help of a Russian mail-order bride service. Thanks to it, you don’t have to go anywhere. You can spare any convenient minute to search for a future wife whenever you wish and wherever you are. Even more, you can order professional matchmaking services if you are too busy to look for a perfect girl by yourself.

Saving money

Using a Russian mail-order bride service is much more money-saving than going across the ocean to look for a future wife there. You save money for traveling and staying for a while in a foreign country.

Similar objectives

There are only family-oriented Russian singles on Russian mail-order bride sites. There are no girls with other purposes than finding a foreign husband. The fact that both you and the girls on such a platform are looking for future spouses significantly increases the chances of success. You don’t have to waste time communicating with the ladies with other intentions than yours.

Professional help

This is one more crucial advantage of using a Russian mail-order bride service. Finding a suitable partner and developing an international relationship is a quite difficult matter. But you will not be alone. Professionals are always ready to help you at every stage of relationships. On a mail-order bride site, you can order, for example, professional match-making, translations, gift delivery, or help in organizing in-person meetings. This is a great help for a busy man or for those who have never been involved in international romantic relationships.

How to Avoid Russian Mail-Order Bride Scams?

There are a lot of scams on the Web, so it is important to be careful not to find problems instead of the bride of your dreams. Here are some tips that will help you protect yourself from fraud:

  • Find a good Russian mail-order bride site. Choosing a good online platform is essential if you want to be on the safe side.
  • Be careful with your personal data. Even the safest site cannot ensure 100% protection from indecent women. So, it is better not to tell too much private information to the girls you scarcely know.
  • Do not be too generous with the ladies you hardly know. Unfortunately, some Russian girls are gold diggers. Unscrupulous ladies can use the generosity and feelings of sincere men for personal gain.

How to Choose a Reliable Russian Mail-Order Bride Service?

The criteria of a secure and trustworthy site are:

  • Good reputation. There should be a lot of positive feedback, stories of success, and positive reviews on independent sites.
  • Verifying all new members. This helps to avoid fakes and multiple accounts.
  • SSL-encryption. This makes the site not vulnerable to hacker attacks and keeps all members’ sensitive data protected from being used by third parties.

Success Stories

Alex and Anna

Alex is a 45 years-old IT specialist. 5 years ago, he realized that it was time to start a family and started to look for a future wife. He was used to doing everything meticulously, so he thought of a list of qualities of a future wife.

Alex didn’t want to waste time meeting numerous unsuitable girls offline, which is why he decided to go online where it is possible to set filters and find an ideal match faster. He got registered on several usual dating sites and mail-order bride services. Alex met Anna on a Russian mail-order bride site and realized that she is the perfect match. He didn’t see any sense in delaying marriage, and the couple got married after only 2 months of dating. Now, they live together happily and have 2 children.

Eric and Svetlana

Eric is a middle-aged businessman who was eager to get married and dreamt of having a lot of children. It was especially important for him that a woman should not be fixated on a career, but be ready to devote her life to caring for her husband and children.

It was quite difficult for him to find such a woman, especially taking into account that he was too busy to spend time in the places where single girls usually gather. However, everything changed when his friend, a married man and a father of 3 children, advised him about the Russian mail-order site he used to find his wife. Eric risked joining the site, and this turned out to be a life-changing decision. There, he met Svetlana, a young woman who dreamt of having a large family and being a housewife. They have been married for 7 years, are raising 3 children, and are planning to have a fourth child soon.

Russian Mail-Order Brides Cost

The sum of money a man usually spends on finding his Russian wife is highly variable and depends on many factors. Here are the average prices of some things you need to buy to marry a Russian woman. Taking them into account, you can count the approximate total amount you are likely to spend.

Dating site expenses

Usually, the services of Russian mail-order bride sites are chargeable. The price of the message starts from $1, and the video call costs from $4 per minute. Usually, about $200 per month is enough for full-value communication with a Russian bride. Also, some other services like gift delivery or organizing an in-person meeting are charged additionally.

Travel spendings

Earlier or later, you and your bride will have the desire to meet each other in person. If you decide to go to Russia to meet your future wife, you need to know the price of essential things you need to buy for your journey:

  • The flight can cost $1000 – $2000, depending on the certain city you are departing from and arriving at.
  • The night in a hotel in Moscow can cost $50 – $250, depending on the class and location of the hotel. In smaller cities, the prices can be lower.
  • The meal for 2 persons at a mid-range restaurant in Moscow costs from $40.

Presents to a bride

In this category, everything depends on your imagination and generosity. The total amount of money spent on gifts is almost impossible to predict.

Wedding expenses

This item of expenditure is also extremely highly variable. Everything depends on your and your bride’s preferences, as well as your budget. According to the statistics, the average price of a wedding in Russia is 188 thousand Russian rubles (which is approximately $2500).

The Guide to Marrying Russian Women

Tips on dating a Russian girl

Here are some recommendations to develop a good relationship with a Russian lady:

  • Show serious intentions. Russian brides are fond of family-oriented men. They like responsible men with serious intentions. So, don’t be shy to talk about your dream of having a family.
  • Be proactive. According to local traditions, gender roles still matter. Men are expected to be strong, decisive, and take initiative.
  • Compliment her beauty. Russian brides try hard to look attractive. And it is crucial for them to feel that a man appreciates this.
  • Be responsible for the financial side of life. According to the local culture, Russian women expect men to be responsible for earning money for the family. Also, Russian girls always expect their boyfriends to cover all dating, traveling, and other expenses. Offering to share the bills is considered rude.
  • Get along with her mother. The majority of Russian brides have good relationships with their mothers and adhere to their opinions. This is why you need to get along with your bride’s mother for your happiness.

Meeting Russian bride’s parents: 5 practical tips

When you’ve decided to meet your beloved woman’s family, take into account some useful recommendations:

  • Be polite. This is essential to make a good first impression of her parents.
  • Give some presents to her parents. It is customary in Russia to give some presents to the hosts when you are invited as a guest.
  • Show that you are serious about their daughter. Russian girls’ parents need to understand that a man has serious intentions. So, tell them about your plans for the wedding and married life with their daughter.
  • Take off your shoes when you enter the house or apartment. In Russia, it is not as clean on the streets as in the USA. So, it is customary to take off your shoes right when you enter the apartment or house.
  • Do not refuse treats. There is a tradition to treat guests to some tasty dishes. The hosts devote a lot of time and effort to getting prepared to receive guests. And they take it as an offense if a guest refuses treats.

Russian wedding customs: Interesting traditions that are good to know

Some basic traditions like stag and hen parties before the wedding, a wedding photo session, a wedding cake, and wedding bouquet throwing are the same both in the USA and in Russia. But there are some peculiar traditions typical of Russian culture. Here are a few of them.

Showering with rice and petals

The guests shower the newlyweds with rice and petals. That symbolizes the wealth and well-being of the future family.

Releasing doves

The bride and the groom take specialized domesticated white doves in their hands and release them simultaneously. The doves fly high into the sky together, and that symbolizes love, luck, and peace in the future family life.

“Bride kidnapping”

In the middle of the wedding, the bride is “kidnapped”. The groom needs to “pay a ransom” or pass some “challenges” to get his beloved back.


Can you really buy or mail-order a Russian bride?

No, you cannot buy a bride. You can date and marry a girl only if both you and she have the desire to do that. The term “mail-order bride services” comes from the past when men used to use snail mail to meet and communicate with their foreign brides. Now, everything takes place online.

Russian mail-order brides divorce statistics

The researchers say that marriages with Russian mail-order brides are less likely to end in divorce than marriages overall in the USA. The divorce rate of marriages with Russian mail-order brides is 35.8%, compared to the 48% overall US divorce rate.

Are all Russian girls gold diggers?

On a usual dating site, it is a very common case to meet a gold digger from Russia. But that doesn’t mean that all girls from this country are like that. There are a lot of decent, honest, and family-oriented women in Russia, but it is important to know where to look for them. Russian mail-order bride services are the perfect places to meet Russian women for marriage.

Do Russian women like children?

Yes, they do. Ladies from Russia are very good mothers. Many of them don’t mind having big families. Also, a lot of these women easily find a common language with other people’s children.

What are the signature dishes of Russian wives?

Russian cuisine is rich in nourishing and tasty dishes. The most popular of them are pies and pancakes with different fillings, cutlets made of different types of meat, and okroshka (a soup with vegetables and eggs). Every woman knows how to cook these tasty dishes to please their beloved men.

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